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Thread: Vapor Zeus E-Cigarettes Now Available in 510 Threading!

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    Vapor Zeus E-Cigarettes Now Available in 510 Threading!

    Introducing 510 Threaded E-Cigs to Vapor4Life!

    Using a 510-threaded battery or tank? Try out the all-new 510 Smileomizers or 510 Vapor Zeus batteries to get superior performance in every puff.

    All Vapor Zeus batteries come with a one-year warranty

    Take 20% off all products

    PROMO CODE: 510

    "The World's Most Advanced Vaping Technology"

    *Promotion ends 5/23/14 11am CDT. Only one coupon code can be used per purchase. Order total for discount does not include shipping or tax. Promotions are valid only for online purchases and cannot be used in the Vapor4Life Smokeless Lounge. Customer service cannot override discounts.

    hi everyone sorry i haven't posted any of the promotions in a while i been busy with a new job. anyway YAY at 510 threading at V4L! excited to place an order!

    also is there really a 510 Zeus Variable Voltage battery? or is that just a typo and it's supossed to be Dial-a-Volt?

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    Thanks for posting Matt! Yes exciting times at V4L with our new 510 products!!!

    We are calling our 510 Dial-A-Volt batteries "Zeus 510 Variable Voltage"

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