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Thread: Carto Swap Thread

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    waffle was by no means objectionable. Its good actually. I am just simplifying: I've gone thru probably 4 dozen diff flavors, and have narrowed it down to my 10 "5-star" flavors. Waffle was 4-stars.

    In fact, all of the ones I'm offering got 4 or 5 stars. In some cases (No7) its in my top 3, but I have plenty of juice and like it better in a different cart, and so I'm offering them as a chance to try.

    The truly objectionable ones have been disposed of.

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    Ok...Curious as to what RY4 is..I have seen it several

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    Sanna did you just post this question somewhere else? I think I answered it... maybe my post vanished

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whistles
    Sanna did you just post this question somewhere else? I think I answered it... maybe my post vanished
    lol..yeah, I saw it sweetie ! Patience is NOT one of my virtues..wink !Thanks so much...did you get the PM I sent you the other day ?

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    Possibly... I will look again

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    Cocktail Sampler (5 cartos, 4mg nic, coolcarts).

    I just received this today.
    I took a single puff from 3 of the carts.

    I will consider swapping for just about anything that isn't above 16mg nicotine.

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    Looking for tobacco cartos for the wife to try

    Not sure if this is the right spot but im looking for some plain tobacco cartos for the wife to try. Right now shes on marb red 100's. I got some samples in my last order, she said French Pipe was "alright" but shes looking for that real tobacco taste, nothing sweet or fruity. Anyone have some up for trade I could try? Maybe a variety or recomendations? My stash is tiny but I can trade gift certificates.

    Plarkinjr, you had some good looking ones if they are still avail, Cowboy 24, Wowbacco and USA7 ?

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    Hello, thethorin Vapor4Life has some great tobacco blends. I liked the Sample Packs of tobacco blends.

    Plarkinjr strikes me as being very organized with his supplies. I'm guessing if anything had changed, he would have promptly made a change on the post. I might suggest you Private Message him, that will probably get his attention first.

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    I have the following up for trade. Some have been acquired as Vapor4Life freebies, some as part of a generous offering by plantlvr on ECF. All are new to me as of about six months ago.

    4-Caramel Apple 18mg
    4-VG Wow Coffee 11mg
    4-Wowboy Peppermint 18mg
    2-Chocolate 18mg
    1-Banana 24mg
    1-Bananas Foster 24mg
    1-Wow Mango 18mg
    1-Wow 555 11mg
    1-Apple Cinnamon Cranberry 24mg
    1-Wowbacco 11mg
    1-Espresso 24mg
    1-Wow Kamel 11mg
    1-Wowboy 11mg
    1-Milk Chocolate Macadamia 24mg
    1-Wow Cowboy 11mg

    This is a great opportunity for someone to try any flavors they may be interested in without having to buy much! There's about to be another post in the Juice Swap Thread that I'd be willing to combine with as well. I'm hoping to get one bottle of Vapor4Life's USA #7 in 24mg for this shipped. With the sale of 50% off on Friday, I think that's a reasonable price for 25 carts!

    Taken by Sanna! Thank you!

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    Actually, I've been remiss, and then got sidetracked on other stuff like work.
    Here's my current offering (will clean up the prior post in a bit):

    QTY mg Flavor
    1 24 USA No7 in new red WOW blanks
    2 18 USA JavaJunction in new gold WOW blanks
    3 18 USA BeachBum in new white WOW blanks
    2 18 USA Col.Caramel in new tan WOW blanks
    2 18 WOW Waffle (factory filled)
    2 24 WOW Coffee (factory filled)
    1 18 WOW Wowbacco (factory filled)
    4 18 WOW Cowboy (factory filled)
    3 18 CoolCart "Green Tea" (factory filled)
    2 18 CoolCart "Chocolate" (factory filled)
    1 24 CoolCart "French Vanilla Ice Cream" (factory filled)
    4 18 CoolCart "French Vanilla Ice Cream" (factory filled)

    All items offered were purchased from after Nov 1, 2011.
    Minimum 3 carto's please, to make postage worth it.

    Will accept (11, 18 or 24 mg):
    * Premium coolcart: PBCup, Vanilla, French Pipe, Virginia or 555
    * new to me: Kant, Hilton, Turtle (Coolcart Premium Only)
    * unused Coolcart blanks (just about any color 'cept pink)
    * something you think I might like? ...please no fruit or mint/menthol offers - sorry
    * $10 Vapor4Life GiftCerts accepted per 8 carto's (make offer for larger qty).

    Everything shipped USPS first-class postage paid from Texas.
    PM to verify quantities and to make other offers.

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