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Thread: Carto Swap Thread

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    Would you like my cocktail carts? I'll trade them for just about anything!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Viper
    Would you like my cocktail carts?
    No thanks. They're not my cup of tea either... I'm just trying to "thin the herd" a little and focus on my go to flavors. Hopefully someone will come along and help us both out!

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    I have 9 premium Smilin carts along with a bottle of juice that I posted over on the Juice swap thread. Please PM me with offers of trade. I'd like to trade the carts and juice together, because that seems smarter. See my post on the juice thread for what I'd like for trade.

    Smilin Traded!

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    Nikki Devitt
    Hello Everyone,

    I have the following
    1- brand new box (5 carts) of VG chocolate carts 11mg
    2- bottles of VG wow juice chocolate 4mg (both are more than 3/4 full)
    1- bottle of WOW Espresso juice full

    I am looking for Wow chocolate carts 11mg or 18mg and/or wow juice same mg

    Thanks in advance!

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    Looking to swap these for any other 0mg carts:

    3 - Premium Vapor King Chocolate Peppermint CoolCart Cartomizers - Strength: 0mg
    4 - WOW Vapor Sour Cherry Cartomizers - Strength: 0mg
    4 - WOW Vapor Wowboy Cartomizers - Strength: 0mg

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    I was wondering, did someone say it's not acceptable to exchange our stuff for Vapor4Life Gift Certificates? I remember "selling" is not OK.

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    I don't think it's considered selling if it's a Vapor4Life gift certificate. I know the GC is allowed on the Vapor4Life ECF forum swap thread. Over there if you are selling, it must be posted in the regular classifieds on ECF.

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    Richard Spritz
    I have 4 WOW Clove carts in 36mg, Honestly the clove is a bit too "spicy" for me, almost peppery...but maybe there are some people here who enjoy a heavy throat hit? I would be willing to swap for 4 of just about anything (thats at least 18mg, I want to try new flavors but I also enjoy the nicotine too) I could go down to 3 carts to make the trade more appealing if people aren't too interested in them. The 36mg gives you a slight euphoric feeling, and the spiciness may be a natural deterrent from chain vaping.

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    Personally...I think the G.C. would be better discussed via PM. Since I donate so much to the Women and Childrens Center (where my lil group of Ladies are for the moment), I never have anything to trade so G.C.'s is really all I can offer. If someone *like me* is interested I am sure they would have no trouble with sending a PM. I still look at it as 'trading'..but then again..there is ALOT of GRAY in my world..wink
    Nice to see you Lady...omigosh..just tried making my own juices..that is not as easy as it looks!!
    Out of 4 ...1 was good..but now I have tried so many I have a all I can taste is Lemon !!
    Quote Originally Posted by LadyStrick9
    I was wondering, did someone say it's not acceptable to exchange our stuff for Vapor4Life Gift Certificates? I remember "selling" is not OK.

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    OK, thanks Sanna. Sorry.

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