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Thread: Carto Swap Thread

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    What size tank cartos are you looking for??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Via
    What size tank cartos are you looking for??
    Dual Coil Replacement Cartomizer - 808 Thread either 1.5 or 2.0 are fine with me
    please and thank you

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    Ive got 4 Apple Cinnamon Cranberry -24 ... Looking for something tasty in either 24/36

    Will just trade 1 for 1 if someone is just wanted to test..

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    I have 5 Nuport 24mg pre-filled. Looking for really anything (even Nuport) with a lower nic 18-11mg.

    The only flavors I really don't want are Peach, Raspberry, or Cranberry (sorry Skoad) flavored, no plain tobacco flavors or Parlament menthol or Virginia menthol, or the alcohol flavors like beer etc (ick) (wow i thought that list of don't would be shorter) .

    They don't have to be the same flavors either so if you have 1 of this and 1 of that and 2 of another that's fine. That didn't make much sense...Let me give an example...if you have 1 chocolate peanut butter and 1 peacemaker etc that's fine...I'll do 1 for 1.

    Thanks ya'll!

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    I guess this is the best place to post this. I have somehow lost about 4 slim chargers in my move. I'm down to ONE and it's not enough for me. I use to use 2 or 3 constantly. I can order a couple new ones, but I have heard a lot of people talking about how they have more than they need because they get one with every ego kit (which was how i had extras).

    SO.......I was going to offer to buy a couple at a reasonable price IF someone has more than they need. Just PM me?


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    ok i couldn't find a "Correct" place for this so I'm advertising here. i have a brand new still in the box & wrapper 6 ml tank that I would love to swap for a pack of blank cartos. (never used tanks and likely never I prefer not to let it go to waste and give it a good home)

    ETA: tank has been taken thanks all for your consideration!!!

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    I suspect this is as good a place as any, as this is the only 'swap' thread I've seen used in quite some time... Good luck finding a taker for your trade!

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    Audrey Brannon-Torres
    I have carts to trade.

    3 each:
    WOW Super Mint 11 mg, WOW Chocolate Banana 11 mg, WOW Butterscotch 11 mg, WOW Black Licorice 11 mg, WOW French Vanilla Ice Cream 11 mg. These are in the WOW Dessert Candy Sampler.

    5 each:
    WOW Cinnamon Roll 11 mg, Cool Carts Vanilla Mocha Frap 11 mg, WOW Mocha Cafe 11 mg, These came in sampler packs.

    I am willing to trade for almost anything P.M. me and let me know what ya have.

    So My friend just gave me a bunch of cartos she was not using....I dont like the flavors so I am trading them.

    Wow Tequila 11-9
    WoW Margarita-9
    WOW Pina Colada-7

    In the coming days I will post more as I go through my stock.

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    Audrey Brannon-Torres
    I did not find anywhere to post this soooo here goes.

    I want to trade my 2 VT (black with blue led & Platnum (kinda looks blue) with white led) charger and case. PM and let me know what ya got if interested.

    This has been claimed

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    I have a bottle of 24mg BEACH BUM Nobacco juice (pic proof if requested) exp 11/1/12 that I would like to trade. Only 1 1/2 carts worth used. Not a fan of the buttery taste.
    I also have 4 cool carts of 24mg Red Energy that I would like to make the same trade in if possible. Willing to trade for equivalent amount of juice and or carts. Cool carts only.

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