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Thread: Carto Swap Thread

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    Welcome to the forum Fizzgig!

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    Thanks, RTE

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    Wow, well let me be another WELCOME to the Group..Im usually only around before 9am sometimes later but not after 2 lol Welcome to the Group Fizz and if you have any questions just hollar one of us will be around as soon as possible

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    Thanks, TxTunes! I gotta say, I'm loving this product, and this forum is a brilliant idea.

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    Here is what I have to trade:

    Cool Carts-
    5 caramel apple 11mg
    4 caramel mocha frappe 0 mg
    1 vanilla mocha frappe 8mg

    WOW Carts-
    1 cappuccino 18mg
    4 coffee 18mg
    1 cafe mocha 18mg
    1 espresso 18mg

    1 blue 3.5 tank without carto (used but cleaned)
    1 yellow 3.5 tank without carto (used but clean)
    1 pink 3.5 tank without carto (used but clean)

    ~willing to trade for drip tips, wow blanks, or gift card!

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    I have a full bottle of WOW Kamel 36mg and a full bottle of VG Traditional Tobacco 24mg. Will trade one of the bottles for a new pack of blank WOW or COOL cartos or both bottles for 2 packs of cartos. Thanks!

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    I have:

    2 WOW Nuport - 18mg
    2 WOW Smilin Special Menthol - 18mg
    2 WOW Peppermint - 18mg
    2 WOW Cowboy Menthol - 18mg
    1 CoolCart Kant - 8mg
    1 CoolCart Hilton - 8mg

    All unused

    Looking for:

    Rum and Cola - low mg
    Cognac - low mg
    Margarita - low mg
    Cuban Cigar - high mg
    Energy drink cart - low mg
    Cherry cordial - low mg
    a realistic tasting tobacco in a higher mg
    something sweet with 0mg

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    I accidentally ordered 8mg wowboy carts instead of liquid bottles and cannot return/exchange them. I have 5 packs + 3 carts available to swap for 4 bottles of wowboy 8mg bottles or 40 to 50 Vapor4life GCF.

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    Derbyhat7 (sir or Ms.?) you can only trade for a giftcard from Vapor4Life, no other monetary transactions are allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morandir835
    Derbyhat7 (sir or Ms.?) you can only trade for a giftcard from Vapor4Life, no other monetary transactions are allowed.
    I'm confused; other people have items for swap, not for Vapor4Life gift certificates, so why can't derby hat?

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