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Thread: Smilomizer help please

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    Smilomizer help please

    Got a Zeus a week ago and all seemed great, filled the smilomizer per the directions and it leaked out a little
    no big deal, seemed to work great. I topped off a couple times over the next few days with coffee wow and
    noticed the draw was very difficult. Doesn't seem flooded, just very difficult to draw air through.
    Any thoughts ???


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    I haven't used a smileo yet, but I have noticed that some of the coffee flavors are fairly rough on my tank cartos (have to clean/replace them much more often). Is the draw also difficult while not on the battery? If not, you might want to make sure the threading / air draw gaps are not gunked up if you had some leaking.

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    The leaking was on first fill, draw is difficult even off the battery. almost like the airway is collapsed ,,,

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    Dg1 (sir or Ms.?) thanks to a certain member on here who does vape a lot of coffee flavors in a smileo know what's going on. It's a case where the coil is clogged. For some reasons coffee flavors seem to be prone to this in a smileo. Suggest soaking it in alcohol (high abv clear one like vodka) then running a paperclip through the wick. Either reverse taryn spin it afterwards or let dry for 24-48 hours and the issue should be gone.

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