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Thread: anyone else notice abisal drop in prefilled carts since the summer? half dont work

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    Angry anyone else notice abisal drop in prefilled carts since the summer? half dont work

    The carts that do work as great as always, maybe a little less filled but that could just be me.

    My major frustration is in the vanilla and carmel packs, pretty much my favourites. I started getting track of how many per pack but now I just place with the others. All these tried on auto, manual, zeus batteries of many kinds for proof. So out of 6 vanilla packs, here are the numbers of defective carts: 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2.

    Out of 30 carts, 16 (!!!) wil not work under any circumstances. and that's just the vanilla. Oh, not to mention, 5/5 chargers I have also stopped working for no apparent reason.

    i will be e-mailing gabe with my verrryyy extensive list of problems. depending on how that goes, they wont be getting these hundreds of dollars from me.

    anyone having problems with recent products?

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    Smileo's have been having issues for months 😁
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    I've been having pretty bad luck with zeus auto batteries. I have 4 now that are sporadic in output. One hit, works fine, next hit is at maybe 50% power output, on a fully charged battery. IT has happened with 3 of 4, Black 1300maH auto zeus so far. I've never experienced this with any battery in my 4+ years vaping, they either work or don't. It's most likely something to do with the auto switch. Now the two dual mode I have work perfectly every time.

    I feel your frustration with your 50% dud average on carts there! It isn't right, but China isn't known for high QC, and I doubt that it will improve. Smileomizers are too expensive to not have anything but 100% working success, and they do make good on replacing them but it's really a pain when it just keeps happening. It makes me want to look elsewhere again for more consistency.

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