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Thread: Juice swap thread

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    I have several popular flavors for trade, including a new one! Got these based on recommendations, but they're just not my style.

    - 29ml WOW DJ Black (11mg) (8/1/14 exp)
    - 26ml Java Mint (6mg) (11/15/12 exp)

    - 24ml Green Tea (4mg) (10/24/12 exp)
    - 28ml Nuport (8mg) (11/1/13 exp)
    - 29ml Orange Juice (18mg) (12/20/13 exp)
    - 29ml Sour Green Apple (8mg) (11/17/12 exp)

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    I have the following juices to trade:

    Peacemaker - 12 mg.
    WOW Peach Cobbler - 18 mg.
    (Nobacco) Peach Cobbler - 11 mg.
    Smilin Special Menthol - 18 mg. (2 bottles)
    Mint Nobacco - 11 mg.

    Will trade for anything sweet in the 11/12 or 18 range. Will do a twofer for caramel or mocha frappe. All bottles are almost full; expiration dates in 2013. PM me if interested.

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    I have the following juices to trade:

    Wintergreen Nobacco 36mg Exp 3/17/2014 - About 1 6ml tank filled out of it. It is about an 1/8 of an inch above the label.
    Wow Supermint 36mg Exp 10/17/2013 - Approx 1.5 tanks (6ml tank) taken out of it. It is just a smidgen below the label.
    Spearmint Nobacco 36mg Exp 5/21/2014 - Also, approx 1.5 tanks (6ml tank) taken out of it. It is just a smidgen below the label.

    I'm fairly open for flavors for trading as I would like to try some different flavors, except for plain tobacco flavors. I do ask that they be 24 or 36mg only please. To make things easier, I will list what I have (since it is a fairly short list) & I'm open to try anything that is not on that list. I have: USA Java Mint, Wow Peppermint, USA Peacemaker Peppermint, Wow Blueberry, & New Menthol Nobacco. I guess, I would be willing to take Wow Peppermint, USA Peacemaker Peppermint or New Menthol as a trade as well, just to get a back stock going, if you don't have anything else to trade.

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    Willy Estrella
    hello everyone first time posting here in the forum i have 3 juices that i wanted to trade if anyone is interested i dont know how to measure how much i have used so i included a pic im willing to trade all 3 for 2 and does not have to be full bottle.thank you.[attachment=1:5ns2nr80]securedownload.jpg[/attachment:5ns2nr80]

    WoW Cola Nobaccojuice 18mg EXP: 30/05/2013
    Grape Nobaccojuice 8mg EXP: 21/05/2014
    Peach Nobaccojuice 8mg EXP: 21/05/2014

    im looking for any desert flavor or fruits with 0mg nicotine strength thank you =)

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    Sorry Guys..I think Im right up there with you on the Blueberry Nobacco Juice (30 ml) 18mg's 3.5 ml's are gone. So I have about 26.5 left give or take another few drops LOL. Anyway Willing to try anything if your interested (I have done trades before and given samples so know how this whole thing works ) Interested in ..well let me know what you have and Ill say yay or nay

    How about I trade Holly for peacemaker then I trade (flame or Harmony for something else LOL)

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    Hi all, I've got a 30ml, 11mg bottle of Pina Colada. I've taken probably 3-4mL out, but the juice is still above the label. I've only tried a couple juices (this one and peppermint) so I'm open to trying new things. The pina colada is just a little too sweet for me. Let me know what you'd be willing to trade for it. Something with a pretty good throat hit is a must. thanks

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    Oh my blueberry is going to surfer! Yay this phone and typos tonight Sorry Bill! Maybe I boulder just delete my other post lol

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    I've also got a 30ml bottle of Wow Peppermint if anyone is interested. 11mg. I've probably used 6-7ml

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    Surely someone wants this peppermint! I see people rave about how much they like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surferbill
    Surely someone wants this peppermint! I see people rave about how much they like it!
    I'd take the Peppermint but the only thing I have to trade would be the Wow Peach Breeze 11 mgs..a little above the label.. I like it but I have found I like the Peppermint better!!!! PM me if you're interested

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