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Thread: Juice swap thread

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    I've got a bottle of classic caramel mocha frappe 18mg I'd like to trade. Its down about 1.5ml. I'd like to swap for wowboy or wowbacco18-24mg, or a non menthol tobacco flavor in the same strength range. No Dunhall please. lol

    I'm also interested in grape and strawberry.

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    I've got a bottle of Rum and Cola 11mg. I filled up probably half of a small Smileo with it. I enjoy mostly menthol and fruit flavors in 11mg. If anyone is interested in a swap please let me know. Thanks!

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    Re: Juice swap thread

    I have 4 full bottles of cinnablaze 8mg 2 are unopened and 2 are open to steep but never used. I would trade for wowboy or chocolate or gift card. I also have 2 bottles of unopened smilin cigar. Thanks

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    Re: Juice swap thread

    I have a bottle of 11mg spearmint and a bottle of 11mg french vanilla ice cream. I will trade for wowboy or gift card ($16)

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    Re: Juice swap thread


    1 30ml bottle of Vanilla Mocha Frappe 11mg

    This is a full bottle. I broke the seal and when I smelled it realized I bought the wrong flavor.

    PRD: 25/08/2013
    EXP: 24/08/2016

    Would like to trade for anything Fruity
    (edited to add: prefer 11mg or less plz)

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    I got some spikes golden bounty and jamaican rum but not going to trade it

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    What I have for trade:
    All ordered fresh in August
    Coffee 0mg - Only approx 20-30 drops missing
    Chocolate Nobacco Juice 0mg - Only a few drops missing
    Peanut Butter Cup Nobacco Juice 0mg - Only approx 20-30 drops missing
    Choco Caramel Peanut WOW Vapor E-Juice 0mg - Only approx 20-30 drops missing

    Looking for:
    0mg, 4mg only
    Traditional Menthol Nobacco Juice
    Peppermint WOW Vapor E-Juice

    Will consider:
    0mg, 4mg only
    any fruit flavors
    any menthol flavors

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