First and foremost this is only in regards to the latest batches. As wowboy has shown, it can change slightly from batch to batch. Older batches of that flavor could hit 11.3 watts without scorching, latest batch can't go past 10.4w. The major point of this is to help you know what flavors you can/can't use on a high voltage mod (5+v) and low ohm cartos (like the 1.5ohm dual coil tanks).

555- 11.6w
Apple- 10.2w
Apple Cinnamon Cranberry- 10.7w
Banana- 10.4w
Bananas Foster- 10.9w
Blueberry- 10.1w
Blueberry Cobbler- 10.4w
Butterscotch- 11.3w
Cappuccino- 12.4w
Caramel Apple- 10.8w
Caramel Mocha Frappe- 13.1w
Chocolate- 11.7w
Chocolate Banana- 10.9w
Chocolate Peppermint- 11.6w
Chocolate Raspberry- 11.8w
Cinnamon Apple- 11.2w
Cinnamon Roll- 13.1w
Clove- 12.1w
Coffee- 12.9w
Cognac- 12.3w
Cola- 11.4w
Cool- 13.2w
Cuban Cigar- 12.1w
Dark Chocolate Raspberry- 11.2w
Doc Pepper- 11.7w
Dunhall- 12.6w
Dunhall Menthol- 13.2w
English Toffee- 11.8w
Expresso- 12.5w
French Pipe- 12.8w
French Vanilla Ice Cream- 13.4w
Grape- 10.1w
Green Apple Cobbler- 10.8w
Green Tea- 11.1w
Hilton- 12.8w
Irish Cream- 12.4w
Kant- 11.5w
Kamel- 12.1w
Kamel Menthol- 12.9w
Kiwi Apple Strawberry- 10.2w
Margarita- 10.9w
Menthol- 13.6w
Milk Chocolate Macadamia- 11.9w
Mint- 12.7w
Nuport- 18.1w
Orange Juice- 11.0w
Parlament- 11.7w
Parlament Menthol- 12.2w
Peppermint Ice Cream- 11.8w
Pear- 10.2w
Pear Cobbler- 10.8w
Peach- 10.3w
Peanut Butter Cup- 11.2w
Pineapple- 10.3w
Pink Lemonade- 11.8w
Raspberry- 10.6w
Raspberry Cobbler- 10.8w
Red Energy- 11.3w
Rum and Cola- 11.5w
RY4- 11.1w
Smilin Menthol- 18.6w
Spearmint- 13.5w
Strawberry- 10.1w
Traditional Tobacco- 12.3w
Traditional Tobacco Menthol- 13.4w
Turtle- 11.3w
Vanilla- 12.1w
Vanilla Mocha Frappe- 12.8w
Virginia- 12.7w
Virginia Menthol- 13.1w
Watermelon- 10.1w
Whiskey- 12.7w
Wintergreen- 12.4w

Closing this thread, but will link it in a discussion thread for it.