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Thread: Wow Juice wattage limits

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    Wow Juice wattage limits

    This is again only with single coil cartos, and with the most up to date batches. This isn't based on exact taste aspects of the juice at that wattage, but at when it started to scorch. At the end of this will have a few comparisons between certain flavors wattage limits with single vs. dual.

    555- 11.9w
    Apple- 10.9w
    Apple Cinnamon Cranberry- 11.1w
    Black Licorice- 13.2w
    Beer- 12.8w
    Butterscotch- 12.6w
    Caramel- 11.8w
    Cappuccino- 13.9w
    Cherry- 10.7w
    Cherry Cordial- 10.8w
    Chocolate- 12.6w
    Choco Banana- 12.4w
    Choco Caramel Peanut- 12.7w
    Clove- 13.4w
    Cinnamon Roll- 12.1w
    Coffee- 15.2w
    Cola- 12.8w
    Kamel- 12.7w
    Margarita- 12.9w
    Melon- 10.6w
    Mocha- 12.8w
    Nuport- 18.6w
    Peach Cobbler- 10.8w
    Peppermint- 18.6w
    Razzwow- 11.2w
    Smilin Special- 15.2w
    Supermint- 12.7w
    Traditional Tobacco- 12.9w
    TT Menthol- 13.1w
    Tequila- 13.1w
    Vanilla- 11.1w
    Waffle- 12.1w
    White Chocolate- 13.2w
    Wowbacco- 10.9w
    Wowboy- 10.4w
    Wowboy Peppermint- 13.9w

    Using 4 juices for comparisons, the first value is with a single coil, second with a dual coil.

    Melon- SC- 10.6w DC- 11.2w
    Nuport wow- SC-18.6w DC- 22.1w
    Wowboy- SC-10.4w DC-11.5w
    Wowboy Pepp- SC-13.9w DC-17.5W

    As we can see on the menthol and mints they can be turned up with the use of dual coils, on other flavors not so much (like fruity ones). Hope this helps.

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    From SnowDragon with a few edits:

    Excellent stuff as always Morandir, thanks! This forum is so fortunate to have you as a member for all you do and all you share.

    That being said, please don't be mad at me....but I'm going to just add this on here for folks to convert their set-ups for the wattage numbers.

    Vapor4Life Standard Manual and Auto Batteries: 4.2v
    Vapor4Life Auto or Manual Passthrough: 5.0
    Vapor4Life Ego: 4.1-4.0v on load (Version 1, the latest version is being tested soon)
    Aurora: 3.7v

    Wow Carto: 2.3 Ohm (.3 +/-)
    Cool Carts: 3.3 Ohm (.3 +/-)
    Ego Mega 4x Carto: 1.5 Ohm (.2 +/-)
    Aurora: 2.8 Ohms (.2 +/-)
    Tank Cartos: Tanks come stock with 1.5 Ohm (.2 +/-) add the appropriate Ohms for replacements.

    Click on this link below and plug the above voltage numbers in where it says, "Voltage".

    Then plug in the Ohm Rating of the Cartomizer were it says, "Resistance"

    Then click "Calculate". The "Power" will be the Watts.

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