Hello there Im apart of a company that is producing a new type of e-juice made using cannabidiol oil as the main ingredient and then of course propylene glycol, vegitable glycerin, plus the flavor. Alot of people have many questions about the product and i do not want to get in trouble with the forum so ill keep this short, the product has no nicotine and no thc, it is not a marijuana product, it is a hemp based product trying to spread the word.
Our product is Miracle Smoke
Has anyone here ever tried a CBD enriched vapor juice?
if your interested in trying this new product just follow the link on my profile
We also offer just the CBD oil by itself for a topical/ digestible option
Our product is Miracle CBD oil
if you have additional questions please ask.
Also if i have violated any forum rules i do apologize as i could not locate anything about something like this so please inform me if i have made a mistake