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Thread: traveling with the Zeus ...

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    DarkVapor, thanks for answering this question, cuz I don't have the technical info to do so.
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    back from Spain ...

    thanks for the answer DarkVapor, I did buy a convertor with multiple adapters (5), about $30 at Best Buy, good for the UK, all Europe and part of Asia, so I'm set for a while ... and it worked flawlessly ... but be careful and read the fine print, some convertors say do not use with electronic circuitry, for example, computers !! ... I almost bought one which would have been useless, only good for hairdryers, I guess ?

    and had no problems charging the Zeus ... the 1300 mah battery lasted all day, I only use the 3ml smileomizers so I carried a small bottle of juice, and I was set for the day ... I really appreciated the long battery life and would definitely recommend the Zeus for traveling :thumb:

    I did not see a single vaper, everyone smokes, although I did see several e-cig stores ... still, I felt peculiar and eccentric, vaping seems like an oddity in Spain ... I use the look-like-a-cigar, so it was big, but I even discreetly vaped in the airport, and no one said a thing

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