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Thread: Charging the battery

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    Exclamation Charging the battery

    I have the Zeus, works great. Should I wait till the battery dies or charge it before i go to bed at night? Thanks

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    I have rarely run my 1300 mah Zeus batts completely dry, they just last me all day and into the night ... I charge them every day or day and a half, usually they aren't completely discharged ... it doesn't seem to have affected either my auto or manual ... I have left them charging a few hours beyond when the green light says they are fully charged ... no adverse affect there either ... dunno if that's the "proper" thing to do but that's my experience ... I've had them both for about 8-9 months now ... love the Zeus

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    Happy to hear you're both loving the Vapor Zeus! You can charge the battery every night if you want, or you can wait until the charge is completely done. The battery's life will be lengthened a little by waiting until it's totally dead before charging, but not enough so that you'd notice. You should charge the battery when you can keep an eye on it.

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