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more problems with DAV'S
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Thread: more problems with DAV'S

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    more problems with DAV'S

    I have 3 auto DAV'S . I clean these things like it says. However, I have one that flat out stopped working, and 2 that I have to suck so hard my eyeballs emplode. I vape all day, and now I end up with a heck of a headache from this problem. I did submit a ticket....but all 3? And this will be the second time 2 of them have been sent back. The oldest was purchased in Oct of 2013 but that is one that has been replaced once already. What the heck is going on? These things are not cheap so I can't figure out why they fail.
    I have made several referrals to v4l and all have bought the DAV's, one person had to send it back and it was BRAND NEW and wouldn't hold a charge.
    Thanks for any input and I guess I await my ticket.

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    Haven't had any issues with my DAVs, altho I have had them for awhile and have not purchased any new ones recently. Are you by chance using the smileo's? There has been an issue with them clogging, etc, which could account for you having to suck till your eyeballs explode. If not, I guess i'd contact CS.
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