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Thread: Thread sizing Question and other musings on V4L products

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    Thread sizing Question and other musings on V4L products

    Hello. Vapers!

    I have been with V4L for a little over two years now. I started with the vapor kings, moved on to the Titan XL and then the DAV with the tank.

    In the past 6 months I'd say, several brick and mortar vape shops have opened up in my area and it seems like there's a new one opening up weekly. To be honest I am thrilled to be able to purchase and try juices locally. No more waiting for a package to come in the mail. No more guesswork with regard to flavor.

    For all the vape shops springing up I find that the level of expertise amongst the different stores varies widely. But I have found a couple trustworthy and knowledgable places.

    Anyhow, my question really is why does V4L insist on sticking with the 808 thread and not offer what appears to be the standard 510 fitting? All the shops here sell everything in 510. It is kind of frustrating that all the tanks from major well known manufacturers will not fit on my DAV units. It is like having a Betamax video recorder while everyone else has accepted VHS as the standard.

    I will be honest I just bought an ego V2 VV unit and I love it. I like the digital display, the wider range of voltage increments, the pass through feature and also the battery life indicator.

    I also paired that with the kanger aero tank which is awesome, solid construction, stainless steel and glass holding tank. It is a bottom fill. It is virtually foolproof. No leaking issues, gurgling or flooding problems.

    Don't be mistaken, I have enjoyed my experience with V4L, you guys on the forum were super helpful answering any and all questions I have had and making me feel welcome. V4L products and your guidance my dear Vapers are what got me to finally ditch the analogs for good and I am forever grateful. It is just that I honestly feel that there are superior products out there that are less expensive and now locally available.

    Why does V4L stick with a proprietary system and not expand it's offerings? I would still buy from them if they offered Kanger or EVOD type tanks? I'll probably still buy juice from them as. I do feel somewhat loyal to this company that is made of of good people and also a great community of Vapers. I just am finding their designs are not very innovative any longer.

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    Re: Thread sizing Question and other musings on V4L products

    Vapeape sir 808 is not proprietary, it and the 510 are still top two mainstream connections out there. The 808 has lost footing in recent years, and the future doesn't look to bright on it long term. V4L is coming out with 510 products soon, can say they're already in production just no time table on release. Have a link for you for you though you might find interesting- ... r-was-won/

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