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Vapor4Life produces the highest quality e-cigs

Zapor Zeus - BlueIf you've spent any time checking out ecig batteries and flavors, you'll know there are a lot of companies out there. Many manufacturers' products do work and produce vapor, but just don't cut it when it comes to quality. Here at Vapor4Life, all of our products were made to meet our founder's expectations. Steve Milin, CEO and creator of Vapor4Life, built this company because he couldn't find a product that met his needs. He had tried hundreds of brands, but none actually allowed him to fully enjoy vaping. Steve decided to make ecigs that he could use, and he is the highest critic when it comes to quality. He uses Vapor4Life products every day and wants them to be their best.

Ecigs of the highest caliber

Vapor4Life manufacturers the ultimate e-cigarette line through unparalleled quality and diversity of product offerings. Ours are the longest-lasting, best vaping electronic cigarettes anywhere. All of our batteries feature micro-processor technology that adjusts heat to power more than 2,000 times per second delivering the most consistent puff available. Proprietary technology enables each battery to maintain a consistent voltage throughout its whole charge.

Our soft touch, Vapor Titan batteries feature several characteristics that set themselves apart from the competition. They are the longest lasting traditional skinny e-cigarettes around, and have an improved switch making it the most responsive one to date.

V4L introduced the world's first automatic variable voltage ecig battery - the Dial-A-Volt Automatic. The Dial-A-Volt boasts the highest quality battery cells, wire, circuit boards, switches, and stainless steel. This device was designed for people searching for more power in their vape, and longer lasting battery life.

Vapor4Life's latest product is the Vapor Zeus. The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode has a revolutionary feature, never before seen in the ecig industry. It allows the user to switch between automatic and manual with the touch of a button. This advanced product is the culmination of more than two years and over $1 million in research and development. It provides hours of the world's best vaping bliss, is simple to use, and produces outstanding vapor.

First came atomizers, then cartomizers, followed by tanks and clearomizers. Now we have the most amazing e-liquid refillable out there - the Smileomizer. This is a big cartomizer that holds either 3.5mls of juice (small version) or 6ml (large), much more than the 1ml of juice that typical cartomizers hold. It is made from the highest quality stainless steel and packing material, surgical grade silicon and uses a vertical coil.

When you purchase Vapor4Life products, you can rest assured their quality will impress. After all, if they weren't the best, then Smilin wouldn't be vaping them!