Get a 5 of our Low Resistance 5-Packs for one great price! Each blank Low Resistance e Cig cartridge is 2.2 ohms and holds 1 mL of e Juice. Use V4L Vapor Titan, Vapor King, and Variable Voltage batteries for best performance.
  • Love These
    Review by Deb on 11/2/2016
    When V4L has a sale on the 5 can't be beat! I just love these blanks! But, to make a good deal better, I'd like to be able to miss up the colors. Any chance of bringing back the multi-color packs? That would be a 5++ stars!
  • 10/10
    Review by SmoothCriminalCloud on 5/18/2016
    These pre-filled are fine for what I use them for and the device I use. I still use cig-a-like batteries and these guys have never let me down. Dont leak and feels great on the pull. You dont want clouds? Dont wanna get lock-jaw from hanging a heavy battery from your lips all-day? Be discrete and pop these little bad boys on the end of a stick battery and vape for hours. If you were a chain smoker than you might want to have mutiple carts already filled and at least 3 batteries. One to use, one to start charging and the last for just in case you forget to charge on of those or lose it. I use the stealth batteries so it helps hide the led light when im out and about... Classic still proves strong to this day!!

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