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V4L's founder and CEO, Steve "Smilin" Milin, talks to Crain's Business Journal about e-cigs.
"Steve Milin's great awakening occurred one workday afternoon in September 2008. A lifelong chain smoker whose parents died of smoking-related causes, Mr. Milin looked at his trash can and saw the butts of four packs of cigarettes. What shook him was the math: Buying five packs a day plus medication for smoking-related issues was costing him $30,000 a year. “I knew that not only was I going to die from my smoking,” he says, “I was actually paying to kill myself.”

V4L's Vapor Titan Rated Top E-Cig by Gizmodo
"The Vapor Titan gave us the most intoxicating blasts of nicotine of any ecig we tried. Instead of firing automatically when you take a drag, you push a small button to activate the heating element. Keep it running for a bit, and you can take some intense, nervous system-rattling rips of vapor. You'll end up accidentally activating the battery from time to time. Even so, a single charge and cartridge lasted us two entire days."

Bill Moller of WGN 720 Radio interviews Vapor4Life founder, Steve Milin
Bill Moller of WGN 720 Radio interviews Vapor4Life founder, Steve Milin. Bill Moller of WGN 720 Radio interviews Vapor4Life founder, Steve Milin, about how e-cigarettes helped him quit smoking and how they work.

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☆ V4L E-Cig Reviews from Vaper's ☆

Ecig reviewer, Steve K. of Steve K's Vaping World, gives his review on the Vapor Zeus:

"It is one of the closest things that come to a cigar experience with vaping. The draw is just right and vapor production is excellent thanks the 5V power plant. The vapor production is actually very good. The vapor has a thick consistency, good flavor for a filled carto and comes out fairly warm. Essentially, it completes the cigar transformation. In general, I'd say this is a nice device to cart around when you want something simple with good performance, or just miss chomping on a stog during poker night.”

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Ecig reviewer, Grimm Green, talks about his experience with Smileomizers and the Vapor Zeus:

“The Smileomizers perform well, and last a good long time, not to mention they hold a BUNCH of juice - almost tank levels of juice.”

"The Vapor Zeus has impressed me on basically every level. I love using it."

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Ecig reviewer, Phil Busardo, give his thoughts about the Vapor Zeus:

“I have never been more satisfied in a vape experience by a stick battery than I have been than with the Vapor Zeus. This is a terrific stick battery. The performance is good on these and the Smileomizers are cartomizers and work really, really well. They match up perfectly, they look really, really good, and perform really, really good. They soak in the e-liquid very easily. They’re not packed too tight and they’re not packed so loose they’re gonna leak a lot. The flavor on these cartomizers is terrific. Very clean flavor. An outstanding cartomizer. I have never been more satisfied from a simple, non-adjustable stick battery than I have been with this. The vapor is outstanding. The throat hit is very intense. This battery is giving you plenty of voltage. An outstanding vape setup.”

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