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Welcome to Vapor4Life!

Vapor4Life has been a labor of love ever since
I first tried vaping in 2008. My passion for perfection
drives me—I know if my e-cigs make me smile,
they’ll make you smile, too.

I was a smoker since my early teens. I had trouble
breathing, my clothing stunk, and I was harming myself,
my family, and those around me. After trying medications, hypnosis, acupuncture,
psychology, and psychiatry, I discovered vaping. I knew that this was the smoking alternative for me.

I searched everywhere to find the absolute best products, but nothing really cut it. That’s when I decided to make my own. That Original Vapor King was nirvana! When I wanted a drag, I got it. When I wanted a pacifier, I got it. When I wanted to blow vapor rings, I took three big drags and voila—vapor ring heaven!

At Vapor4Life, we understand that if we have the absolute best merchandise on the market and back it up with exceptional customer service, people who are serious about vaping will join us on this incredible journey. It’s easy to claim “highest quality,” but difficult to deliver. Ask around and I guarantee you that the people who truly care about vaping will sing the praises of Vapor4Life.

Thank you being a part of our vaping family.
We hope Vapor4Life will make you smile every day!

Steve “Smilin” Milin