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Premium Vapor King Blueberry CoolCart Cartomizers

Prefilled Vapor King cartomizers that deliver a blueberry flavor sensation without the purple stains. Box of 5.

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Plump blueberries are best at the peak of the season, and it can be hard to find them perfectly ripe and ready to eat straight from the basket, but with Vapor4Life Premium Blueberry Vapor King Cartomizers, you don’t have to be picky. A true treat for blueberry lovers, V4L Blueberry Vapor King Cartomizers are a classic favorite! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


Just like a blueberry.Review by SL
Out of all the V4L flavors I've tried, the various blueberries are probably the closest to what they're supposed to be. (Posted on 3/16/14)
Premium vs WOWReview by Kellie
Blueberry is my all-time favorite cartomizer flavor. So when I first discovered V4L, I bought both this & the WOW blueberry cartomizers. These are great, no complaints, but the WOW blueberry is absolutely incredible. That's why it's always out of stock. If you're a blueberry fan, do yourself a favor and try the WOWS. (Posted on 5/2/13)
GREAT flavor and smellReview by Tonya
Love this flavor. Hits where it needs to and the smell is wonderful. (Posted on 1/18/13)
One of my favorites Review by David
I have tried most of the flavors and I have got to say that blueberry remains in my top 5! (Posted on 12/22/12)
Best flavor out thereReview by Emma
I have tried pretty much all the fruit flavors and now this is the ONLY flavor I will vape now. And of course it's the only one that is always out of stock! (Posted on 10/23/12)
One of the best!Review by Elizabeth
This is one of my 'go-to' flavors, I'm never not in the mood for blueberry! Vapor production and flavor are great. I also find these carts last quite a long time in terms of number of re-fills before they quit. An excellent buy! (Posted on 10/4/12)
great flavor!Review by annette79h
A great vape! (Posted on 7/6/12)
juiceReview by jacke
need this flavor in the juice so i can refill (Posted on 6/23/12)
GREATReview by Diane
This is one of my favorites, great taste and lots of vapor. (Posted on 8/15/11)
new to the transitionReview by skelekim
I recently changed from smoking to vaping, so my taste buds could be off. I would suggest that first time users of e cigarettes not choose this flavor, as it didnt have much taste but more of an after lingering of one. I ran through my carts trying to get the flavor far too quickly. (Posted on 2/27/11)
HeavenlyReview by linrat
Ever tasted juicy Maine blueberries? This is it. Very smooth, sweet without being overly sweet, full-flavored. Just plain out yummy. This will be one of my go-to flavors. (Posted on 1/18/11)
DeliciousReview by DL
This is one of my favorites out of all of the flavors from my initial order. I just ordered more and I recommend this flavor for anyone that hasn't yet tried it. It's a light, fruity flavor that hasn't gotten old after repetitive usage. (Posted on 12/28/10)
OMG - I LOVE these!!!Review by Robin T
I went nuts when I bought my kit - bought every flavor I thought I would like. I'm a blueberry fanatic and I was afraid I'd be disappointed. Totally the opposite!!! These things are absolutely delicious! I plan to buy these in every order I place from here on out. (Posted on 12/27/10)
COOL CARTS ROCKReview by Banjoman
This was always a good flavor. Now it's a GREAT FLAVOR!! I'ts the cool carts. In my experience, COOL CARTS give the best flavor, best vapor,best TH,and when they're done they let you know. You get a burnt filter taste. No guess work, you know in two hits. This is the ONLY TIME this happens. After filling one of these you get killer vape on the FIRST HIT. No sucking & and puffing to get them started like WOW cartomizers and old premium cartomizers.I'm throwing out all my WOW and old premium carts and sticking with COOL CARTS. The Bluberry is DELICIOUS by the way and so are all the other flavors that now come in COOL CARTS. GOLD STAR V4L!! KEEP EM COMING!! (Posted on 11/30/10)
AWESOME!!Review by Donna
I got this flavor because of all of the outstanding reviews and I was not disappointed. This is a great vape!! I LOVE IT!! (Posted on 11/16/10)
Blueberry BlissReview by Douglas Nelson
Wow, just opening the package and smelling the aroma of blueberries got me all exited. Then that first vape got me hooked. It's by far one of the best flavors that they have here and I will order more in the future for sure :) (Posted on 11/12/10)
FAVORITE FLAVOR!!Review by Carto fanatic
Basically, I LOVE BLUEBERRYs I bake with them all the time, pick them fresh I am a blueberry snob indeed,and these cartomizers defiantly pack a big time blueberry flavor. My favorite yet. (Posted on 11/3/10)
Grew on me fastReview by Amos Trisler
Came to vaping from pipes (English, VAPERs, burley) & cigars( Nicaraguan, Honduran). Not a cig smoker so don't care much for TH (I had to learn to inhale). I thought these would be a good one to try since I like the shisha too (no TH). All the above do not allow for short smokes and the P&C outside only.) Figured e-cigs would get me inside and allow short runs.

At first these seemed, eh, weird. Then I found that I just gotta have my blueberry fix. Love these. Kind of like shisha on a stick. On a pass thru at the computer. Oh yeah. Sneaking some vapes in the office. Yeah, it works. Leaves a nice, light fragrance in the air that if anyone notices, they don't complain about. I find it disheartening now if I get to work and find I left the BBerry cart at home or the one I have runs out. I'm still exploring flavors, but these went from UGH? to MUST haves in a few weeks. (Posted on 10/21/10)
Fan-freakin-tasticReview by Carto fanatic
Great blueberry flavor, good cloud. They even smell good! Cool carts improved this already excellent flavor. (Posted on 10/14/10)
My new favoriteReview by Thajones
Despite being a former menthol smoker, I love flavored carts, and for months nothing could beat my Doc Pepper...until I got one of these as a sample. It is challenging for the top spot, and with the sweet flavor w/o aftertaste or tartness, plus the faint aroma afterwards, I think it will push it's way to the top! Hello, juice delivery! (Posted on 10/10/10)
5 Star flavorReview by robert strong
Top notch flavor. Tons of vapor and taste. (Posted on 9/30/10)
AWESOMEReview by Robert Chafin
Short of the WOW Vanilla this has to be one of the best vapes momey can buy.Everyone really loves the sweet scent that they put off. If you havent tried these ones give them a whirl.chances are you will LOVE them too! (Posted on 8/23/10)
Near Perfect BlueberryReview by Jared
I love these... darn near perfect. Just a bit dry and could be a tiny bit sweeter, but otherwise spot on. Great after smell, great fruit vape! (Posted on 8/22/10)
Tastes like a BlueberryReview by Joe Sterling
Great taste and really thick vapor, you can "feel" it as you inhale, and it leaves a wonderfull blueberry after taste.
(Posted on 7/8/10)
BlueberryReview by Samantha Resposo
Definitely my favorite. It even leaves a pleasant blueberry scent. (Posted on 6/14/10)
One of my favorites!Review by Kristin S
I got this as a part of my berry sampler, and it quickly became one of my favorites. I'll be ordering a full box on my next order, I could vape on this flavor all day long! Sweet and delicious! I've recommended this flavor to all my friends who are just making the switch to vaping. (Posted on 6/14/10)
Awesome Flavor!!Review by Ashley
I absolutely love this flavor!! I have been vaping it non stop since I got my order. It tastes like sour blueberry candy :) (Posted on 6/12/10)
One of my favorites!Review by Deb
Love this blueberry. Nice throat hit. Tastes like a split between fresh blueberries and good blueberry pie filling. IF I had to live without Cherries Jubilee this would be my number one fruit....but the cherries HAVE ME. I also love the pear.

I actually got a lower nic level than I normally vape for blueberry refills to bring more of the flavor out. I started with my usual 11 but went down to 8 in this flavor because the nic seemed stronger in this flavor to me for some reason. I have gotten multiple bottles of it in 8mg at different times (so I don't think it is a "bad batch" issie), and it "feels" like 11 to me. WEIRD! But I LOVE THIS STUFF!! OH SO TASTY! (Posted on 5/8/10)
Tastes Great!Review by Trace-Keir Cunningham
I just ordered my Kit from V4L, and it is by far the best of many E-Cigs I have tried! This is another I traded with a friend, and we both agree it tastes like blueberry muffins or pancakes. Its one to die for! (Posted on 5/3/10)
Blueberry FlavorReview by Steve
This flavor is supreme. I started with a Green Cig ( Which I like the vapor on ) just not the flavor's, and then I tried the V4L Blueberry and it was over. Best cart I have tried so far. (Posted on 3/11/10)
Its GGGRRRateReview by jeffrey scowley
SOOO good! taste just like blueberrys. Just wishn there was some in stock!! (Posted on 3/8/10)
36mg BlueberryReview by TIMMYD :)
These are awesome!!! My favorite of the berries so far. Definitely the best one in the Berry Sampler. Lots of good flavor, not perfumey, Lots of good vape, Lots of good times!!! (Posted on 2/11/10)
Scared, yikes!!Review by Lipstixone
I'm almost afraid to share how great this flavor really is in fear there wont be any carts left for me. They are that good!!!! (Posted on 1/30/10)
amazingReview by Johnny loves E-cig tanks
great flavor. one of my favorites, kind of tastes like a blueberry muffin! (Posted on 1/25/10)
Top Notch BlueberryReview by Vapor Pete (ECF)
All I can say is that this blueberry is awsome. I found this to taste like a fine blueberry wine. Not overpowering, but when you exhale... you get a nice blueberry flavor that lingers on the palet leaving you wanting more. Excellent choice. Nice work on this flavor Steve! (Posted on 1/8/10)
Blueberry (8mg)Review by m1273c
Warm blueberry flavor... nice. (Posted on 12/29/09)
very goodReview by dale winchester
right on blueberry taste,good vapor,with a little kick. (Posted on 12/26/09)
TartSweetReview by James Lewis
Its not as sweet as you would think a blueberry flavor to be. Although it is very enjoyable nice tart breezy flavor, I would call it a light airy flavor. (Posted on 12/25/09)
a favoriteReview by rocks82
both tart and sweet with lots of vape and flavor. Very nice cart. One of my favorites. (Posted on 12/20/09)

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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes, also known as ecigs or e-cigarettes, are designed to deliver nicotine to the user in the same fashion as a traditional cigarette does. An e-cigarette has two parts, the battery and the cartomizer. The cartomizer houses the e-liquid, a solution of nicotine and flavoring. The cartomizer screws onto the e-cigarette battery and the battery powers the heating element in the cartomizer, producing vapor. Vapor4Life e-cigarettes come in two styles, automatic and manual. Automatic e-cigarettes are designed to draw the same way as a traditional cigarette. Manual e-cigarettes have a button to initiate the draw. Pressing and holding the button will activate the heating element in the cartomizer, producing vapor. Vapor4Life is also the sole creator and distributor of the world’s first dual mode Electronic Cigarette, the Vapor Zeus and the first automatic variable voltage Electronic Cigarette, the Dial-A-Volt.

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Transitioning to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes

When you make the switch to e-cigarettes, there are a few things to keep in mind. The e-cigarette is powered by a battery that will need to be recharged. Vapor4Life's batteries have a lithium ion cell that can be recharged up to 300 times. The cartomizers are available in both pre-filled and blank options. The pre-filled cartomizers are the equivalent to 15-20 traditional cigarettes. Vapor4Life offers all of the flavors that come in pre-filled cartomizers, in 30mL e-liquid bottles. pre-filled cartomizers and blank cartomizers are reusable and can be refilled up to five times.

Another thing to consider when making the switch to e-cigarettes is cleaning and maintenance. Over time, e-liquid residue will build up on your e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger. For the best vaping experience we recommend cleaning your e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger at least once each week. To clean the e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger, use an ethyl-based alcohol and gently clean off the black e-liquid residue.

Vapor4Life E-Cig Starter Kits

Vapor4Life offers several e-cigarette Starter Kits. Whether you're brand new to vaping, or have been using e-cigs for years, we've got your back! Our Starter Kits range in price from $29.95 for our Vapor King Slim Starter Kit to $94.95 for our Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit so you can find a kit that will fit your budget and vaping style. If you're looking to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to using Electronic Cigarettes, try one of our beginner Starter Kits. If you're all about the variable voltage and techy-side of vaping, try our Dial-A-Volt battery. If you want the longest-lasting E-Cig battery that gives plumes of flavorful vapor, the Vapor Zeus is for you. Grab a Starter Kit today that includes everything you need to get vaping - a battery, battery charger, and a flavor (either in a prefilled cartomizer, or refillable tank or Smileomizer and juice). Happy vaping!

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