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Premium Vapor King Watermelon CoolCart Cartomizers

Prefilled Vapor King cartomizers featuring our popular watermelon vapor juice. Box of 5.

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Our Premium Watermelon Vapor King Cartomizers are bursting with the light, sweet, refreshing taste of ripe watermelon. Just as juicy and satisfying as a wedge of freshly sliced watermelon on a hot summer day, these V4L premium e-cigarette cartomizers are simply delicious. You won’t believe the authentic flavor these electronic cigarette carts provide. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


Definitely watermelon, but too light.Review by SL
There's a definite pleasant watermelon flavor to these, but it's much lighter than what I was expecting. The intensity of the flavor seems to be a bit inconstant too. Usually it's just a hint of watermelon but once in awhile I'll get a stronger hit of flavor. The cart heats up too quickly as well. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Tastes good!Review by frank
Tastes just like a watermelon jolly rancher, really good! (Posted on 7/23/13)
Not badReview by Jennifer
Tastes like a sweet-less version of 99 cent artificially flavored watermelon lipgloss. Not bad, but even at 0mg, the flavor dissipates very quickly. (Posted on 1/16/13)
Best cart I've tried yet! ✅Review by Emma
If you love sweet, fruity flavors this is definitely a great pic! Since trying the watermelon I have switched over completely, it is now the only flavor I vape! (Posted on 11/27/12)
Best cart I've tried yet! ✅Review by Emma
If you love sweet, fruity flavors this is definitely a great pic! Since trying the watermelon I have switched over completely, it is now the only flavor I vape! (Posted on 11/27/12)
Best Ever!!Review by Alicia_NC
I have to say this is the best flavor I have tried. It is my all time favorite and I can't get enough of it! You will not be disappointed... (Posted on 7/10/12)
My favorite of all flavors!Review by annette79h
This flavor is so good, for a while there it was always out of stock because it was so popular! It's a light flavor, not harsh, smells and tastes great! I always get compliments on the smell when I vape it (Posted on 7/6/12)
Like Chilled Watermelon!!!Review by VaporDrayk
Vapor Production = 4 Stars
Flavor = 5
TH = 4
Nice thick cool cloud. It makes my car smell just like it taste, and overall amazing watermelon experience. Much better than the other watermelon carts I have tried. The best part is it isn't too candy like, just chilled watermelon! (Posted on 6/19/12)
Like Candy!Review by Freya
I really enjoy this one. The more I try it...the more I like it. My roommate and I tried this one right after the peach cobbler one, and while I still do see where my roommate gets his feelings on this....I can't stop liking it. (Posted on 9/17/11)
Not badReview by chris
Very good vapor, taste is pretty good. Has a sort of watermelon candy flavor. Not sure I could vape on this all day, but an occasional switch to this from time to time would be nice. Flavor wasn't as strong as I anticipated, but it does exist with an after effect once exhaled. (Posted on 9/15/11)
This is greatReview by Jeffery Haynes
Like a jolly rancher candy with a kick. Smooth with a good throat hit. I could vape this all day long. (Posted on 9/5/11)
Great tasteReview by Diane
It really does taste like a jolly rancher, I agree. Has great vapor also. (Posted on 8/15/11)
Superb Flavor!Review by #NAME?
I got my first Watermelon cartomizer in a sampler in the 11mg strength, after taking a few good drags I instantly fell in love with this. I got the 18mg version and haven't had a bad experience once. The flavor is great, it tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher mixed with a small hint of sour flavor. The throat hit it great too, obviously this depends on your tolerance as well as the strength you choose. (Posted on 8/4/11)
Taste like a jolly rancherReview by Jimmie
This is one of my go to vapes. Can't go through a day without it! (Posted on 7/25/11)
freshReview by Nik
I don't usually like fruity flavors, but I do like this one. It has a fresh taste that isn't too sweet or too light. More of an actual watermelon than a gum or candy watermelon. It's refreshing after vaping the sweet dessert flavors, or the coffees and clove that I like. (Posted on 7/22/11)
GREATReview by Candace Damuth
Absolutely LOVE this flavor! This is my new favorite! (Posted on 7/19/11)
Very GoodReview by Dex
This watermelon cartridge was very good. I was expecting a stronger watermelon flavor, but its more subtle. All in all, I would get this one again. (Posted on 5/22/11)
Absolutely amazing!!Review by Tim
In my opinion, after trying several different flavors, this is the absolute best flavor available on V4L. Incredible throat hit with pure watermelon flavor. My only complaint is the wait for this amazing flavor to be restocked! (Posted on 5/16/11)
Best flavor I've triedReview by Joseph Velardi
The reviews on the site are hard to judge. I've tried many flavors with high reviews only to find they are terrible. This flavor, however, has reviews that are dead on. TERRIFIC. Simply the best flavor I've tried. Much like watermelon bubalicious. Do not hesitate to try this if you like watermelon!!! (Posted on 4/3/11)
YumReview by narvinye
These are DELICIOUS. Very smooth, low throat hit, big vapor. Accurate flavoring. Reminds me of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. (Posted on 1/25/11)
Very NiceReview by MC
I just received this cart today and am really enjoying it. You can taste the watermelon. It kind of reminds me of the watermelon flavored bubble gum. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the thoart hit is a tad weak. (Posted on 1/18/11)
Fell in loveReview by Tabatha
I have to say, the first try it did taste more like rind than actual watermelon. But after the second try I fell in love. It is more like a not quite ripe watermelon and bubalicious. Sounds bad, but ends up being addictive. I really love this one. (Posted on 12/10/10)
AWESOMEReview by Paul
This flavor is so awesome I must say. The vapor production on these carts is awesome too and the flavor is just a splash of watermelon, REAL watermelon. Try them out! (Posted on 12/2/10)
This one grew on meReview by Mindy Standard
I'm on the second one in the pack and it's growing on me. It taste just like watermelon and puts out good smoke on a 11 cart. I guess eating and smoking watermelon is way different than I thought it was going to be. LOL. (Posted on 11/28/10)
Thumbs UP! Would recommendReview by Carmen R.
I like these.. (Posted on 11/20/10)
WatermelonReview by Journeyman
This is a wonderful flavor. Like previously mentioned, very refreshing. The only problem with this is that it is never available in anything below 36mg. (Posted on 10/10/10)
The BestReview by Linda M Biskup
Oh my goodness, got this in a sample pack. Wish I had bought more. This is the BEST. I could vape this all day. Just like watermelon, not overpowering. Should have listened to Leaford's review. Woe is me, they don't offer this in juice. (Posted on 9/22/10)
18mg WatermelonReview by Biotrucker
I can see why this is Leaford's favorite. Now it's my fave too! Great watermelon taste, without the seeds! Good vapor production. I love this one, and never get tired of it.
(Posted on 9/17/10)
Really Good Candy FlavorReview by Brie
The flavor is delicious, like watermelon bubblegum or candy, but still not overly fake-tasting. Very good if you want a light fruit flavor. Probably would be really refreshing if you're outside on a summer day. (Posted on 9/8/10)
Great!!Review by Ashley Stewart
I love this watermelon! The vapor is excellent and the sweet and tangy flavor is just right! (Posted on 8/27/10)
loved it!Review by Kevin Morris
just get these recently, and loved them! i got mine in 11mg for at night around the house, and they taste amazing. tastes just like watermelon bubblicious gum! great candy watermelon flavor that leaves a good/refreshing feeling. (Posted on 8/6/10)
Sweet, light, great vapor, like a Pixie StickReview by E-cig maniac

With all positive reviews I gave this a try in an 18 and found it to be a pleasant sweet taste that produced good vapor. I was hoping for a stronger sweeter (Jolly Rogers hard candy) type kick, but all in all it's pretty good. Crazy vapor production, especially on a passthrough! (Posted on 8/2/10)
took some time to grow on meReview by Brian
Distinct watermelon taste. Didn't think I liked it at first, but gave it some time to let it grow on me, and it has. Perhaps not my very favorite, but not bad either. A good option if you need something light and crisp to offset some of the other heavier flavors

If you like watermelon candy flavor, this might be right up your alley (Posted on 8/1/10)
My favorite so farReview by Tom
There is one word to describe this cart- REFRESHING...or CLEAN. Just like a slice of watermelon on a blistering hot day. On top of that, it 'vapes like a freight train'. The only way they could improve this one is keep the flavor exactly the same and make it a WOW. It just about vapes like a WOW now... (Posted on 7/15/10)
THE BEST !!Review by mark
This is the best cartomizer I have tried.Taste,draw,throat hit,VAPOR,you just can't go wrong with this one.My compliments to V4L. If they could all be like this one ! I'll be ordering lots . Can't wait for the WOW VAPOR Watermellon. (Posted on 7/7/10)
Watermelon candyReview by Peter S
This cart tastes just like watermelon candy. Nice after dinner vape. Nice throat hit. Not an all day vape for me but a good change of pace. (Posted on 7/3/10)
yum!Review by Kristin S
I loved this cart. It tastes like watermelon candy, but without being overly artificial tasting. Very smooth, perfect for a drive with the windows down on a beautiful summer day! (Posted on 6/14/10)
Delicious!!Review by Paul-David Cabana
I've been vaping this one since I opened my mail. I knocked out two 36 mg's on that same day. I had a strong feeling I would enjoy the watermelon so I thought ahead and ordered the e-liquid. Thank God i did, I never refilled this much lol.. If your reading this trust me it's worth every penny.. Enjoy (Posted on 5/25/10)
Awesome!!!Review by A Wayne Pennington
If your looking for vapor then this one is king!!! Smooth as silk, very little taste, just enough. My favorite Cart so far!!! (Posted on 5/16/10)
So much better...Review by April
This is so much better than the older style watermelon cart. This one tastes like biting into a juicy watermelon instead of sucking on a jolly rancher candy. If you like fruity flavors you will love this. (Posted on 5/14/10)
NICE!Review by Tony
I vape the 24-mg. I was pleasantly suprised with the throat kick. After I tried it I ordered more carts and a 30mL bottle. In my opinion it tastes like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher. I am a big fan of the Bubble Yum or Jolly Rancher version of fruits. If I want the "real" taste of a fruit I will eat the fruit. For me, vaping fruit flavors is like eating a piece of candy; I want the exaggerated taste...I want the kick! (Posted on 5/4/10)
Oh Yeah!Review by Steve
Just like everone else has said, this is the goods. If you like the fruits you will like this 1. Great flavor, not to sweet but just right with huge vapor production especially with PT or Mod. This 1 is spot on. (Posted on 4/22/10)
Amazing FlavorReview by Chad
I never thought that a fruit type flavor could ever become one of my favorites until I tried this. Lots of flavor and vapor. A++ on this one. (Posted on 3/30/10)
Yep! very good..!Review by Vince Mount
lets say i got mine for the weekend and they barely lasted the weekend .. SO good i used them all up! im gonna totally order these again! Deep flavor, "fun" to vape on, and nice clouds! (Posted on 3/21/10)
Pure HeavenReview by acn8029
All I can say is *groan*. The watermelon is amazing. I received this as a freebie and don't much care for watermelon as a rule. This blew my mind and quickly became my favorite flavor! (Posted on 3/19/10)
Best!Review by Richard Mercier
delicious:) (Posted on 3/13/10)
36mg WatermelonReview by TIMMYD :)
Simply put, good amount of vapor, tastes like watermelon Kool-Aid. (Posted on 2/11/10)
First flavor I triedReview by Justin
Not over powering and sweet, just great. (Posted on 12/12/09)
Very good watermelon flavorReview by Moonstruck on ECF Forum
This one reminds me of the JR watermelon candies. It tastes just like watermelon, and it is one of my favorite fruit flavors, right up there with the pear. It provides decent vapor and a good throat hit as well. It's one of my favorites. (Posted on 11/22/09)
sweet smooth good vaporReview by moony
sweet taste, smooth throat hit, and awesome vapor.. I used to like the apple flavor in hooka but this is more delicious.. when u have a sweet tooth without the calories ;). I tried the green apple, Strawberry chocolate, grape, pineapple, pears and Pina Colada this one and the Strawberry white Choc. R may favorites of the fruity flavors. (Posted on 11/12/09)
ExcellentReview by rocks82
mmm... good watermelon flavor and vapor production. Delicious, but a little sweet for an all-day. Definitely yummy, though. (Posted on 11/11/09)
I like this a lot!Review by plantlvr
It's very tasty and so smooth, with that watermelon sweetness, but not overpowering or perfumy. This will always have a place in my 'sweet' carto area. (Posted on 11/10/09)

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