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Refilling Blanks and Tanks

We recommend using blanks and tanks on manual batteries only. Using tanks with automatic batteries can cause leakage into the switch, which can ruin the battery and void your warranty.

Refilling a Blank Cartomizer

  1. Remove cart from battery. Use a thumbtack to carefully remove the small white disc by sticking tack into the small hole and pulling out to one side.
  2. Hold cart at a 45-degree angle, battery attachment end facing down. Drip 5 e-liquid drops into inside wall of cart, rotating cart after each drip for an even fill. Repeat after juice is soaked into white filling. Carts are refilled after a total of 20 – 30 drops.
  3. Replace small white disk onto cart and set on an even surface for 10 minutes. Cart is now ready to attach to your battery for vaping. If e-liquid comes out while vaping, the cart was overfilled. Remove cart from battery and blow excess juice through bottom of cart onto a paper towel.

*Blank carts or empty pre-filled carts may be refilled with e-liquid.

Refilling a Tank

  1. Pull cartomizer through the bottom of the tank 1/2 inch. When done correctly, you should see a small gap between the top of the tank and the clear acrylic side of the tank.
  2. Tilt tank slightly and fill directly into the cartomizer until it overflows. Completely fill tank surrounding the cartomizer.
  3. After filling, push cartomizer back up inside the tank. Put your drip tip on the cartomizer and get vaping. When the space between the cartomizer and the wall of the tank is dry, it’s time to refill the tank.