Premium Vapor King Dunwoody Menthol CoolCart Cartomizers

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Premium Vapor King Dunwoody Menthol CoolCart Cartomizers

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Best menthol cart I've triedReview by Ed urbs
I've tried about 5 different menthols and this one has the overall best flavor and relationship to an anolog. Awsome vapor production and throat hit. I found what I like and never buying a different cart again. (Posted on 4/27/11)
AwesomeReview by Ranae Kimbrough
I have tried over 8 different brands trying to find the right one, this is by far the best. Their product is awesome, they stand behind their product and the shipping is lightning fast, doesn't get any better than this! (Posted on 4/19/11)
Not bad mild for 36mgReview by Darth Vapor
I used to smoke analog menthol, its not the menthol flavor I like. However surprisingly smooth, the menthol doesn't overpower the other flavors. This one doesn't make my top list but would use as a backup.

good vapor
Not harsh

Overall flavor just doesn't cut it for me (Posted on 2/17/11)
NiceReview by Lenny
Flavor is very similar to its analog counterpart with a good mix of tobacco and menthol giving it a nice throat hit.
Would have rated it as 5 stars but for the vaper production which is a little weak from the premium cartos. (Posted on 1/21/11)
Not bad at allReview by J. Cohen
While not exactly spot on for a Dunhill Menthol, it's not bad at all.

Decent vapour, good throat hit, and a good flavour, if a bit kind of "Pine" hint to it.

It's likely I'll be ordering this one in the future. (Posted on 12/28/10)
Very much like a real one!Review by Marcia
Great combo of tobacco and menthol flavors and great throat hit. Almost like smoking a real analog. (Posted on 11/28/10)
Best of the Menthol Lovers Sampler 2Review by Colin Moore
This was the best of the sample pack of cartos I ordered. I only take a few hits at a time because I want to savor it. A cool crisp vape that will wake you up in the morning. (Posted on 7/10/10)
18mg of awesomeReview by E-cig fan
This is by far the best if you are a former menthol analogue smoker...excellent vapor and flavor...try it you won't be sorry!!!! (Posted on 6/26/10)
Closest to the real thingReview by Donna Sowards
I have been a smoker for 29yrs and smoke 2pks a day this Dunhall is closest to the real thing Great Vapor to. THE BEST!!!!!! (Posted on 4/17/10)
Curiously Strong Vapor.Review by Gamer
This was a wonderful vape and i used it till the cart was bone dry. The flavoring was a great blend of Tobacco and Menthol. But i found it to be an evening vape as there was a very strong flavor in it that would consume you. The vapor production was perfect and the taste was dead on. But the taste was just too much for myself. it was like a stereo with perfect sound, just a bit too loud. if you looking for a Great strong flavor with a great hit of vapor. This is a buy for you! (Posted on 3/30/10)

Items 11 to 20 of 21 total

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