Cuban Cigar e Juice (30 mL)

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  • Smooth Vape
    Review by Edward on 10/8/2016
    This is the closest I've come to the flavor of a nice medium cigar.
  • Best Cigar Find So far
    Review by Vedanta on 1/30/2016
    light juice so it's easy of the clearomizer. Taste is great, like a cigar, good throat hit, good vapor production.

    Been looking far and wide for a light color e-juice tobacco that actually taste like a cigar and I have found it.
  • Great Cuban Taste and Vape
    Review by REC on 5/16/2015
    Out of all of V4L's Products this is my favorite. It has a full bodied Vape to it and smokes just like the real thing. I have been using it for over 1 1/2 Years and have found nothing close to it's taste. Everything I have tried from other companies does not even compare. Try it for yourself, if you like a full bodied Cuban Cigar this is the one for you.
  • Good...not great
    Review by #9cloud on 3/17/2015
    I'm not a fruit flavored fan, but lean toward the tobacco flavs. This one is good and infinitely better than Vaporfi's attempt at a Cuban flavor. If your're a fan of vaping a Pine-Sol flavored juice, that's the one for you. lol. My current fav is VapeMoar's MellowGold and I'd rank this juice right up there with that.
  • Cuabn Cigar Bold
    Review by Odie on 9/23/2014
    I pretty much vape tobacco flavored e-juices exclusively. But like anyone else, prefer some variety for a change of pace. Well, I hadn't tried any e-juices to date that were supposed to resemble a true cigar.
    Wow, I've been missing out! This stuff is great IMO. I agree 100% with Vedanta's review in regards to the characteristics of this juice.
    Definitely mimics the smell and taste reminiscent of a cigar and the light juice is the way to go primarily if using it in the Smilomizers or similar set-up.
    On the inhale the flavor starts out with a mellow yet very noticeable "sweetness" similar to the Flue Cured Tobacco e-juice. On the exhale is where one notices the "bite", flavor and smell of a real cigar. Primarily if exhaling through the nose or letting the vapor "roll" up into your nose and inhaling while letting it "roll" out of your mouth (French inhaling). I can easily inhale this into my lungs, but I'm using 1.8 nic, so the throat hit isn't as intense as higher levels of nic, but it's definitely there. The lingering vapor clouds even smell like a cigar and the smell will actually linger for about 15 mins or so in some cases after the vapor has completely dissipated. For some this may be a problem. But if you love the smell of cigars you'll enjoy it as I do.
    Paired up with my cigar colored 1300mah Zeus feels like smoking a real cigar w/o all the negatives. I'll definitely be ordering more of this juice. This ones a winner in my book. Great job V4L! Please don't mess with the formula/mix on this one.

Items 1 to 5 of 14 total

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