VG Traditional Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)

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VG Traditional Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)

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  • Nice not Great as I expected and I REALLY need 6ml for Sub ohm
    Review by cindykay on 5/1/2016
    What really bothers me with this company is the*NICOTINE STRENGTH 8mg and NO 6mg. Pain in the bum to buy 8's and then Zeros to mix for a 6mg for my Sub-ohm's with box mod.
    From what I understand most Sub-ohm people are using 6mg.
    Just a hassle to fill 3. or 4.5 tanks. Makes me wonder if I really want to stick with this company. I am due to make a huge buy of 8 bottles and wondering now if I really want to as I just finished filling all my tanks mixing with needle counts to get a 6.
    Love love the company and the flavors I am buying- but doing coffee, Wowboy & Tobacco just a lot of figuring let alone the time it took....using needle lines to measure. Ugggg! The 8's make me cough...6...perfect. I tried to turn down the watts but then my warmth is reduced or gone etc.

    So think I will just leave this review, sign out instead and think about the hassle & time etc it takes having to use 8's..
    Why 8 bottles of the different flavors...forced to buy 8's and zero's to mix and these VG juices really need to seep

    FLAVOR....Must let this one seep a week or more. Not the deep Tobacco I am looking for as another review said "Its a little bland" -for me with VG a tid tooooo sweet.
    This Tobacco I found is great to mix 3/4 wowboy. In order to kick Wowboy up a notch in Tobacco flavor I use 1/3 of this flavor.

    So still one the hunt for that deep real Tobacco flavor with not so sweet, no nuts etc. None I have tried have kicked it outa the ball park.
    I smoked American Spirit Organic for years and years.

    Again...I am really Loving this mixed 1/3 to 3/4 Wowboy.
  • Great product - lousy container
    Review by Janet on 12/10/2015
    I really, really love the VG juice from Vapor4life. I have tried other, more expensive, VG nicotine juices, but this is the best. But... why do you people put it in such a cheap bottle? They are hard to squeeze, and yesterday, while trying to refill my tank, the top popped off and dumped e-juice all over my desk, and destroyed a very expensive Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. (I tried cleaning it, but the "S" key no longer works.) Would you at least consider selling us an empty glass bottle with a dropper as an accessory?
  • Love this juice
    Review by Melissa on 4/24/2015
    I have searched for this juice for a very long time
    found the traditional tobacco juice that
    I love so much! Thank you Vapor4life for
    making the best tobacco flavor in the world!
  • THE taste I've been looking for!!!
    Review by Missy on 4/18/2015
    This is the tobacco flavor that I've been looking for 3 yrs now!!! The absolute best!!! This will be my only e-liquid to vape!!! Please never discontinue this flavor in the VG!!! Highly sensetive to pg and have intolerance to it. This is the bomb as far as any tobacco flavor out there by any company!!!
  • 5 stars
    Review by Missy on 3/21/2014
    My only vape. Great taste. I am sensitive to PG, so this is great. A good tobacco flavor and lots of vapor.

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