Sweet and Spicy 10mL WOW Sampler Pack

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Sweet and Spicy 10mL WOW Sampler Pack

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5 of Vapor4Life's most exciting new flavors in a convenient sampler pack. This sampler pack contains 5 different 10mL bottles of some of our newest Wow flavors.

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    Hit & Miss T.i.S.
    Review by TxTunesLady Aka. Jenn on 10/9/2012
    What I like about this is the fact that it is a sampler!! Who doesn't want to try juices before they commit to buying a huge bottle only for it to get poured out, given to a friend to pave the way or to give your juice that you paid good money for to someone at a Vape Meet!? No one, that's who, lol. So this gives you the ability to try before you buy so to speak.
    I received 1.8% and I didn't really get a TH on any of the flavors. Which I unusually do with Cinnamon's and I am only using 1.1 to 1.2% most of the time.
    Remember T.i.S. (Taste is subjective)

    First up in this pack was Cinnamon Coffee. I had the plum right before it, and the Cinnamon was covered up by that plum! Which is crazy for a cinnamon to be covered by another flavor...I tasted coffee though, and boy was it coffee. So for those of you that love to compliment your morning cup a joe with a coffee, you'll enjoy this Cinnamon Coffee, for just that Coffee punch. For my taste, I'll pass, as I like flavor in my coffee like pumpkin spice and hazelnut and cinnamon, I am not one for a STRONG coffee vape, its not like my other reviews for the Mocha Cap. where it tastes like a freeze dried coffee; THIS tasted like coffee and strong, like your FIRST cup of coffee to raise those taste buds. :) 4 *

    Next the Plum, BOY is that SWEET!
    As T.i.S. to me it tastes like a I was Vaping a mix between a dried prune & Sugar plums dancing in your head! :D
    While I liked it, I also didn't like it, it was def. a 50/50 love/hate relationship. I enjoyed something that was really sweet, since most of the flavors I have tried aren't sweet but always a bit light in flavor, this one def. packed a pow for me in the sweet and flavor department. I just am not one for vaping plum's/prunes (in my taste) because it just gave that after taste of the prune and made me think of prune juice and grandma making me drink it when I was like 8 LOL. But again I did like it cuz it was sweet!!! Rock on for super sweet!

    next is the
    Black Berry. :/ Sorry V4L as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys this was a miss for me.
    I only use blackberry jelly (Not a fan of seeds) and thought vaping this one be AMAZING and AWESOME. Morandir Sir, our forum Data Guru is or has done a review in the forums for this, I dont know his opinion and t.i.s. and varies big time.
    But I was really sad, because I had such high expectations of this flavor. Had it been sweet like the plum it would of been an EPIC flavor. I will be trying it again, but it didn't stack up to what I thought it would be. Very floral in flavor, and I couldn't think of what flower or put my thumb on what I was tasting. More like chewing a leaf of the blackberry bush! It was like ..Perfect example. Mom used to give me blackberry brandy in warm water for when I was sick to my stomach, or blackberry jam as blackberry is suppose to soothe the stomach (Home Remedies 101 thanks mom)
    So minus the brandy flavor, and it was just jam, this is really light and a warm vape. Maybe it is different in the cool carts by dripping it in those, or by a different Ohm say the 3.0sc or 2.5dc to give it a cooler vape which will change the flavor. But as a warm vape it was like jam in hot water bland. So the crows can come eat this blackberry juice because it wasn't for me. REALLY SORRY again V4L

    Almost there; Next is the Banana Cinnamon -
    My taste is pretty OFF still, in the 5/6 weeks I have been analog free and still can't taste MUCH. That is part why T.i.S to many people, taste buds aren't the same, and peoples taste in flavors def. isn't the same!
    If you like banana's, I believe you will like this. I can't vape cinnamon's at a high % of mg's, and I was sent the 1.8 which this was perfect for say the plum it was a serious TH for me since it has the cinnamon in it :D Def. would buy this in the 1.1 to 1.2%. Also in the a.m. I really enjoy that TH with my morning coffee. Like most, I start stronger in the a.m. and work my way to lighter %'s throughout the day.
    This def. has a banana taste not very light as with my WOW Fruit Bowl review http://www.vapor4life.com/review/product/list/id/2587/category/47/
    Where the banana was light, in this flavor, or because of my taste buds, The flavor is def. there! They amp'ed up the banana flavor and a bit more sweeter, adding in the cinnamon flavor and TH of the cinnamon. It is a good combo and I do enjoy it as I took it from a homeade wow carto to a Tank. If I enjoy it the carto, then Ill take the time to fill a tank! I have noticed after tanking this flavor for 12 hrs now, that if you exhale through your nose, it has a taste of burning rubber :/ yes strange I know, and I think it is the banana/cinnamon combo or I'm just weird, As I have gotten this before from a flavor.

    I will make the last one really short! Banana Chocolate.
    Yep tastes just like the Banana/Cinnamon but with Banana and Chocolate, I also did a switch a roo right away, I mixed the Banana/Cinnamon half in a tank with the Banana/Chocolate, So sometimes I get the Banana/Cinnamon flavor, Sometimes I get the Banana/Chocolate flavor ..Reminds me of an Almond commercial :D As this flavor is just as good by itself (Banana Chocolate) as it is mixed :) and taste just like it says :D

    Hope this helps in your journey of finding that right flavor :D

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