Clearance Smileomizer 10 Pack

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  • good so far
    Review by scott on 9/1/2014
    I quit chewing 4 months ago. So I started vaping instead. I use the small smileomizers. They are easy to fill and I can carry extras in my pocket if I want to change them out. I still have an urge to dip once in awhile. But I am hanging in there, thanks to the vaping!!
  • Large Smilomizers
    Review by Glen on 8/18/2014
    I have experience using both the small and large versions of the Smilomizers. IMHO the large version is much better for several reasons.
    1. Obviously the first reason is the increased e-juice capacity (twice the capacity), which means more vaping time before refills. This also means one doesn't have to carry a bottle or bottles of e-juice around with them.
    2. The large version has what appears to be a stainless mesh screen on top of the wicking material. The small Smilomizers I've used do NOT have this screen. This protects the wicking material and keeps out foreign debris.
    3. Also both sizes are rated at 12+ refills... if you think about it the large Smilomizers are ultimately more cost effective even though they cost $.50 more each. It would take two fill-ups with the small Smilomizer to equal 1 with the large Smilomizer. So in theory you are getting twice the vaping ability per Smilomizer.
    4. Finally. Buying the 10pks is a no brainer... It'll save you at least $10 in the long run.
  • Only way to go
    Review by Dawn on 5/31/2014
    The smilomizers make vaping easy. Starting with the carts, I then graduated through different batteries, settling on the Zeus. I tried the tanks, very messy.
    The smilomizers are easy to fill, easy to take with you, no mess, comfortable on the lips. You can easily change or add flavors. If you are ending a bottle of e-juice, just add some of another and you may have found a great new flavor. The only way to vape easy.
  • Great way to vape
    Review by Michael on 5/30/2014
    Huge vapor, great taste, easy to fill. Draw gets tighter by the fourth refill. I have never made it to twelve refills before it is useless!
  • Smilomizers
    Review by Glen on 5/29/2014
    I've been using the 3.5ml Smilomizers for 7 months now.
    Fantastic performance overall. I've encountered a few duds but V4L stood behind their product and replaced them. The 10pk is the way I generally buy them because it's more economical and I stock up so I never run out of them.
    If you properly take care of them and keep them from running low, you will get a very long life from them.
    I've obtained as much as 2 and 3 months of use! Way more than 12 refills.
    Much simpler than tanks. Provides an enormous amount of vapor volume.
    One thing I have noticed is that the darker juices will clog up and kill the Smilomizer quicker than lighter juices and requires cleaning the center tube where the coil is located or it will not "breath" when you inhale. In fact I've not experienced this problem with the lighter colored juices.
    I have found using a straightened paper clip of small size works best for this. CAUTION... You must use extreme care though when inserting a paperclip through the center-tube to clean or you will damage the coil and the Smilomizer will be ruined. DO NOT force it through... gentle is key. Once both ends of the straightened paper clip are sticking out, then gently roll the Smilomizer back and forth. This method I've found works best for me. I repeat several times, wiping the paperclip off with a paper towel each time.

Items 1 to 5 of 11 total

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