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The story behind the smileomizer by Steve

Hi V4L Family,

As a smoker, I used to chew on my cigarettes and cigars. When I began vaping, I hurt my teeth on carts, tanks, and whistle tips. I wanted a cart that I could chew on, held tons of juice, and could be used with all my batteries. This led me to invent my new personal favorite - the SMILEOMIZER. Why "Smileomizer"? 'Cause I SMILE every single time I use it.

I specially made the Smileomizer for my new project batteries, which in themselves, are quite complicated, yet simplified in a zen-like way. Vaping with these is a great feeling - a virtual imitation to smoking, but not!!! I actually had to "re-manufacture the wheel" in order to achieve this new type of cart. We have designed it in two sizes, and made it work with everything we carry. They are made from the highest quality stainless steel and packing material, surgical grade silicon, and have a vertical coil. They are also recycleable and can be refilled 12 plus times. The small Smileomizer (available now) holds over 3.5ml, and the large Smileomizer holds over 6ml of juice. Check them out, SMILE, and enjoy your new way to vaping nirvana. Vape on!