Twisted Tobacco 10mL WOW Sampler Pack

Try out our new Peach Tobacco, RY Twist, DJ Black, RY4, and Almond Coconut flavors in a 10mL sampler pack!
5 of Vapor4Life's most exciting new flavors in a convenient sampler pack. This sampler pack contains 5 different 10mL bottles of some of our newest Wow flavors.

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    Definitely Worth Your Vaping Time!
    Review by Jacqi4arts on 12/31/2012
    My personal favorite in the sampler is the Peach Tobacco. hmmmgood!!! The DJ Black (a clove "kredik" type e-juice) is one of the best I have tried. I did add circa 2 more drops of clove flavor to the DJ Black. I am clove "junkie". :-)
    The RY4 and RY4 Twist are both unique and very interesting RY4 type blends.. :-) I am not a coconut person. If you enjoy coconut; you will like the coconut almond flavor.