Kiwi Apple Strawberry e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

Refreshing kiwi, apple and strawberry flavors create a tropical fruit medley for a truly appetizing vape.
Kiwi, apple, and strawberries minus the annoying seeds is what makes up this flavorful V4L nobacco e-liquid. Morning, noon and night, this delicious e Cig vapor juice blend is great any time of day.

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  • Rating
    Meh... ok
    Review by Mersild on 4/17/2014
    This was a little to tangy for me. Not bad, but I won't be getting it again.
  • Rating
    Review by mike on 1/6/2013
    received this by mistake in my last order. its not horrible, but its a weird mix of fruit tastes.
  • Rating
    really like this
    Review by JunieB on 5/14/2011
    This was a free sample with my starter kit, and I just ordered a bottle of the liquid. I am not fond of sweet flavors-seems I like sparkly stuff like the Dr. Pepper, and this one. Since I am new to vaping, Im not sure how to classify the throat hit, but I smoked Camel Lights for 20 years, and this juice satisfies in the 18 mg. I dont really think ooh! apples and kiwis and strawberries when i vape this, but you can definitely taste all three for sure. Mild but distinct. Not too sweet, and a little bit tart in the middle. This 18mg, just like the others I tried will burn my throat a little if I vape too much, just like a Camel Light did. Its how I knew I was smoking too much. This is currently tied with Doc Pepper as my very favorite flavor.
  • Rating
    Very Strong Taste
    Review by Keith on 10/29/2010
    I'm tasting apple the most, strawberry second, kiwi last. All in all not to bad if your looking for a strong fruit flavor. Here is my rating on a scale from 1-5. Taste 5, Vapor production 3, Throat hit 3. Doesn't have that perfume taste which I noticed some of the other fruit flavors have.
  • Rating
    Very Nice
    Review by David Brennan on 4/21/2010
    I'm really liking this flavor, so far it is my favorite of the fruity flavors I have tried. Nice sweet draw and then a sour exhale. I can really sense the separate tastes of the strawberry and apple (not so much the kiwi, but even the actual kiwi fruit is a mild flavor). Also, the vapor production is excellent and the flavor lasts and lasts. This will probably be a regular vape for me, highly recommended if you want that sweet and sour fruit flavor!
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