Banana Breeze Nobacco Juice USA(30 ml)

Banana Breeze Nobacco Juice USA

A mellow medley fresh from the tropics, this peel-perfect blend will waft over your senses like an exhilarating trade wind. A tempting twist of taste delivers a ripe bunch of creamy banana as you inhale while magical menthol emerges on the exhale. With a subtle tobacco topping, this banana split knows the latest scoop in satisfaction.

The “Best By” date for these e-liquids has been reached. These e-liquids can still be used. The best by date for e-liquids is not an expiration date. You will not experience a loss in flavor or nicotine content until one year after the best by date.


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  • Rating
    Review by Sebastian on 3/21/2013
  • Rating
    Review by mike on 9/7/2012
    absolutely loving this one!!! so fruity and smooth!
  • Rating
    Review by Jill on 8/14/2012
    I'm not a menthol smoker, though i have smoked them before. I bought this by accident...LOVE IT!!!
    Full bodied...refreshing...can't really tell it's menthol...just yummy!
    Ordered another...gave it to all my friends.
  • Rating
    Smooth Banana
    Review by JDR on 7/29/2012
    Subtle hint of banana and nobacco. Very nice, once again, way to go V4L