Black Licorice e Liquid Smooth (WOW) (30 mL)

This bold combination of European wild licorice plant and sweet dark molasses is spot on for a delicious candy vaping flavor.
If you like black licorice candy, then you'll love our exclusive Black Licorice WOW Vapor Juice. With all the flavor and spice of Europe's wild licorice plant combined with sweet, dark molasses, just one taste and you'll be hooked on this boldly flavored e Cigarette vapor juice.

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  • Rating
    Black licorice
    Review by Char on 8/11/2015
    I absolutely love this e liquid. I was fortunate enough to talk to Steve (the owner of V4L) and he said this was one of his favorites also. I also want to mention the customer service that Steve gave was impeccable. He really does care about his customers satisfaction.
  • Rating
    The only one I use!
    Review by Ms Jake on 6/28/2015
    When will it be back in stock in different strengths??? Only 0 this week...
  • Rating
    Review by Phyllis on 2/13/2014
    I'm trying this flavor because I love licorice AND because before you're entire site changed in a week from my 1st order to this one. Licorice was 5 star with a high # of ratings. I like ratings in well established E-Vape sites.
  • Rating
    Review by Love it!!! on 5/11/2013
    I love black licorice, but admit I had my doubts how good this would be when I placed the order, I shouldn't of, really does taste just like black licorice, this right now is my favorite and have a real problem in putting down my e-cig as love the taste so much.
  • Rating
    Very True Flavor
    Review by Corpseflower on 2/4/2013
    True flavor, very strong. I wouldn't vape this all day, but it's nice for something, new as a treat. I do recommend!
  • Rating
    My absolute favorite
    Review by Fastpaws on 12/31/2012
    Most individuals either like licorice or hate it. That said, if you like licorice I would recommend this WOW juice highly. I've used both 18 mg and 24 mg, and both are just great any time of the day!
  • Rating
    Very True to Flavor
    Review by JeweledO on 9/13/2012
    I love black licorice, black jelly beans and most of all this juice. The taste is right on the money. It simply could NOT be better!
  • Rating
    If you like black licorice, you need this one!
    Review by Sid on 9/10/2012
    I was hesitant to try it since black licorice is a tricky flavour to capture, but this genuinely does taste EXACTLY like the actual candy, right on the nose. It's perfect, incredibly strong flavour, and absolutely delicious. I LOVE this one!
  • Rating
    tastes better than i expected
    Review by Ana on 8/18/2012
    i liked this flavor, even though i am not a licorice fan
    trying to go down to a lower nicotine # and this taste somewhat compensates for the lack of nicotine i am getting right now
    would recommend it
  • Rating
    True to name
    Review by Margie on 6/21/2012
    One of my all time favourites. I don't like black jelly beans but just LOVE this juice, strong licorice flavour, good vapour, medium TH. Good in either EGO mega cart or 3ml tank with 2.0 ohm.
  • Rating
    Review by kelly on 6/13/2012
    I've been eyeballing this flavor for months, and I kept putting it off because I was afraid it wouldn't be true to flavor. SO glad I got it. Tastes like good and plenty candy!
  • Rating
    Great Black Licorice
    Review by Vicki Gettys on 8/11/2011
    Granted, I haven't tried other vendors' licorice...this one is great. Another super-strong flavor which I love when vaping.
  • Rating
    Very good stuff
    Review by synic on 8/2/2011
    If you're a black licorice fan, this stuff really hits the spot. Not too sweet, or overpowering, and it smells great.
  • Rating
    Review by ROYE on 6/12/2011
  • Rating
    Review by Carto fan on 3/20/2011
    Dear lord this stuff is good. Tastes EXACTLY like a Good n' plenty. I recommend this in a premium cartomizer, the vapor and throat hit really come out better than a WOW carto.
  • Rating
    Review by Dayna Perkins on 1/2/2011
    This is just like a good & plenty!!!! Excellent taste and vapor!! Love it!!!!!
  • Rating
    Great flavor
    Review by E-cig lover on 12/23/2010
    Tastes just like black licorice they got this one right on
  • Rating
    Good stuff
    Review by Mike P. Zitting on 12/11/2010
    This stuff is delicious! Im not a black licorice fan but its smooth, pleasing, and one of my favorites flavors.
  • Rating
    Review by Jim Casey on 10/6/2010
    After trying the Carts and LOVING them, I couldn't wait to get the juice. It does not disappoint. If you like black licorice or love good and plenty's, this vape was made for you!!!!!!!!!
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