BlackJack Berry Nobacco Juice USA (30 ml)

BlackJack Berry Nobacco Juice USA
BlackJack Berry Nobacco Juice USA

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    Good Berry taste
    Review by Keith on 11/23/2012
    Third flavor from V4L and this one is pretty darn good. Has a sweet berry taste that isn't too strong. No bad after taste. Throat hit is pretty good. Would order again.
  • Rating
    Review by MellaBarbarella on 10/16/2012
    This flavor is so smooth it is almost too smooth. I love the taste and can vape it all day. It has a nice berry taste and smell and produces an awesome amount of vapor. It is very light.
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    Review by Scottie on 9/20/2012
    I like it. Not too sweet or fake-tasting.
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    The Best
    Review by Wizard on 8/31/2012
    This is by far the best juice I've tried, Vapor is great and the taste, definitely has a bit of a berry start, but finishes with a wonderfuf clove flavor. I've been searching for a good clove flavor and none of them compare to BlackJack Berry.
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    Surprisingly Grape I mean great!!
    Review by Native Lady on 8/16/2012
    I traditionally stick with my wowboy mentho/peppermint cuz I used to smoke menthols. Well I decided to try this flavor because of a reduced in price, liked it so much I purchased 8 bottles!!! Yes it does taste like warm grape with a good throat hit not harsh at all. The grape overpowers all the other berries but that's alright cuz it's still great. Now I am going to try other flavors. Thxs to Vape4life you make the best juices & reasonable prices.
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    Awsome flavor
    Review by Stewie on 7/29/2012
    This is by far one of my favs has a berry beginning and a clove/pepper finish
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    This is my all day vape
    Review by alexthenewb on 6/30/2012
    seriously it's good. I don't like heavy tasting liquids and this isn't flavorless it just has a good taste.

    Delicious grape gum
    Review by Rick on 6/8/2012
    Awesome alternative to traditional tobacco flavors. To me it tastes just like bubblelicious grape gum. Very good throat hit with the 1.2 mg and great vapor production. A must buy if you want something different. 4/5