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Butterscotch Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Butterscotch Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Enjoy the creamy flavor of golden butterscotch candies in delicious vaping e Liquid form.




Like the golden-wrapped candies of your youth, our Premium Butterscotch Nobacco Juice offers the same creamy, delicious flavor. Smooth and tasty, and best of all calorie-free. Pick up some Butterscotch Nobacco Juice for your personal vaporizer today!


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Review by Mjolnir07on 10/5/2012
    I was after something that was sweet like butterscotch hard candy, this wasn't exactly it, but it has a definite butterscotchy aftertaste. Not precisely what I was hoping for but there is no mistaking that V4L nailed the taste of pure butterscotch flavor. Worth a shot, it works very well in mixes to add a thick, musky flavor or to thin out VG blends.
  • Rating
    My New Number One
    Review by Jeffery Hayneson 8/31/2011
    This is really smooth and tastes just like butterscotch candy. The flavor lasts all the way through and leaves no after taste
  • Rating
    NOT like the WoW butterscotch
    Review by Tonyon 3/20/2011
    The WoW has more of a Buttery tastes, this one here didn't was disappointed. It is tollerable, prob won't get it again though.
  • Rating
    The Yummiest!!
    Review by Jennifer Sullivanon 3/9/2010
    I absolutly love this juice! It is delicious! Tastes just like the butterscotch candy. My new favorite. It has a nice strong flavor and a good throat hit! Definatly recommend!
  • Rating
    best butterscotch out there!
    Review by critterbugon 2/28/2010
    Delicious, warm, buttery, and sweet! Cannot get enough!
  • Rating
    So good!! And holds it's flavor PERFECTLY
    Review by Debon 2/19/2010
    I love this juice. It is one of the few that really holds its flavor and tastes very similar to a new/fresh carto. I love this and always have one of these cartos with me.
  • Rating
    is it candy or vapor
    Review by Sandra Greenwoodon 1/31/2010
    This is one of my favorite e-cig flavors Ive purchased so far, it tastes great and it tastes exactly like what it claims. It is butterscotch, you may as well unwrap your cartomizers from a golden wrapper it tastes so good, very sweet, but oh so good