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Cafe Mocha Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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Cafe Mocha Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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A delicious blend of warm espresso topped with bittersweet chocolate make this rich vaping e Liquid a decadent choice among coffee lovers.




Wake up and greet the day with a our steamy Cafe Mocha WOW Vapor e Juice, a creamy blend of rich, milk chocolate and eye-opening espresso. This premium V4L e Cig liquid is sure to save you a trip to your favorite cafe.

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Totally LOVE this flavor
    Review by Michaelon 2/8/2014
    Smooth, silky vapor, just a hint of chocolate, cream & coffee, with a mellow hit. I use this as my "after dinner/evening" smoke, and find it very satisfying.This will stay on my gotta have list for a long time.
  • Rating
    Fantastic end of day flavor
    Review by Hearse76on 1/13/2014
    After just the first inhale, I fell in love with this combination. The right amount of both Coffee and Chocolate in a smooth and creamy base. Thanks for putting together such a dreamy mix!
  • Rating
    good stuff
    Review by Tomeron 8/30/2013
    I like the coffee flavor & this reminds me of it.
    I also mix vanilla flavor with it to get another flavor out of it.
    Also one time I mixed it with menthol & it reminded me of a Jr. mint,
  • Rating
    ggod job!!!!!!!!!
    Review by conradon 6/1/2013
    LOVE THIS STUFF!!!Tastes just like it says. Gonna try the carmell frappe next..also tried peppermint icecream that good to.
  • Rating
    good price; harsh on the throat
    Review by Curtison 3/6/2013
    This has a nice flavor, but the taste isn't very strong and after vaping it for a short while, it makes my throat feel raspy.

    Nice for after dinner, but definitely not an all-day vape. YMMV.

    Great price, though, and I like the dripper bottles. I use clearos, and it makes for clean, quick refills.
  • Rating
    Not bad for the price
    Review by Curtison 3/3/2013
    I vape this through a top-coil clearo, mostly before and after meals. I use a menthol the rest of the day.

    The flavor is all right; a rich, dark coffee flavor, but it's rather weak, and I was hoping for more chocolate taste.

    My biggest problem with this is that it gives me a raspy throat after a rather short time. I could NOT use this as an all-day vape because of that, but I wouldn't mind the taste.

    I'm not writing this off just yet, but I'll be trying other flavors before I come back to it.

    Great price, but I'd pay a little more to get one that didn't irritate my throat.
  • Rating
    Just right
    Review by Christineon 12/27/2012
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love the depth the coffee undertones add to Smilin Special, which has been one of my three main vapes for more than a year. And I've tried for just that long to find a smooth, satisfying chocolate flavor and have not succeeded yet. I ordered the coffee sampler in search of a coffee that I might mix with some of my favorite menthol/tobacco flavors (I'm an obsessive tinkerer). When I fired up the Cafe Mocha, I thought I'd attained nirvana. It gets the balance just right, satisfying both of my quests in one flavor that doesn't need any tinkering at all. Love it.
  • Rating
    Review by danceMKRon 11/26/2012
    Look out Seattle! This rich, coffee flavored juice has just enough chocolate to subdue my sweet tooth and satisfy my vaping needs, indeed. I like to jazz it up with a squirt or two of something menthol or berry flavored. ENJOY!
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by Timon 9/19/2012
    It doesnt exactly taste bad, but it reminds me of that nasty burnt "dry-cart" taste too much
  • Rating
    Review by Jdron 8/18/2012
    Delicious! Just smooth Cafe' flavor just like a drink from the coffeehouse! Love it!
  • Rating
    Really good
    Review by Richardon 4/11/2011
    the taste is kinda mild, bordering on week, but the vapor was wonderfull, lastes a long time. To be fair I used this on old carts, I refilled a cafe mocha cart and it was better that the prefilled cart was out of the box. I will try it again on blank carts, may have to come back and give it 5 stars *got my carts* flavors about the same actually, still a great juice I will be buying it again :)
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by LeighAnn H.on 3/30/2011
    I ordered the 18mg and to me it is too light on flavor. Adding coffee e-juice to the cart helped to bump up the flavor a bit.
  • Rating
    Great stuff
    Review by E-cig maniacon 2/26/2011
    110% accurate flavor, tastes just like a gourmet Mocha coffee, The vapor is very silky/creamy too. Medium throat hit at 24 mg. Highly recommended
  • Rating
    Best Juice
    Review by E-cig buffon 1/27/2011
    Best I have ever had, It tastes exactly as described. It smells like someone poured mocha in the bottle. The vapor has a really creamy texture to it too. 5 out of 5 stars for everything about this liquid !
  • Rating
    the flavor is good
    Review by charles engenon 1/15/2011
    I like the flavor, sweet, light coffee taste. I just started vaping in Dec. I love my VK batteries and cartomizers.
  • Rating
    Review by Brian Kennedyon 1/11/2011
    Very satisfied with this. I filled them every day and this lasted me over a month. I have tried so many juices and this one is by far the very best quality (next to the blueberry juice) great "throat hit" and the flavor is great. I wish I could order a gallon of this juice.
  • Rating
    Amazing !
    Review by Debbieon 1/9/2011
    I received this on Friday, and have been vaping it all weekend long. It's so good! Wish they sold these by the gallon. LOL
  • Rating
    Review by Zachary Handleyon 11/17/2010
    I was expecting a little more coffee taste when I ordered this liquid. Not saying that it isn't great, but I drink coffee everyday and I love specialty and gourmet coffee's so when I ordered this I was expecting something...well a little different. The flavor is a solid 5 stars, but the throat hit is more of a 3/5, averaging out to a 4. all around it's a good all day vape that won't destroy your throat and tastes good, but it should be marketed as milk chocolate. creamy chocolaty and delicious, but not much on the coffee from my perspective
  • Rating
    Review by melissa fisheron 11/3/2010
    sweet like candy
  • Rating
    Review by Nightshifton 10/27/2010
    Tastes just like the name. I get hints of chocolate, coffee and cream. It's a very delicate merging of flavors. Only thing I'd change is to make the flavors more intense. Great vapor and great all day vape.
  • Rating
    Would've given it 6 stars :)
    Review by Kenon 10/8/2010
    This quickly became my ALL-DAY vape. It's been a month since I started on this one and had to get a lower strength because I was burning through several carts a day :)

    I have converted numerous analog smokers to vaping with this one, it's that good...

    As others have mentioned, this tastes like you're vaping on a Starbuck's Mocha - yummy!!! And that's how I usually describe it...

    On a 1-5 scale:

    Flavor - Solid 5, exceptionally smooth; a delicious, but not over-powering chocolate flavor with a very mellow and mild coffee accent

    Vapor - 3 to 5, depending on battery or pass-thru and draw length

    T.H. - 3 to 5, just seems to vary at times, but overall quite good
  • Rating
    WOW Awesome!
    Review by Nicole Parkeron 9/20/2010
    This is one of my favorite flavors now! Excellent vapor and TH is smooth. Tastes like chocolate with a slight hint of coffee in the exhale. Highly recommend if you like a smooth chocolate flavor.
  • Rating
    Awesome Chocolaty goodness
    Review by Tenebraeon 9/14/2010
    I love this flavor. It is like the chocolate milk left after eating cocoa pebbles. Really tasty but not overwhelmingly coffee. Highly recommend. I use cool carts exclusively so not sure how it vapes in the other kinds.
  • Rating
    Starbucks in a Cart.
    Review by Sara Fryeon 8/28/2010
    I have 3 main vapes that start and end my day, wow 555' premium Hilton and Red Energy which is sometimes switched with wow vanilla.

    This Cafe Mocha upsets my apple cart, something has to move over. I noted it was 11:06 when I engaged in vapor production, it is now 1:24 and we are still engaged!

    Taste solid 5 star, t.h. 5 with a good hit but you can draw gentler a mellow it down, which is nice. For reference it is a 24, I like bold but not overpowering dominance!

    A+ to the gang on this one!