High Resistance Blank e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

This five pack of blank high resistance cartridges (or cartomizers) is designed to be used with all Vapor4Life e Cig batteries. These blank e Cig cartridges have a 3.2 ohm coil which allows them to be used with high-powered e Cig batteries, like the Vapor Zeus. Furthermore, the high resistance coil will maximixe the cartomizer's life. Click here for a "how-to-fill with e Liquid" instructional video.

  • 808 Threaded e Cig cartomizers
  • Holds 1 mL of e Liquid
  • Each blank e Cig cartridge, or cartomizer, can be filled up to 5 times
  • Can be used with voltages up to 5V
  • Compatible with: Vapor Titan, Vapor King, EGO, and Vapor Zeus batteries, including automatic, dual mode and variable voltage

Sampler Pack #1 contains: Black, White, Red, Green, Royal Blue
Sampler Pack #2 contains: Gold, Copper, Pink, Silver, Light Blue

Choose your cartomizer color

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Sampler #1
  • Sampler #2
  • Silver
  • White

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Five pack of blank KR808-D threaded e Cigarette cartomizers. These unfilled cartridges (cartomizers) are designed to be manually filled up to 5 times with Vapor4Life e-liquid.


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  • Rating
    Awesome Cartridges and Flavors
    Review by Maria on 7/6/2015
    I am just past 2 years on using V4L instead of analog smokes. I am really happy with the products and the service. It is so wonderful not waking up in the morning doing the great smokers cough and my husband is really happy with that. The house doesn't stink and neither do I. Once again, thanks so much for the awesome products and for allowing me to be smoke free!
  • Rating
    Awesome Cartridges and Flavors
    Review by Maria on 7/6/2015
    I am just past 2 years on using V4L instead of analog smokes. I am really happy with the products and the service. It is so wonderful not waking up in the morning doing the great smokers cough and my husband is really happy with that. The house doesn't stink and neither do I. Once again, thanks so much for the awesome products and for allowing me to be smoke free!

    Premium CoolCarts Vapor King Blank Cartomizers
    Review by Wendy on 10/12/2013
    OMG! I just love these. I can fill them with what ever flavors I want. They last a long time. Thanks to you I have been smoke free for 10 months after smoking 30 plus years. I have ordered from other companies, but you guys by far are the best and I will continue doing business with you. I have never tried your batteries yet...but I am going to :)

    COPPER PACK please please please
    Review by Sampler 2 is great! on 8/17/2013
    I love these colors. The carts perform the best of all blanks I've tried. I really like the metallic gold and silver and would LOVE it if a pack of just copper were made available, like there is for the silver and gold.

    Pretty Good
    Review by Martin on 6/7/2013
    I purchased 15 of them, they are much better than the last ones i bought from another company. they last much longer, my first one lasted over 2 weeks (of pretty heavy use). I had one dud out of the bunch so far. (its a shame they don't cover carts in their guarantee) even still, its a pretty good deal. (dud and all)

    Review by Kellie on 5/15/2013
    These emit about 200% more vapor than the pre-filled carts. Impressive. I do however prefer a warmer hit so I'm ordering the wow blanks.

    Cool Vapor Everytime
    Review by Tim on 5/4/2013
    I have tried several other versions of the 808 threaded carts and find V4L's Premium CoolCarts to be the most pleasurable in terms of vapor production and hit. I mix my own tobacco flavored Juice 30%PG to 70%VG due to PG sensitivities experienced in the past and unable to find one pleasing enough to stick with on the market. My point here is this cart used with a regular Vapor Titan Soft Touch battery vapes the full body of the juice even at this level of VG.

    These carts are durable as well. I clean and alternate between 2 carts every two days using hot distilled water and a turkey baster and have yet to replace one. They continue to perform as well as the day I took them out of the box. The 3 remaining carts are still unused and remain in the original container.

    Great! Even for a Newbie like me!
    Review by Karyn on 4/25/2013
    So I am only 3 weeks in and learning fast! I have purchased a variety of of different batteries and carts. These are great! Easy to fill (I can get about 25 drops in.) They burn pretty cool and the vape is perfect. I have bought from about 5 different sites and have found the quality to be A+ at V4L. The only qualm I have is that I wish there was a first class mail option that was less than $7 a pop for shipping. That is the ONLY downfall. Some of the best liquids here too! 37 years of cigarettes and thought I'd never switch! Threw them out and never looked back at those nasty stinky things! Thanks V4L!

    Premium blanks
    Review by H Taylor on 4/9/2013
    Love the blanks,get 18 drops to fill,
    I can't belive the taste and ease to use
    After smoking regular cigs. for 55 yrs.,I WILL never go back to them

    Cool Cart DROPS
    Review by Robert B. on 3/5/2013
    Recently purchased the ego kit at 24.95. Great product.
    The mega cart is outrageous! However I don't see how you
    can put 15-20 drops in the cool carts? I can't get more than 7 before it leaks out the bottom. Mega cart is the way to go!!!

    Try it at 5-6 Volts
    Review by Rabbit on 11/28/2012
    These are great if you have a Variable voltage MOD like the handle or the VV. You have not actually tasted the full potential flavor of your e-juice until you've tried it in a cool cart, at 5-6 volts. I highly recommend it!

    Cool Carts
    Review by Smoke-free in KY on 7/8/2012
    Cool cart blanks are great, far better than the old style. Burns cooler and holds more liquid. We love buying from Vapor4life because they have great quality products and very good prices.

    My blanks of choice
    Review by Kanans on 6/25/2012
    I have been using a box of these a month for that last year and a half. They can be refilled many times and perform well for quite a while. I can stretch them to 5 maybe 10 fills if I take it easy on them and let them cool off between vapes... They perform great even being used way longer than designed. Holds 20-25 drops and makes lots of vapor.

    Ez Fill
    Review by Theresa on 6/24/2012
    I love these carts so I went on Youtube to learn how to clean them. I learned something so cool I have to share. To refill, take the silicone sleeve off and put about 20 drops of juice, then gently insert the cart battery side down in the sleeve. Then gently pull it back out and Viola! you have a perfectly filled cart.

    Love it... just got my first kit
    Review by new_vapor on 6/11/2012
    Thanks V4L!

    First choice for Blank Carts!
    Review by Skyler on 6/7/2012
    I have been vaping with V4L for a year and a half roughly and if any of you remember the original blank carts, (which I am glad they no longer sell) then you know that the cool carts just demolished them in performance. I only buy my 808D Blank Carts from V4L, because their Cool Cart Atomizers are the top of the line in performance and overall vapor consistency!

    Thanks V4L,
    Skyler Salva
    A loyal customer!

    Review by Jenni on 7/14/2011
    I ordered these a little while ago and I think they're great. I get a lot of vapor from them, not a big throat hit, but I don't always want that. I like that it can hold a lot of drops also. And I like that it doesn't heat up as much, because with other cartomizers I used I sometimes burned my lips.
    Overall, a great product and I've already placed an order for more.

    Review by brett on 6/13/2011
    I use mine with a manual battery. I ordered these, filled them and gave them a whirl. They work great!

    F-ing Awesome!!!!
    Review by Brandon West on 5/15/2011
    Well let me start off by saying all the other reviews are accurate they burn slower and dont heat up as much which is good cause you can refill them more times and the atomizer burns great the liquid tastes amazing any reviews saying its bad they might be doing something wrong i love your product and i will be buying again on 5/19/2011 trust me vapor is so big i actually cough and i love it.

    too cool
    Review by Kaylan Mettus on 5/10/2011
    These cartos are nice because they don't heat up as much as the standard resistance ones, so the atomizer doesn't get burned up. I found the vapor production to be almost as good as the other v4l ones, the only thing is I prefer warmer vapor.

    These are good
    Review by bgirlskwerl on 4/26/2011
    I really like these, but not as much as the WOW cartos. To me, they dont seem to produce as much vapor. I love the colors. I love the soft tip. I dont know if I am doing something wrong, but they dont seem to suck up the juice as easily as the WOWs...Maybe if I used a syringe it would work better, I dont know.

    Still, no duds, and they do work and look great. Still wouldnt buy cartos anywhere other than V4L

    Review by Richard on 4/11/2011
    I got a 5 pack of black ones, no duds, they hold around 20 drops or so, vape good, the atomizers don't get so hot they burn up, I've been using 3 of them, so far no problems, all 3 still vape good after several refills

    Review by HarmonyPB on 4/7/2011
    After my last vendor changed their blank cartos to a different brand that sucked I went hunting for a new vendor and cartomizers. These were recommended on ECF, so I gave them a shot. AMAZING!! I love them and I have found a new vendor (V4L) and a lifetime supply of awesome cartos!!

    6 volt heaven
    Review by David Cook on 2/26/2011
    I have purchased nearly 100 blanks from here and have not had ONE DUD!

    I will continue to shop here for my carts and juice untill you no longer exist.

    Thank you V4L
    Dave C.

    Very happy
    Review by Mike C on 2/26/2011
    Order two packs of these one pack in white and one in light blue. All work perfectly and take about 18-22 drops to fill.

    Best vaping carts V4L has.
    Review by candice drescher on 1/30/2011
    I've used the other blank carts from this seller and I've gotten some duds. Never with coolcarts.

    Great Product
    Review by william thompson on 1/30/2011
    I've used a single carto for up to 2 weeks with great results, running 5 ml a day of juice though it. I use a pass through most of the time and these don't get near as hot as other cartos. They hold a lot of juice 12-16 drops per fill. Excellent value with great vapor, taste, and longevity.

    The only blanks I use
    Review by firefox335 on 12/9/2010
    I've been using the CoolCarts Blanks for several months now. They produce MUCH more vapor than the pre-filled cartos. There have been a few defective ones over the months, but that's to be expected with any product. Now... if they can just keep all the colors in stock.

    Really nice carts...
    Review by BILL A. on 12/5/2010
    If anyone's experiences peeling just wrap it in electrical tape in a spiraling pattern about 2 layers which will give it a nice soft feel when holding it between your teeth :)

    Vape away,

    Blank Carts
    Review by JAMIE WHITTAKER on 10/28/2010
    How about offering stick on labels. It can get a bit confusing trying to figure out what flavor is in what cart.

    A winner
    Review by Thajones on 10/10/2010
    I don't bother with anything else in a blank. I'm a pretty heavy vaper, and my carts can get pretty hot pretty quickly (I'm one of those 7-8 second draw vapers); these will still get warm, but nowhere NEAR like the others. Worth the extra dollar :)

    Coolkarts ARE the best and V4L ROCKS!
    Review by Thomas Cambre on 9/23/2010
    I received my order today for some of these, as I usually do, and I just wanted to share my AWESOME experience. The last tme I ordered there was a slight issue but, this time they nearly DOULBED my order. Needless to say I am extactic! Also I would like to add great job on the redesign. I like the way that the holes are slightly bigger than before as well as the packaging wrap that has been added. And lastly, the center airflow hole in the center of these are usually centered.
    Bottom line:They Are Well Worth The Money, Buy Them!!!

    Review by Jody Bowersox on 9/17/2010
    I love these coolcarts!! They give a vapor better than any I have tried. All ready ordered 2 more boxes!!!

    Cool Carts are awesome
    Review by E-cig maniac on 9/12/2010
    Just received my cool cart sample packs. Loaded them up with some chocolate WOW nobacco e-juice and the taste and vapor are out of this world. Very pleased with them

    My GO TO CARTS !!
    Review by mark on 8/23/2010
    I started using these carts because of reviews I read on this site. Well,they're excellent! They have the their quirks like anything else but for the most part my first choice. I average 24 drops per cart and they keep going & going... you know. Vape nice and cool and last (most of the time ). Nothing tastes better than a new one with some WOW JUICE!! Now thats vapin! These are all I buy for blanks and I highly recomend then. GET SOME!!

    cool carts
    Review by sheldon harrison on 8/11/2010
    These are a definite change from the 'normal' carts. Hard to describe...a cooler taste, as in refrigerator cool...I highly recommend. I had one bad experience out of the 5 purchased but these folks were very kind to replace. Customer service is what it's all about. They stand behind their product. What else can you ask from any company?

    Great Cart - Great Buy
    Review by D Anderson on 8/9/2010
    I love these carts. Every now and then one will not last, but the one I'm using now has been making fog for 2 weeks, and thats typical. It just don't get any better!

    Review by Angela on 8/6/2010
    These coolcarts are everything they say! GREAT!!

    Nice and Smooth
    Review by Pat Croft on 7/29/2010
    I got my coolcarts this afternoon. And talk about vaporing pleasure. True to the description, they do hold a lot more e-juice. As much as 19 droplets worth. And smoke a lot cooler. I do droplets over the flood method because a flooded cartomizer does not smoke nearly as well.

    In an aside, they might be 1/8 of an inch longer but it would take a detailed eye to distinguish the difference between this size from the normal cartomizers size.

    Pretty Good
    Review by Jim Casey on 7/18/2010
    The first order i got of these were great, I should say ARE great because I still am using them!! However the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is my second order, well they weren't as good and I already had to throw one away. They don't seem to hold as much as the first ones do and they burn out a little quicker. All and all much better then thier regular carts though!!

    Superior Cartomizers
    Review by Jesse Morgan on 7/18/2010
    I use the Premium CoolCarts in my GG AFS V2 universal mod and they work excellent. I can get 3 days of flood free vaping before having to replace these. Regular cartos I get from China are only good for one day (4 refills) before they start flooding in the AFS. I have tried Mega cartos and Turbo cartos which are better than regular cartos, but IMO the Premium CoolCarts are the BEST!!!

    Been using these all the time!
    Review by Blake Salsgiver on 7/18/2010
    First one I opened lasted me almost 2 weeks! The next burned out in 3 days. Mostly I can get about5-7 days. not sure what the deal is with that but I still give them 5 stars! The best on the market!!!!!!

    Prefer the others.
    Review by E-cig buff on 7/14/2010
    I like the Wow cartomizers better. They get warmer, so they give a better throat hit. The throat hit is the most important aspect as far as I am concerned. Someone that likes a weaker/smoother hit would probably really like these.

    A Must try
    Review by Melissa Traficante on 7/13/2010
    I started out with the wow carts , but after two weeks of on and off again use, i just could not get around the warmth/ to hot feeling these carts gave out. While some i'm sure , like this feeling , for me it put me off completely. So on a whim I knew i had to find something better and bought 4 boxes of these new premium cool carts. What can i say, you gotta try these, my vaping experience with the the Vapour King has started all over again. These carts are very Cool in all sense of the word, it makes your juice feel like its running down your throat with flavour and soo so very cool. Some liquids still come through a little warm, but i think after the carto's break in a little more, it will re-ajust its self. Way to go V4L , these are fantastic, and i'll be back for more. Also Love love love these new XL Batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Review by Gallifreyan on 7/12/2010
    I was very impressed with these cartomizers! They easily outperform traditional 808s and surpass GreenCig in vapor production and throat hit. What stuck me most was the quality of the vapor, which was incredibly flavorful when compared to other atomizers and cartos. I will certainly be purchasing these again. :D

    cool carts-blank carts
    Review by mc on 7/2/2010
    Like them very much! Doesn't burn my lips like the premium carts on 4.5volt.
    I gave 4 stars instead of 5, cause the vapor is still pretty warm-I know most people like that, but one of the reasons I stuck with the dse801 so long was because the vapor was not warm.
    Still all in all, these r great.

    Best Cartomizers I have found!
    Review by Janet Coverdale on 6/27/2010
    I've been using the same one for days now and it still works like new. I have refilled it countless times. I use them like a pacifier mostly on the excellent V4L passthrough. I like to take off the top to refill and because they are soft, it's easy. I wish I could get a box of all colors because I like vaping different flavors and then I could easily keep track with a "color coding" system.

    The best, hands down!
    Review by Eric Smith on 6/25/2010
    There is no need for any other cart. These simply take the cake. Flavor, juice capacity, temperature, and vapor are all superb.

    cool carts
    Review by Kristen Tremblay-Jones on 6/23/2010
    Love These!!!

    More juice - less burn
    Review by Thomas Wright on 6/21/2010
    Great cartomizers. I'm definitely impressed with the amount of eLiquid they can take, as well as staying cool. That's a huge thing for me. Some cartomizers can get so hot they burn my lips. So this is great for me. Thanks guys, you rock!

    Great Carts
    Review by QuantumRock on 6/17/2010
    These carts are about 1/8" longer than the other carts, which contribute to them running cooler. I have noticed that the liquid you put in these last longer due to them not getting hot and destroying the sweet nectar contained inside. Great product, will buy these from now on!

    Excellent Cartomizer!
    Review by Timothy R on 6/17/2010
    Ive been vaping these premium cartos all night and I have to say I am in love. They vape with the taste of low voltage, and the strength of high voltage (running on 5v).

    The things stay cool to the touch no matter how hard I draw, its awesome. They totally blow away my older 808 cartos. Certain juices I relegated to LV vaping because of flavor loss have come back alive.

    The rubber top is FAR superior to the old hard caps, no comparison.

    Premium CoolCarts Blank SILVER Cartomizers
    Review by James N Tresler on 6/16/2010
    I purchased the silver, and to my pleasant surprise they are Silver METALLIC (not just a dull silver). These look great with my Chrome V4L Battery. As for the Blanks, they are great. The caps are easier to remove and replace, and as stated above, they run COOLER (which will increase the life of the Blanks).