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Get the ability to vape at 5 volts while next to any available USB outlet. The Vapor King USB Passthrough gives vapers the ability to produce more vapor than a Vapor Titan or Vapor King batteries because of high voltage output. Works best with Premium CoolCart cartomizers.

  • Compatible with Bold Cartomizers (Premium CoolCarts), Smileomizers, and e Cig Tanks with 3.0ohm Single Coil Replacement Cartomizers

  • Also available as an Auto e Cig Passthrough

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Get the ability to vape at 5 volts while next to any available USB outlet. The Vapor King USB Passthrough gives vapers the ability to produce more vapor than a Vapor Titan or Vapor King batteries because of high voltage output. Works best with Premium CoolCart cartomizers.

  • Also available in auto (hands-free)

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    great vape, not durable
    Review by lizie on 2/2/2014
    Love these and hate them. Great consistent vape, but they only last a few months. V4L did replace one of mine because I notified them before the 90 day warranty expired, but missed the warranty date by a few days when that one died.

    Stiff, but good
    Review by Joel on 10/7/2013
    This is a good product, except for the stiff cord. Makes it hard to place across your desk without knocking things over.

    A must have!
    Review by Brittany on 9/3/2013
    I was sneaking off to buy cigarettes when my batteries died (usually while out and about). So, I bought this to solve my problem. For some reason, I didn't think it was something I'd have much use for when I bought my starter kit. Haha, yeah right! Should have bought a starter kit that included one of these!

    I use auto batteries, but bought the manual passthrough because I like to refill cartomizers and wasn't sure if the batteries were sealed on the auto passthroughs. Not an issue, as when I'm in the living room I'm not really doing anything that requires me to have both hands free. With this I can hang out with hubby, play videogames, watch the news, and have Netflix marathons without worrying about having charged batteries when I leave the house. When I take what would have been a smoke break during the day, I take it in the living room by my laptop (saving the batteries for only when I leave the house). No more stopping at the store for cigarettes!

    Performance-wise, it's a lot like my Titan battery in terms of vapor, draw, and throat hit. Good for me, cause I love my Titan!

    I'm happy to have this for my next long car ride/road trip. A VERY convenient product and an absolute must have! My only suggestion would be that pink be an available colour. :)

    Nice device, but needs some improvement
    Review by Jason on 3/8/2013
    I spend a lot of time at the computer, both at home and work, so the passthrough was a natural choice. I love that each puff is like using a freshly charged battery. It's nice not having to worry about keeping it charged up, or getting those weak puffs from a dying battery.

    The main reason I'm not giving it 4 or 5 stars is because of the durability, more appropriately the durability of the cord. I went through 3 passthroughs in about a year. When my first one quit working, I opened it up to see if I could fix it. I found a break in the cord right where it enters the passthrough. I figured maybe it was just a defect or I had strained the wires by accident. I reserved my judgement in case the break was my own fault, but also noticed the wires were very tiny gauge. On my next 2 passthroughs I was extra careful to be gentle with the wires and not bend or strain them, yet they still both broke, right in the same area. I believe on my 2nd and/or 3rd passthrough the wires looked a little thicker and also had the curly pigtail, but they still failed.

    To be fair, I feel like I got plenty of use out of each passthrough for how much it cost, but at the same time I think they should last longer. I have now switched to the OMG mod, but I would definitely like to give the passthrough one more try if I knew for sure that the cord would be made with thicker gauge wire.

    Great, but not for long.
    Review by chrisser on 3/6/2013
    I love my manual passthrough. I can vape at my computer at work all day, and sitting at my laptop at home. Also have a 12USB socket that plugs into my car.

    The problem is they don't last. No matter how careful you are, juice gets out of the cartomizer and gets into the passthrough. For some reason, the passthrough lets juice past into the switch. The switch shorts and no more vaping. I had one where the switch shorted permanently on and burned a spot in my coffee table.

    Make sure you buy 2 or have batteries as a backup, or you'll end up going back to analogs when your passthrough dies suddenly.

    USB Passthrough
    Review by miles on 12/15/2012
    I have been using these for almost two years. Sometimes one will last near 6 months and the next one will only go for about a month. Better consistancy would be nice. I have two dead ones that are only a few months old.

    Review by Tracy on 9/29/2012
    This passthrough is awesome! I have one at my computer at home, then I got a wall adapter and have one by the couch, and I got a vehile adapter and have one in the car. I only need regular batteries when I am at work or out somewhere! Otherwise I never have to worry about charging batteries! :)

    Love these Passthroughs
    Review by JeweledO on 9/14/2012
    I use these exclusively unless I'm out and inside a place without a USB converter. I use them with tanks, particularly the smaller tanks, but I do have one 6ml tank for long car trips. Yes, they will only work with the single coil cartos, but the extreme convenience of filling once per day or less is certainly worth the expense of purchasing several single coil cartos exclusively for their use. I've never had one "go bad" or have a switch fail. OTOH, I have had a couple DOA and no trouble getting replacements very quickly. Most of all, once you get the trick of filling the tanks without spilling your precious juice, these things are absolutely priceless. Finally, I have several since I have to have color coordination. Mahvalous darlink!!!

    This is the one!
    Review by T. on 8/6/2012
    I've tried several different USB pass-throughs, both manual and automatic, and the manual is the way to go. I've had trouble with the durability of the auto pass-throughs, while the manual units just keep on going.

    From what I understand, is that if you refill your own carts, you definitely want to use a manual battery/passthrough, as any juice leaking (which can, and does happen, no matter how careful one is) into the auto units, it will cause them to cease functioning.


    Great, but switch is weak link.
    Review by Mike on 8/4/2012
    Been using for years, just have to replace to often because switches wear out quickly. Expect to replace monthly , if you are a heavy user.

    Review by biz on 7/31/2012
    i have had approx 4 pass-thrus for the last yr. and a half. No problems. i keep one in the car and by my chair. I love them not so many batteries to charge. Of course i got thes 11/2 ago so maybe they were made different. that was when they had a lifetime guarentee on the batteries ect.
    thank you

    USB passthrough and tanks
    Review by booferMD on 6/23/2012
    Both my wife and I are heavy vapes so we opted to purchase 2 USB manual passthroughs thinking it would allow us to save our manual batteries for on the go. We were disappointed to learn that they do not work with dual coil cartomizers therefore they do not work with the tanks we already have unless we purchase single coil cartomizers or don't use the tanks and simply use the small CoolCart/WOW cartomizers. Sadly, because of this fact we returned them luckily for a full refund.

    Switch works for me
    Review by Dave on 6/15/2012
    I thought the switch was faulty, too, but my actual problem was the power draw. Standard USB ports are made to put out 400-900mA, and this can try to draw 1000-3000mA depending on the resistance of the cartomizer. I got one of the USB wallplugs designed to handle higher current and haven't had problems since.

    Faulty Switch
    Review by Sisaly on 6/11/2012
    I've had 2 now and after a few months the switch stops working. I only use in the evening a few days a week. I didn't say anything because it had been a few months, but still...I have reg batteries that are way older and the switch works fine. Now that they have expanded the site and customer service I will report any future issues.

    Would Die Without This!
    Review by Jenni on 7/31/2011
    This is a must have! If I'm at home I'm using it. It's great because it has a constant power source, so unlike batteries that start to give you less and less vapor. The vapor you get from this is the same from start to finish, and it's a lot!

    best passthur
    Review by John Corvin on 6/22/2011
    I love this thing, it's awesome. Awesome vapor producer. This stays plugged into my computer. I lovin it.

    Great for what it is; not a long-term investment
    Review by Em on 6/6/2011
    I LOVE this battery. It produces vapor like no other, and I never have to worry about not having a battery charged when I need a fix.

    However, I've had to replace mine every 3 months or so. If you use a laptop it's easy for it to get tangled or tugged on one too many times, which pulls something loose in the device. I still think it's worth it, because it gives any cart an amazing TH and keeps me away from analogs, but it's something to bear in mind.

    vk manual passthru
    Review by Linda Garcia on 6/1/2011
    Wasn't expecting much but was very pleased. Easy to use, great vapor. Easy to fill carts for continued use.

    GREAT item!
    Review by Nancy on 4/1/2011
    It's GREAT! As everyone else posts, super amount of vapor and great to have at the computer, but I can also see this being great in the car too - I have USB ready in my car so no need for the adapter. Yup, this will be great on trips and running errands.

    best battery I have
    Review by skelekim on 2/27/2011
    Honestly I couldnt ask for a better go to battery!!! I mostly vape around the computer, but this is only a plus after the fact it vapes the best and never heats up the carts. In comparison to the portables, I would rate this a 7 out of 5 if I could

    Nice for at home!
    Review by Josh on 2/10/2011
    This is great when I'm doing work at home and don't want to use a battery. This does get your cartridges much hotter than other batteries, which worries me some times. It helps make a ton of vapor, I think. I make sure I unplug it when I'm not right next to the computer, just ot be safe.

    Review by linrag on 1/16/2011
    I received this as a gift with my cartridge order. WOW. Just hook this up to your computer when you get home and vape from it all night while your batts charge for the next day. Great hits; easy use - great item!

    Review by Earl Carmichael on 12/20/2010
    i use this on in the car with and lighter adapter works grate

    Review by Zachary Handley on 11/14/2010
    this thing is amazing, I love it so much that I bring it in the car and use the adapter. it's so nice to have consistent strong thick vapor and an unbeatable throat hit. I wish there was more stars to give this, the difference is unbelievable

    Sooo Yummy!
    Review by Chris Lewellyn on 8/27/2010
    The manual passthru is great. The flavors that I have been receiving from this are amazing. Not only that, the vapor production is awesome. I am incredibly happy with this purchase.

    Now I Know the Difference...
    Review by Smokey Combs on 8/11/2010
    I didn't find information to determine what 'manual' and 'automatic' meant, and I had had no one to ask at the moment, so ordered this item. It's fine, really, and has a cord large enough to allow movement around the computer desk, but I am not crazy about the manual button, though for someone trying to quit analog cigarettes, it may be exactly what he needs and wants. You have to press the golden button when inhaling to obtain the vapor. (That's the manual part!) If you want to be conscious of every inhalation, this is for you, but for me, it was a distraction from enjoyment that I really don't appreciate. I will be upgrading to automatic as soon as I can, and relegate this one as a spare!

    Worth its weight in GOLD
    Review by Jason Pierce on 8/8/2010
    USB passthru is awesome, Just got mine in with my order and it is great. Using in combination with the car usb adapter is a match made in heave! definitely worth the 20 and then some!!!

    Nice but gets HOT!
    Review by Rip on 7/13/2010
    This is nice to have when you're charging batteries at the end of the night. There are a few things I don't like about it though. It gets your carts hot very quick. And the cord is cumbersome and awkward feeling. It's nice to have one but I'd prefer to have a few extra batteries instead I think.

    this thing is amazing!
    Review by michael reed on 6/22/2010
    All I can say is this thing is amazing, I always hated when my batteries were all dead, but now I can keep em charging and vape all night long! thank you V4L for being the best company ever!

    Vapor King Vapor 4 Life USB Passthru Battery
    Review by James N Tresler on 6/16/2010
    This is my favorite of all my Vapor 4 Life Batteries. The Passthru, which connects to one of my computer's USB Ports. It's always at full charge. This allows you to test V4V Cartomizers to make certain they are near empty prior to disposal or re-filling. For most smokers it is a "ritual" to light a regular (analog) cigarrette while your computer warms say nothing of how many analog cigarettes most people smoke while on their computers. For all of you analog smokers who are computer junkies, you should know that I NO LONGER TOUCH ANALOG (REGULAR) CIGARETTES PERIOD (yet I use the Passthru nearly constantly while computing).

    Review by Melissa Alessio on 6/15/2010
    I recieved this in my kit a few weeks back and it's a godsend when your battery is on the charger..."let me tell you" I just love this thing...quick story.. I had ordered a pack of carts and low and behold there was one (what I thought was a DOA cart) but not so fast" outta curiousity I plugged this baby in my computer screwed on the what appeared to be a dead cart and bingo! it woke that thing up in a hurry, the atty musta been a lil clogged..who knows! but one thing is for sure..if you have any carts that just don't seem to be properly functioning, this just may do the trick.. vape on guys! and thanks again ya guys.

    Better than the battery
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 6/9/2010
    I got this as part of one of the kits. I didn't really intend on getting it, but figured what the hell it would be a new toy. Once I got the cartomizer warmed up, this vaped like crazy. Much more than when using a battery. If you spent a lot of time in front of the PC, like I do, you will find this to be a great way to go. I was even impressed that there was a portion of the cable that was coiled, so that it could be extended without yanking the usb cable out. This can also be plugged into a wall socket using a usb to 120v AC adapter. But you do look like a fool when doing it. So proceed at your own risk.

    Review by michael douglas on 6/8/2010
    i actually have received 2 of this as freebies and its great! plug it into the laptop and vape on!

    Love It!!!!!!
    Review by Mitchell Stern on 5/16/2010
    This is great! got two one for my wife and one for myself. the vapor and throat hit are fabulous. now we will always have something to vape.

    Review by Donna Sowards on 5/3/2010
    i use my ipod wall charger and i am able to vape from any wall outlet it works great

    Passin' Thru
    Review by Eric Davis on 4/17/2010
    This thing is a BAD mama jama. It's well made and functions beyond what we had hoped for. I have it shoved in my face right now and can't put it down. We will definitely be ordering a few more because we keep fightin' over this one!

    Review by Frank Messana on 4/14/2010
    This is the most well made Pass-Through on the market..heavy wire...coil wire... reinforced in the areas I used electrical tape to reinforce my 510 PS... Great work fixing the problems with other PTs V4L!!


    I ALSO use this with a 510 adapter with a 510 atomizer and I drip to save my cartomizers for the road.....and I agree with the poster below... It puts out more vapor than 510 PT's and provides better hits consistently.I use mine connected to an AC source also with a GREAT adapter I bought at Walmart that has a pop-out wall plug end and a cigarette lighter end.

    Best PT I have!
    Review by Kay Harris on 2/12/2010
    I use this with a 510 adapter and have had it since Oct. It puts out more vapor than 510 PT's and provides better hits consistantly. I will soon order a second one to replace the 510 PT. I use mine connected to an AC source or a mobile battery unit and never the computer. Due to it's great quality I'll also be looking at getting extra long manuel batteries to use with 510 adapters also.

    This thing rocks.
    Review by Luke MacNeil on 2/10/2010
    I've been hitting this thing at work all day. This thing rocks. The cable is nice and thick, and there's a rubber plug where it meets the end that holds the wire in place. The cable is nice and long and it vapes great. I'm very pleased.

    Review by Nicole Nehme on 2/4/2010
    If you love vapor this what you crave! These new ones are the best! If you have never tried a passthrough before, now is the time! This is so satisfying, and such an improvement in quality. I love V4L you guys really listen to your customers and deliver what we need!

    Review by Dareck Titus on 2/1/2010
    I had to comment on this, I don't actually own this but WJATTHE HELL GUYS V4l this looks AMAZING, now THAT is what I call a passthrough!! I will definately give one of these a try sometime I would feel like a KING with one of these baby's and thats how the vapor king should be!! It looks like your production team did a great job!

    just buy it you will love it
    Review by abraham Galloway on 12/13/2009
    great at your desk or paired with a car charger so that you dont have to kill your batteries. this is a must have, and makes killer vapor and flavor.

    Great All Purpose Battery
    Review by Calla2 on 12/12/2009
    I love this passthrough. I have been using it for about 2 months and it is still going strong. I have it in platinum, and it looks very sharp and coordinates well with most of the cartomizer colors. I use it at my computer, while driving (with a car adapter), and while in bed (with an AC to USB adapter). You never have to wait for it to charge. It can also be used with a portable battery pack that has a USB port on it. The vapor production and flavor is stronger than that provided by most of the strongest batteries. It is not susceptible to leaking like traditional batteries so it will likely last longer, making it a better value. Get one, you won't regret it.

    Careful with this thing...
    Review by Philip Evans on 12/3/2009
    The cloud from this device will take the top of your head off! Voluminous vapor will keep you at your computer all day. Hell, call in sick and enjoy!

    Review by TDavis on 11/17/2009
    This is by far one of my most favorite items that V4L offers. It's perfect for when I'm charging my batteries, or for when I'm just sitting at my computer. I also found that it's great when paired with the USB car charger, so I can vape away on the road without fear of of a battery going dead.

    must have!
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    If you spend decent time at a computer? Then this is a must-have! Amazing vapor production. Nice draw. Great product!

    Vaping Machine!
    Review by Taryn on 11/10/2009
    For that power vape when you can be at your computer or near a usb outlet!