Cherry Cinnamon Tobacco e Liquid Smooth (WOW) (30mL)

Sweet cherry and spicy cinnamon are added to this unique tobacco e Cigarette flavor!
Light tobacco flavor teams up with spicy cinnamon and sweet cherry flavors to create a smooth tobacco e-liquid flavor. V4L_

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    new favorite flavor
    Review by stonewallj35 on 9/27/2012
    I absolutely love this flavor!! Great cinnamon flavor with a sweet cherry undertone. The flavor really comes out the best with a tank on my new omg vv mod. I was told that omg vv mod would make the flavor really come threw the best with warm, thick vapor. They were exactly right! Great flavor, vapor, and throat hit. I vape the 36mg flavor. Way to go v4l!!!
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    Review by JDR on 9/20/2012
    My first cinnamon flavor I tried tasted like what incense smells like, so I was hesitant to try another. This cherry cinnamon was really quite good. Makes you think of the fall candles at the stores this time of year. The cherry flavor tastes like the cherry in cherry cola. The cinnamon doesn't over power. This was a very pleasant surprise. Would purchase it again!