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Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Picture your favorite iced coffee made from freshly roasted beans and drizzled with sweet caramel and chocolate syrups topped with whipped cream in e Liquid form.




Enjoy a "cart" of robust, dark roasted coffee flavor blended with the richness of creamy mocha and sweet caramel. V4L Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe Nobacco Juice lets you enjoy the flavors of one of the best gourmet coffee recipes while you relax among the misty vapor of your favorite personal vaporizer. View more classic flavors for your electronic cigarette...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Review by watermouseon 8/3/2014
    This is my favorite flavor
    When I first took a drag - I didnt like it very much - but I stayed with it and now it is my go-to vape.

    I have, like most of you no doubt, bought 10s,100s, if not more of different flavors, trying to hone in on your favorite, well this is now mine (this and the peanut butter cup)

    The thing is, this juice is very thick(36mg) - not sure if I am the only one with this problem, but I go through coils or whatever they are called(the replacable tank thingy) fast - It sometimes gets so thick before finishing a filled up tank(3ml), I have to replace the inside thingy(man I wish I knew what they were called) - However, this is worth it to me, plus, I just filled up my first 6ml tank with this and halfway thorugh and hasn't clogged yet(so I am hoping it was a mishap)

    Anyways - I highly suggest you try this flavor!
  • Rating
    Tastes like burnt hair
    Review by Jayon 7/14/2014
    I bought two bottles of this stuff at 4mg based on these reviews. Using Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers. Absolutely disgusting, and I don't say that lightly. It tastes like burnt hair - which I actually smoked when I was 19 - with some artificial sweetener. I wonder if the recipe has changed or if it tastes better in a tank. Definitely do not purchase for smileomizers.
  • Rating
    Yummy juice
    Review by Jill on 5/28/2014
    Sweet caramel on the inhale with notes of chocolate and a smooth caramel creamy exhale of frappe. This juice will delight your senses and tickle your taste buds. If you are a coffee lover this juice is a must for you. You will not regret purchasing this juice from Vapor4Life.
  • Rating
    Needs more carmel flavor
    Review by Markon 10/4/2013
    It's very good. I just would have liked it more with more caramel flavor. The Coffee flavor in this is awesome but tastes just like the caffe mocha to me.
  • Rating
    Not always great!
    Review by Tanyaon 10/1/2013
    I received a pre-filled carto as a free sample in one of my orders and loved it!! Ordered a pack of and 2 of the 5 were great. The other 3 didn't really taste much like anything.

    Since I loved the flavor of this, I thought I would try the Premium Nobacco e-liquid in my Zeus - no bueno!! It tasted very harsh/burnt (at 18 mg) and burned my throat! YUK!

    Several months later, I thought I would give it another try - thinking perhaps I just got a bad batch a few months ago. But it's the same thing - very harsh, burns on inhale and almost has a bad/burnt taste.

    I'm still on the hunt for a 2nd favorite flavor, as a "special treat" or just a change - but I can't seem to get away from the TT Premium Nobacco.
  • Rating
    Awesome... flavor... like vaping candy
    Review by Awesome... flavor... like vaping candyon 6/27/2013
    Awesome... flavor... like vaping candy
  • Rating
    love it
    Review by Kathrynon 1/4/2013
    I love this flavor
  • Rating
    Review by Debslolon 8/24/2012
    I got to try this one and I was like WOW!! It was like the real thing.
  • Rating
    Review by Ronnion 8/4/2012
    LOVE this!!!!! I order it in pre-filled cartomizers and in the juice! It is definitely my fave so far! I have filled blanks and it tastes the same as the pre-filled cartomizers. And I agree....a pack of cigarettes has nothing on this vape!!!! Now when I smell a cigarette, I just think, WOW, that stinks. My husband even comments on how good it smells when I vape this flavor!
  • Rating
    Review by carolina ton 8/2/2012
    When I vape this my mouth does a happy dance!!
  • Rating
    Look out Starbucks!
    Review by Theresaon 8/2/2012
    This is as good if not better than a Frappe @ Starbucks! This is my new favorite! I love it! I got my new tank and put a little in until I was sure I liked it. I was in love with the first puff..It smells good coming out of the bottle and only gets better when you taste it. Wow V4l! You really outdid yourself on this one!!!
  • Rating
    My Favorite Flavor of All Time
    Review by Nathon 6/26/2012
    This would have to be my most favorite flavor on the Vapor4Life. It is my new craving and addiction now, a packet of cigarettes has nothing on this incredible flavor.

    Please Note: This E-Liquid tastes best through a Tank, instead of filling up in a Blank.

    Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I do.
  • Rating
    Very good
    Review by L. Hendersonon 4/19/2011
    At 18mg this has an excellent throat hit and vapor production. The taste is great, slightly weak for my taste so I add chocolate or coffee flavor to bump up the taste a bit.
  • Rating
    My Favorite Flavor of All Time
    Review by Kerryon 2/14/2011
    I have tried over 40 flavors from different sellers and this makes my top 3, #1 in the non-tobacco catergory. Perfect blend of caramel, chocolate, and coffee. I buy it in 11mg so I can vape it all night. It is like having a delicious treat. Good vapor, not much throat hit @ 11mg but that is not what I'm looking for.
  • Rating
    Like strong coffee
    Review by Carto fanaticon 2/12/2011
    It smells like very strong black coffee, and when vaped, it tastes alot like how it smells. But a little creamier. If you like coffee you will love this juice. It's awesome !
  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by Anneon 1/14/2011
    The flavor is not as strong as in the carts, but still very good. There isn't a lot of vapor, and it doesn't seem to last very long in the blank carts, but it still tastes great.
  • Rating
    Review by MR. VAPORizoron 11/23/2010
    delicious sweet flavor vapes nicely
  • Rating
    coffee lovers welcome
    Review by Patrick Priceon 9/25/2010
    This by far is my favorite flavor yet,smooth yet superb. You can taste the caramel in the coffee, this is a definite must try.... It makes me hungry just vaping it. Thank V4L for the best flavors on the market!!!
  • Rating
    Short & Sweet
    Review by Murdockon 9/3/2010
    Very nice flavor, someone commented how their liquid was thick and has great vapor. Mine is quite watery in consistency, but again, GREAT FLAVOR !! Even smelling the the juice takes away the cravings.
    My vapor production hasn't been the best, but in all fairness, I'm using this juice on a competitors device, I am certain that is the reason.
    Wonderful people here, great products, I WILL be a V4L person for a Long time !!
  • Rating
    Just like the carts!
    Review by Melissa Alessioon 7/18/2010
    Only been vapin this a short time, but it didn't take long for me to become addicted to this is rapidly becoming one of my favorites along with the 555 and the Wowboy, just a phenominal flavor, almost like having a cup of warm caramel/Mocha right in front of you without all the fat and calories to be guilty about. The juice is a tad on the thick side, so it makes it a lil easier to fill, but a lil tougher to vape on a half dead battery, so that's where the passthru helps. This stuff is awesome in the morning when you want that instant cappuccino that you crave, but don't feel up to driving to the local coffee shop :) anyhow this juice is very rich and has a very intense flavor, I really think you guys will enjoy it, I'm certainly glad that I took a chance on it, gonna definately buy some more in the future that's for sure!

    on my 1-5 scale...

    Flavor 5
    Vapor production 3 1/2 to 4
    Throat hit 3 to 3 1/2
  • Rating
    Review by Allisonon 6/23/2010
    I really enjoyed this flavor and it had great vapor production.
  • Rating
    Review by Shnikieson 5/7/2010
    This has been my favorite flavor I have tried yet FROM ANYWHERE. This is truly amazing I have been wanting to try a coffee flavor for so long I am glad I chose this one. I will definitely buy this again. WOWOWWOW!!!!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Joseph Permanon 4/28/2010
    My girlfriend always gets this caramel mocha upside-down blah blah blah drink from starbucks, this is identical to it. Absolutely love it. Anyone wanting the real thing, look no further! This juice will provide full flavor with tons of vapor.

    An unexpected plus is unlike a lot of flavors i've tried, this one lingers for awhile. I personally like that, however some may not.
  • Rating
    This stuff is great
    Review by Cody Lenharton 1/1/2010
    I really recommend this for coffee lovers, I can't get enough of this, Coffee, or Cappuccino. Used on a Pass-through, or an extra long battery, it almost feels as if you are actually drinking one!
  • Rating
    CMF Vape
    Review by Tina Dayon 1/1/2010
    Deep, dark, taste with warmth to the mocha. Wonderful full mouth feel, excellent vapor production on a two pull draw.Throat hit is medium. Flavor sits on the middle of your tongue, leaving you waiting for the next draw.
    My favorite vape at this time. Vapes wonderfully with a nice glass of merlot!