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Vapor King Ash Cap Manual Battery

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Vapor King Ash Cap Manual Battery


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Our latest and greatest manual batteries, with 10- to 13-second cutoff, large holes, and fabulous vapor.


Each of our new and improved single-logo Vapor King e Cigarette batteries are equipped with a 10 to 13-second cutoff, and come embossed with our exclusive V4L logo just below the cartomizer thread. Our manual Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries feature manual button operation, and include large holes for good airflow and maximum vapor production.

180 - 380mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 volts
250 - 450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 5 hours*
66mm - 103mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Classic VK electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh. 

*Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.3 volts when the battery is fully discharged. 

*Puffing Time: The longer the battery the longer the use time. 

*Length: Short: 66mm, Regular: 83mm, XL: 103mm. 

*Charge Time: The longer the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Short: 2 hours, Regular: 2 - 3 hours, XL: 3 - 4 hours. 


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Best ever
    Review by Julieon 5/30/2014
    I find these last longer than the diamond caps. Just wish for more colors in all sizes
  • Rating
    Great product, even better on sale
    Review by Vapor King Manual XLon 9/1/2013
    Love these and they are a lot cheaper than than the diamond capped Titans that I love.
  • Rating
    Review by 10X better than the regular sizeon 8/29/2013
    Absolutely love this battery. It lasts me at least 2 days on a single charge vs the little more than half day on the regular size.
  • Rating
    Review by Manual Batteries work so much betteron 5/7/2013
    So much better than the automatics.
  • Rating
    It still works after 6 months
    Review by Jackion 1/15/2013
    I have had my manual battery for six months and I use it daily and charge it daily and it still works! I am dead serious. Never had any problems with any of the batteries I have purchase from V4L , I admit I am not a real heavy vapor but I do vape daily and I am shocked and pleased to say I am using the same battery I got six months ago. I also use one that I got here four months ago. None of the batteries I have bought from other sites have lasted that long. Thanks V4L
  • Rating
    No Comparison
    Review by CS22on 1/4/2013
    Had just bought another one of these and i could not be more satisfied with the quality,dependability and long life of this battery. auto did not give me the draw i wanted and this answered my dilemma.
  • Rating
    Review by Charlotteon 11/24/2012
    I use the short manual and love it. As a person with disability that affects both the strength and agility of my hands, this short manual works great for me. I found other brands to cumbersome, but V4L is balanced in a way the is completely comfortable. Of, using the shorty means having multiple chared and ready, but with all the color choices, this is not an issue to me. Thank you V4L.
  • Rating
    Very Dependable & Durable Battery!
    Review by jacqi4artson 6/14/2012
    My XL manual battery was received early October 2011. It has been more dependable & outlasted my XL manual battery with a "lifetime warranty" from a different retailer.. The other company's XL manual battery have been replaced several times due to manufacturing defects and/or other adverse issues.

    The factory purple finish has worn/chipped off in several locations from usage. The original dual coil cartridge on my V4L 3.5 ml tank caused the battery to lose some of it's original power; but it still works ok for daily use with regular cartridges and/or single coil tanks.
  • Excellent
    Review by Becion 6/7/2012
    Lasts a long time with plenty of strength. Compared to other batteries from other companies, these batteries are the best! I vape ALOT, so I use 2 charges a day (regular length, manual). I have at least three charged at a time, and the many colors and styles go with whatever setting, outfit or place I go!
  • Rating
    Go-to Battery
    Review by Drannyon 8/17/2011
    I have three of these regular sized batteries, one of the older ones and two of the newer version. I love the old one and it has held up beautifully, and I love one of the new ones, both of these are copper colored. However, I have new version in chrome and it died VERY quickly (though not within the extremely short 45 day replacement period).
  • Rating
    old Reliable fave battery
    Review by Juneon 8/4/2011
    I've tried the short and regular size auto batteries and they quickly died on me (3 months typically). I have the above batteries and they last at least 6 months, but I had one last 9 months before it kicked the bucket. I love the selection of colors. I think the chrome one is pretty hot.
  • Rating
    Manual Batteries
    Review by Remer Adharaon 7/28/2011
    I've been purchasing the manual batteries for a while now, having started with two auto batteries with my Starter Kit and having them quickly becoming dysfunctional. But I have to say, the manual batteries definitely do the job! Having always been a pretty hefty smoker, I can usually vape all day, but one regular manual battery provides me with heavy vaping for more hours than I'm willing to calculate, because who would when they don't have any complaints? For faulty batteries, all I have to do is contact the support line and they'll either help me to fix it, or send me a replacement, no questions asked. Then I receive my new battery within 3 business days with excellent service and 0% inappropriate attitude from the staff. That's all I can ask for, and I give it 5 stars because I can accept mistakes, as long as I'm helped with them appropriately. I can happily say that I'll stay a customer of v4l for many years to come. Get the manual batteries!
  • Rating
    Great batteries
    Review by JBon 6/24/2011
    I gave 4 start because sometimes the battery post gets pushed down and needs to be adjusted or it acts wonky. I wish there was a blue color battery.
  • Rating
    Review by Nickon 6/24/2011
    I got mine about 4 months ago and it's finally time for a review. It's a good product. Aside from cosmetic scratches, it's just the same as the day I got it. As long as you keep the connector clean, including the holes on the threads and the threads itself, it'll last. No connection problems like I had for my automatic, but even that was easily fixed with a little tinkering with the carts.
  • Rating
    Great batteries!!
    Review by Dexon 6/16/2011
    I have several of these in different colors. They work great, and I haven't had any problems with them at all. The price is excellent as well. I only wish the blue color was available in the smaller battery. You can only get it in the extra long battery.
  • Rating
    Excellent battery, long life, great look
    Review by bretton 6/13/2011
    I switched from a 120 style analog and really missed that longer look so the main reason I got these was fashion or style. However, along the way I realized some benefits.

    This was my first use of a manual battery and now that I've got the hang of it, the manual battery gives a far superior vaping experience when compared to the automatics. The switch works great and I can even activate it easily when holding like a regular (but extra long) cigarette.

    The next benefit is how long this battery lasts. It lasts, and lasts and lasts. I charged these overnight initially, but subsequently just one lasts me the whole workday and it recharges in just a couple of hours.

    So it lasts a lot longer, the manual feature gives a better vaping experience and it just plain looks fabulous.
  • Rating
    Manual Short Battery
    Review by Rodneyon 6/3/2011
    This battery is GREAT. Charged up and powerful enough to help produce a great vape. Used with coolcart berry flavor cartos and done AWESOME job. Going to order more in diff.colors to always have when ready. Great Product V4L
  • Rating
    Best they have hands down
    Review by Ed Urbson 4/27/2011
    This thing is a vapor machine. If you wan't to feel like your smoking an anolog this is definatly the way to go. Long last battery as well.
  • Rating
    Washed It
    Review by AARON Spantonon 4/12/2011
    So I've had this battery for about a week now and forgot it was in my shirt pocket and the wife washed it. Cant believe it but pulled it out and hit the switch and it fired right up and produced vapor like a champ. Awesome.
  • Rating
    great battery
    Review by E-cig fanaticon 3/27/2011
    I love this battery! I had a couple of short autos and they were good but this battery is amazing. It works great. The battery life seems to be about 10 hours so I am very pleased. I found I defiantly prefer a manual to an auto. I love just being able to get a drag at the click of a button instead of having to do a couple primer puffs like on an auto.
  • Rating
    compared to other V4L batteries
    Review by skelekimon 2/27/2011
    I have 2 of these, as well as the diamond series auto, and a manual passthrough. The battery life seems to be a shorter than advertised & can sometimes be wonky with giving vape, but I am a first time vapor and maybe expecting more?! My passthrough delivers wonderfully.
  • Rating
    Review by Jeff H.on 2/13/2011
    Much Better than the generic batteries!!!

    More vapor
    Longer battery life
    Better connection between the Cartomizer and Battery

  • Rating
    Great batt
    Review by linragon 1/16/2011
    I've developed a preference for manual batteries as I like a longer drag. This is great and it lasts a long time between charges...not to mention it comes in great colors.
  • Rating
    Review by Aprilon 1/11/2011
    These battery's are by far the very best!! I have tried them ALL now and these ones dont even compare to the other battery's. Great throat hit and V4L customer service is the best. When I ordered two of these one was bunk and they replaced it immediately for me. If your worried that the button is weird and you wouldn't get used to it (like many people tell me) dont hesitate to try it. You will get used to it instantly. I have found that with the automatic battery's not all cartomizers fit on the automatic battery's. but with this manual they all fit with absolutely no problems. As you can see I am very satisfied and I know you will be too!!
  • Rating
    Review by Jay Carlsonon 1/2/2011
    Hours of performance, charge after charge. This s the one you want!

  • Rating
    Review by E-cig maniacon 12/30/2010
    These are the absolute best batteries V4L has to offer.
  • Rating
    there great even though my green ones head
    Review by me,,,,,,on 12/27/2010
    My green ones head feel off, but that lettle sucker kept vaping, like a champ. and the battery life was great, so even though i didnt get the misterious light. I got a great vapor, so can not complain, looks isn't everything lol me.
  • Rating
    Review by Elisa Bishopon 11/19/2010
    This was my 5th order....ordered 5 boxes of cartomizers and a purple XL battery...did not received the battery in my order...called costomer service right away and 2 days later I received my battery. It is AWESOME!! The purple battery has a pink light at the end and works great. V4L continues to be outstanding!
  • Rating
    Review by Elisa Bishopon 10/31/2010
    I have been using the shorty auto battery and it is good but I love this battery!! I love everything about V4L so far. Not one complaint here! You are the best! Thanks soooo much.
  • Rating
    Review by Matthew Troxellon 10/13/2010
    Thes batteries are just the answer to the shorty auto batteries I initially ordered. They were fine but required alot of charge time. These last and last and the vapor produced if unreal. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Vapor4Life is stands behind their products
    Review by Robert Dawsonon 10/12/2010
    Both of my XL batteries are blinking on the 1st draw after a fresh charge.They worked all day in the begininng but each day the time got shorter.
    It was a tecnical issue but Vapor4life is taking care of problem,so I'm still going to use this product.
    Vapor4Life stands behind their products.
    Just plain honest service.
  • Rating
    Review by Evan Leindeckeron 10/12/2010
    The manual XL is simply amazing. This bat generates so much thick warm vapor it's ridiculous. I've been using automatic standard Vapor King batteries and might have to make a total switch to XL manuals. Anyone trying to make up their mind as to whether they should purchase this, DO IT ASAP =].
  • Rating
    Look no further
    Review by Thajoneson 10/10/2010
    The extra size of this is WELL worth it, and I got little drawstring carrying cases with mine. Lasts for at least 2 days with me, and I'm a heavy vaper; add the pushbuttom manual style, and no more "I sucked in too hard and got a mouthful of juice" issues.
  • Rating
    Review by Barryon 10/6/2010
    I have tried four other Ecigs and not one of them comes close to the preformance of these. This battery is very long lasting and produces the most vapor I have ever seen! Once you try one of these you will never go back. Size does matter. The best customer service I have ever seen too! Thank you Vapor4life! They keep me totally satisfied. WoW Vapor! Great throat hit!
  • Rating
    Review by Kris Botneron 9/6/2010
    I use nothing but these New XL batteries there is no comparison to any of my other model ecig and i have them all including some the titan tornado, mega 510, 901, NJOY models and my higher voltage and even my pass through , for some reason i get the best flavor using a xl battery with a WOW cartomizer full of my favorite e liquid its just unreal i LOVE it, clouds and clouds of vapor!!!!!
  • Rating
    Great vapor!!!
    Review by Ashley Stewarton 8/28/2010
    Excellent batteries! Much better battery life than my 510 mode from another companyl. I got 2 chrome and 1 purple. The color selection is outstanding! I will definately be purchasing more and i recommend these to everyone!
  • Rating
    Customer Service & Quality product
    Review by Dennis Won 8/22/2010
    These XL batteries will last you all day with no problem. They have an easy draw that is more like an analog cig. I have since, retired my Smoke 51 Duo kit after getting 2 of these batteries and a charger. Their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with and pricing is great along with all the discounts they email you. They also give you free stuff to try with every order and only 3 days before your stuff shows up at your front door. Thank you V4L, keep up the great work.
  • Rating
    Great in every way
    Review by Ronnieon 8/20/2010
    I started with the auto batteries which my girlfriend loves, but as soon as I received this I knew I would never go back to auto. Not only does the manual battery last longer, but you control how strong, and how often by having to press that button. Compared to ANY product or brand name that I've tried, this battery is by far the longest lasting and has helped me actually cut down. Don't get me wrong, if you have not intention of not vaping, this is still a great product. You have more control over how strong, and how long the drag/puff you take is. Aslo, there is NO WORSE FEELING than to run out of batteries with no back up and buy analog cigarettes.
  • Rating
    You buy it once... and NEVER look back!
    Review by Oliver Con 8/14/2010
    If you plan to vape casually, buy the xl manual. If you plan to vape heavily, buy 2 xl manual kits. I have used the medium manual sized battery and needed a battery charge that could last me through a work day. 2 xl's manual WILL do that for you. If you plan to vape you need this now!!! I'm very serious about this piece of advice and you won't be disappointed.
  • Rating
    BLEW ME AWAY!!!!
    Review by markon 7/18/2010
    I got this after ordering a manual passthrough.I love the passthrough and I was hoping this manual would come close as far performence.
    IT DOES!!! I love it! No more primer hits, SMOOTH DRAW, KILLER VAPOR. You need to try one of these. I'm totally a manual guy from now on. Now my wife wants one.I'ts GREAT to have a company who never stops blowing me away.Thanks V4L for THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Stephanie Thompsonon 7/8/2010
    I purchased the short battery automatic and short battery manual, all in pink, of course!!!! The automatics have good vape, are gorgeous, and batteries last longer than the other companies I have tried. NOW FOR THE MANUAL: I didn't know this, as I am pretty new on switching away from analog. Yes, the manual batteries are the best!!! They have the best vape and longer battery life by far. My hubby who has the $85 silver bullet and I vaped at the same time. Mine has pretty much equal vape, and mine do not have the yucky aftertaste that his has. I can use the manuals for about 2 or 3 days or more without charging. The pink is gorgeous! I can't wait to get some more manual ones with other colors! I am truly 100% satisfied with this company, and they have the best customer service I have found so far! The gorgeous pink batteries and cases were what attracted me to this company in the first place, and they do AIM TO PLEASE!
  • Rating
    Review by Stephanie Thompsonon 7/7/2010
    I purchased the extra long battery automatic, the extra long battery manual, the short battery automatic and short battery manual, all in pink, of course!!!! NOW FOR THE MANUAL: I didn't know this, as I am pretty new on switching away from analog. Yes, the manual batteries are the best!!! They have the best vape and longer battery life by far. My hubby who has the $85 silver bullet and I vaped at the same time. Mine has pretty much equal vape, and mine do not have the yucky aftertaste that his has. I can use the manuals for about 2 or 3 days or more without charging. The pink is gorgeous! I can't wait to get some more manual ones with other colors! I am truly 100% satisfied with this company, and they have the best customer service I have found so far! The gorgeous pink batteries and cases were what attracted me to this company in the first place, and they do AIM TO PLEASE!
  • Rating
    The Best
    Review by Peter Son 7/3/2010
    I wasn't sure what a manual battery was but had an idea. This is the way to go. You have to try it and figure it out yourself. You won't go back to autos unless you have issues pushing a small button. You hold the button while you are hitting the cart and let off after you are done hitting it. You get a more full hit on each try instead of a fading hit with the auto. Try it. You will love it.
  • Rating
    The Battery
    Review by Raymond Havenson 6/28/2010
    This battery is realy smooth. Very easy draw to me its more like a real smoke.
    It makes the hit a little less harsh, but still good hit.
    Smoking 48 years
    Vaping 5 months and Lovin it.
  • Rating
    Definately the Cadillac of the rechargeables
    Review by Melissa Alessioon 6/15/2010
    I was a lil hesitant ordering the push button model due to fear of it malfuctioning after reading some bad reviews on some other sites, but "boy" am I glad I did...It's FANTASTIC!!!! I absolutely love the fact that when you take a drag you have total control over the volume of vapor that you want/need and the battery life on this steam engine lasts me at least 6-8 hours of average use, on a fresh charge.. I never have to worry about forgetting the car charger (not saying I leave the car unit at home) but just saying. Bottom line...this thing is a workhorse guys! I'll definately be ordering another one in the not too distant future that's for sure, maybe a different color..hehe I feel like a gitty lil kid in a candy shop..THANKYOU V4L!!! and happy vapin guys.
  • Rating
    Chrome Extra Long Battery w/Silver Metallic Blanks
    Review by James N Tresleron 6/14/2010
    I just received my Chrome Extra Long Manual Battery and the five-pack of Silver (Metallic) Blank Cartomizers. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL COLOR COMBO THAT WILL DRAW ATTENTION. As for the extra-long manual battery...IT ROCKS AND HOLD A CHARGE FOR DAYS AND DAYS.
  • Rating
    Review by heather gambleon 6/8/2010
    received this as a freebie and its awesome it is XL but it lasts an XL time!
  • Rating
    the superior battery
    Review by truxton lafranceon 5/28/2010
    i started off with a vapor king xl auto batt, then with some prodding from some other vapers i decided to go with a manual. and boy i am not dissapointed. it's easy to get used to, there is not some massive button, and this seems to make far more vapor and operate far more consistantly than the auto battery, though the auto is far easier to use while driving
  • Rating
    Great, long lasting battery
    Review by Matton 5/19/2010
    I have had this battery for about 2 weeks and absolutely love it. It works great and lasts me all day. It's so nice not to carry a charger or a PCC around all day. I just grab the battery and a couple carts and I'm off. Great stuff. Love it!
  • Rating
    Holy Crap....
    Review by TexasRain104on 5/4/2010
    Awsome...just awsome! Got the chrome in the mail, vaped it, and now I want more. All we need is to add the metallic red and a yellow LED, then I will have my "Iron Man". I began naming all of my batteries and the chrome got the name "BMF". Good job guys!
  • Rating
    Same Design Bigger Holes
    Review by Mandy Engleon 5/2/2010
    I just wanted to let everyone know I have noticed there was no info yet so I emailed CS and the explained this Model is the Same as the Original VP King Exta Long Battery but with "Larger Holes" thus resulting in an easier draw. So even though I have not used this Model yet just a day late to modify my order for the Original VK Extra Long Manual. I will go ahead and rate it 5 stars because of the easier draw and well worth the extra $1.00. This will have to be my next purchase from Vapor King! Thank you Vapor King for your supeiror quality and excellent Customer Service!!!
  • Rating
    Awesome batteries
    Review by Shempon 4/27/2010
    I bought two of these so far and I have to tell you how great they are. Pair one of these with your favorite premium cartomizer and its just like an analog only way better!
  • Rating
    Review by Frank Messanaon 4/14/2010
    These batteries ROCK!! The manual is a vapor making DREAM!! My first hit made me cough for the first time since I started vaping.... Nice assortment of colors too... Sweet....
  • Rating
    Review by Jeffrey Clemonson 4/13/2010
    These new batts ROCK!! Vapor production is pretty much indistinguishable from a pass through and the longer cutoff time is great! Battery life, so far, seems to be much improved too!
  • Rating
    THE batteries to own
    Review by thomas ouelletteon 4/9/2010
    I recently bought 2 of the XLs looking for longer life between charges. I certainly get that but the vape is great! Strong and steady. They vape like a passthrough!
    I can't recommend these enough. I dropped one outside a local store and despite being run over and dented, it still works fine!
    5 stars++
  • Rating
    This is THE battery to buy!
    Review by E-cig fanaticon 4/8/2010
    Best battery I've ever had. Highly recommend it. Long life, good vap! This is the way to go.
  • Rating
    Best batter I have ever used!
    Review by Chadon 4/8/2010
    These XL manual batteries are absolutely perfect. Excellent draw and vapor production. Really makes the flavors "pop" and lasts a good long time.
  • Rating
    xl Batteries
    Review by Patricia Gordonon 4/4/2010
    I LOVE the XL batteries. They keep a long charge. Manuals are great. The V4L team are the best. They keep you smilin. :)
  • Rating
    Only Way To Vape (manual only)
    Review by Raymond Havenson 3/30/2010
    This battery realy lets the favor out. Bought
    one to try and second came soon after.
  • Rating
    5 Stars all the way.
    Review by Boyd Neeleyon 3/18/2010
    That about sums it up. Superior product, great service and I love the Freebies Steve sends. A nice added touch!

  • Rating
    Review by Nicole Nehmeon 3/7/2010
    I totally agree with the previous review. Very nice design, nice tight fit especially with the new premium carts. Purple battery has a pink light! Love it! Seems more powerful than other batteries I have had, too.
  • Rating
    Review by TDavison 3/4/2010
    Does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well!
  • Rating
    Good buy
    Review by Brandonon 2/4/2010
    This thing works great. IMO its way better than the KR808/Vapor King auto batts w/ the 5 second cut off.

    Why hassle with a 3 piece vape when you can save time and frustration with a Vapor King.
  • Rating
    V4L manual battery
    Review by Toddon 2/3/2010
    WOW!! are the new manual batteries more powerful? I am getting loads of vapor from theese!!! 5 STARS!!!!!
  • Rating
    Longer lasting
    Review by E-cig devoteeon 2/2/2010
    I think manual batteries are much better than the automatics. I did not think I would like the extra long ones but if you vape a lot then these are the batteries for you. The charge last much longer than the others. I have 2 and will be ordering a third because I like them so much.
  • Rating
    Hands-down my favorite battery
    Review by Wack4Jackon 1/26/2010
    LOVE this battery. Nice sustained hit, long life, very sleek looking too (I have it in black). W/ the cartomizer attached its about as long as a 120 cig. Definitely my very favorite of all my batteries.
  • Rating
    Numero Uno
    Review by Jennifer Morenoon 1/13/2010
    These manuals are the bomb, they look so sharp too in the platinum!
  • Rating
    Very Hot N great Manual
    Review by Angieon 1/11/2010
    This manual battery get's a lot of attention! Out of all the ones I have bought. I love to talk to people about vaping and flavors! Great vape machine as well!
  • Rating
    exellent batts
    Review by L.J.on 1/6/2010
    Long lasting,strong,an all day battery!!
  • Rating
    Review by Patricia Watsonon 1/5/2010
    I love my Vapor King Manual Battery! This is great! I no longer smell of cigarette smoke, yet still get the satisfaction of "smoking". This is great! Thank you for having such a wonderful product. The battery life is perfect. With my "smoking" style, it lasts about 2 1/2 to 3 days on a charge. Then I just plug it in before I go to bed, and it is ready to go the next day.
  • Rating
    Love the battery life!
    Review by Mike Glineson 1/3/2010
    I use these batterys with an adapter to power my 510 atty, and absolutely love the consistent battery life. Easily lasts me 6-7 hours or so of constant vaping. I am very impressed! Yes, they are long, but you have to expect that to achieve the battery life, and actually its classiness kinda grows on you.
  • Rating
    Vapor King Manual Battery
    Review by Kim Salamoneon 12/8/2009
    I love the manual battery, even more so than the automatic. I feel its easier to get more vapor!
  • Rating
    Best performer and good looks...
    Review by Dirkon 12/5/2009
    Just got these a few days ago to replace my aging black manual XL. Fantastic battery life, and they look pretty darn cool. What else can you ask for?
  • Rating
    a must
    Review by rocks82on 11/11/2009
    These are just a must.
  • Rating
    Love the new Manual Battery
    Review by Linda Kon 10/26/2009
    The new manual battery just rocks. You will for sure be thrilled with the vapor!!! I use mine every day.
  • Rating
    Its like a personal FOG machine
    Review by Shallon 10/22/2009
    I was looking for something that would give me the performance like my passthru does. This works just as good and probably beats my passthru if I could hit that 10sec mark.