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Vapor King Ash Cap Mini PCC Starter Kit

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Vapor King Ash Cap Mini PCC Starter Kit

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  • 1 Vapor King Ash Cap Series Battery
  • 1 Portable Charging Case
  • 1 Five Pack of Cartomizers


Classic VK starter kits are a good start for anyone making the switch to vaping. We've included everything you need to get a taste for what the vaping experience is all about.

180 - 380mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 volts
250 - 450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 5 hours*
66mm - 103mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Classic VK electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh. 

*Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.3 volts when the battery is fully discharged. 

*Puffing Time: The longer the battery the longer the use time. 

*Length: Short: 66mm, Regular: 83mm, XL: 103mm. 

*Charge Time: The longer the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Short: 2 hours, Regular: 2 - 3 hours, XL: 3 - 4 hours. 


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Great deal!
    Review by Lance Juddon 9/7/2011
    This was my first premium e-cig. I had bought a cheap starter kit at a Murphy station previously. For the price this kit far exceeds that cheap one. I can charge my battery on the go, take longer drags, and get excellent vapor. The battery stays charged much longer also. This kit arrived very fast through Priority Mail, 1 day!
  • Rating
    Review by Zachariah Kaeron 8/24/2011
    Ordered this on the 20th and got here on the 24th, which is great!!! I am completely satisfied with this product. Came just as I ordered it and I got the green lighted tip (the one i wanted). The case is high quality and feels very sturdy. The carts and battery dont move around inside or anything, they fit very snug. This is the second order I have made with you and I am completely content with both of them. You have exceeded my expectations. This is the only site I'm going to go thru for my vapor needs!!
  • Rating
    Solid case & charger!
    Review by J.M.on 7/12/2011
    I've had it about three weeks now, no probems at all. Seems very sturdy and well built. Overall great product for the $$$!
  • Rating
    Customer Service
    Review by Patrick Dohertyon 7/12/2011
    I ordered this kit as my first ever e-cigarette. Been smoking since I was 10, so I knew it was time to quit. This kit arrived in 2 days, which was amazingly fast. I have 0 complaints with the kit, it works great. I am blown away by Vapor4Life's customer service, and they have now converted me into a lifelong member. Couldn't have had a better experience for a first time e-cig user.
  • Rating
    Excellant kit and company-V4L
    Review by Panda_bearon 6/24/2011
    Like many newbies to ecigs, I researched for several weeks and there IS tons of info about ecigs and vaping. V4L won me over with these darling little charger kits! This is smaller than my 120's analog case.
    It took about two days of using it before the lights worked properly for me (there are no directions with the kit), but I've had it several weeks now and had NO trouble at all, it works great! I also have no complaints about the USB wire and connector. Some have complained that the "wire" is too short, but I've not had a problem...just plug it into my laptop and it works fine. Absolutely love V4L and their products!! Their customer service is A+. I have made several orders already. They are fast on delivery and have always fixed a problem if something didn't work right. One could ask for no more. I am a customer for life with this company!!
  • Rating
    Customer Service
    Review by Victory Gasperon 6/6/2011
    I ordered the Mini PCC kit to try it out. The battery was a little longer than I anticipated but it lasts longer. And the charging case is very nice.

    Thank you V4L for such prompt service and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
  • Rating
    Great Kit at a Great Price!
    Review by Denise Hurleyon 3/16/2011
    This is my second e-cig kit. I got twice the stuff as my last kit, but at a cheaper price... with no loss of quality! It's a great product... great colors... great vapor... great flavors... The shorty battery is perfect, as I used to smoke kings. To be honest, I was expecting less and was pleasantly surprised. I got my order in three days... and everything works perfectly. I will be ordering from V4L again, and I will be recommending them to others.
  • Rating
    love this product
    Review by jonathan hugheson 2/21/2011
    i've been smoking since i was 12 i just recieved this ecig in the mail like a day after i ordered it, and it is awesome. I love the flavors and tons of vape great flavors. Its just like smoking only better and my lungs don't hurt. I wouldn't buy from anyone but vapor4life because they treat they're customers right and they have the best products
  • Rating
    Review by Autumn Hansonon 2/15/2011
    I am new to vaping, after trying my husbands (other brand) I decided to get an ecig of my own. Did some looking around and found this mini shorty kit. The shorty battery is as long as the other brands regular battery. It is easy to charge and use and puts out a good vape. The auto battery puts out a better vaper than the other brands auto and maunal. Plus the look and feel is much classier.
  • Rating
    Good Job
    Review by david allisonon 1/14/2011
    Shipped same day. Got all I was supposed to get and some bonus items when I was supposed to get them, as in Express Delivery. So Far Good quality stuff I like. And the VG 555 has good flavor and Thick Cloud of vapor.

    Thank You folks.
  • Rating
    Review by Trenton 1/1/2011
    I have orderd this kit with the idea that it would be a great starter kit as being new into this e-cig scene. Thank you and I will continue to purchase from V4L!
  • Rating
    Great investment!
    Review by Kenna Sayleson 12/12/2010
    I did tons of research, searched hours on end for an affordable e cigarette that looked reliable and finally came across this website. I'm not a big cigarette smoker, but I really liked that there were tons of flavors available on this website and the prices were so affordable. And after 4 hours of searching through various forums, did not find a single complaint that turned me away from this brand. This kit looked extremely convenient for my lifestyle as well, considering I'm constantly on the move and not very patient. My order came quickly and I was extremely satisfied. I've already recommended this brand to 3 of my friends. I definitely love that they personalize almost everything about their products to your preferences.
  • Rating
    Review by Elisa Bishopon 10/17/2010
    I just received my starter kit plus I ordered the sampler #2 blank cartridges with the 555 liquid and the wowbutterscotch liquid. I LOVE EVERYTHING about what I ordered!! I'm so excited about not smoking cigarettes anymore. Thanks so much. I received my order in 3 days too!!!
  • Rating
    things you need to know before getting this
    Review by heather foskeyon 10/15/2010
    this kit worked out for my dad only thing is my dad is an old fisherman and he refuses to evolve so he doesnt have a computer and thats how this kit has to charge didnt know that until he got it and was like OK?????
  • Rating
    this is the best
    Review by happycustomeron 9/15/2010
    I ordered it and received it 2 days later. It's great! I am just sorry I spent so much money on the other product! Actually, I like it better than the taste of a cigarette. Thanks for making such a good product, one that really works!
  • Rating
    I never go anywhere without this!!
    Review by Megon 8/19/2010

    The short battery I ordered (in silver) lasts forever and ever. I vape a few times a day and I've never run out of "juice." The case has never run out of juice either, but I plug it in about once a week at work if I think about it.

    Very high quality product... Super fast shipping... Excellent customer service. Oh, and as an added bonus, VK regular sized batts will fit in this case as well!
  • Rating
    Excellent Starter Set!
    Review by Steve (VAPZ)on 7/24/2010
    Being a 510 guy myself I never thought I would be vaping anything in the KR808D range. I have been vaping for over a year so I own plenty of batteries and bigger mods. Honestly I liked the concept of the PCC since the 510 PCC's are bulky and I wanted something I could put in my front pocket and not look like I just stole something ;) . This case is WELL made and the battery has been performing perfectly. Nice to have the perfect (on the go) setup now without having to carry bottles of juice and batteries and chargers everywhere I go. I just charge this bad boy over night and it keeps my one battery charged for days. I didn't even find a need for a spare battery since every time you put this thing in the case between sessions its charging! If you want a simple starter kit with not worries of juice or atomizers the V4L setup is the best! Take cartomizer, screw onto battery, ENJOY! Thanks V4L for delivering a high quality package deal.
  • Rating
    V4L kills all the others
    Review by Paula Divelloon 7/15/2010
    I'm a super picky... chick and I smoked a long time (25 yrs), hooked my mom on it in a blog post and she beat me to the V4L punch, she loves em (smoked 43 years and now only vapes tobacco flavor...) just got this kit in the mail today and already handed out all the biz cards they sent, to fellow smokers.. too awesome, I can charge the battery instantly basically anywhere, I have super awesome and easy pre-filled carts, no drama, and tastes BETTER than analogs. Order this and you will be vaping... for life :)
  • Rating
    Vapor King
    Review by Brianon 6/27/2010
    Just today received my Vapor King. The V4L Vapor King is AWESOME!!! Great vapor, easy draw, I love it!
  • Rating
    Review by William Blairon 6/22/2010
    This is my first PV and I couldn't be happier! Comes complete, charged, and ready to vape.
    Got it in about 4 days and LOVE it! only smoked a few analog since I got it only because I haven't got menthol flavor yet (old analog flavor). I highly recommend to everyone and getting one for my girlfriend. Thank you V4L!
  • Rating
    Never going back
    Review by Eric Smithon 6/14/2010
    I have tried quite a few different devices, including the 901, 401, 510, etc. etc..

    The Vaporking is hands down the best PV on the market!!! WHY did I put off getting one of these?!

    Vapor production is a 10, the quality is unmatched in an industry full of shotty equipment, and the flavors that this company provides are easily the best in the biz.

    The case is sleek and extremely sturdy, battery life is 3 - 4 hours as a heavy vaper, and these cartomizers last and last and last and....

    Awesome purchase, skip the rest and buy the best!

    Thank you Vapor4life!!
  • Rating
    PCC Case
    Review by Carmenon 6/11/2010
    I love this case, so functional, carrying case for battery and cartos. Can charge at home or at work!
  • Rating
    A perfect way to get started
    Review by Jim Kehoeon 6/9/2010
    I had already been vaping for awhile when I purchased this set. But my girlfriend kept taking my batteries, so I got another set to compliment what I already had. This was a great bargain. In fact, this is the package I recommend to all my friends who are moving from smoking to vaping. However, V4L, could you consider making this package available with a 2nd battery? I always tell the new guys, get a 2nd battery. You'll know why. And they do.
  • Rating
    Great buy
    Review by roberton 6/6/2010
    Just received this kit in the mail and can tell you that it's great so far! I am kind of a newbie and this is a great starter pack. Very easy to figure out!
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Stephon 5/17/2010
    Received my kit last week and I can't imagine a better starter kit. The idea is convenient and well executed. I ordered manual because it is more gratifying to me. There is something about pushing the button and hearing it sizzle before I vape. I was sent a Wowboy, vanilla, and watermelon cartridge as samples. Wowboy is by far my favorite, with both vanilla and watermelon very good. I purchased the Tobacco shop sampler and found that most of the flavors were boring in comparison to the samples. I've already ordered more Wowboys and a vial of juice to try.
  • Rating
    Great product for the price
    Review by Adam Sedwickon 4/28/2010
    I've been looking to get an E-cig for a while now. Finally decided to order mine and got it two days later. I've been vaping on it for about 2 weeks now and I have to say it is excellent. The customer service is amazing and they really know what they're talking about. I was very pleased with the ease of use for a someone new to vaping. All of my friends have asked to use it and even them, being regular smokers, were able to vape it without a problem. The new batteries with the redesigned premium cartomizers make it a breeze to adapt to vaping instead of smoking.
  • Rating
    Very pleased
    Review by Lydiaon 3/9/2010
    Got the kit yesterday and it's quite a treat! I like to smoke but hate cigarettes. They taste bad and smell worse! This way I get the joy of smoking and none of the junk. I want to thank the team for the extras. Way to serve the customer. You've won me over! Keep dreaming up those wonderful new ideas!
  • Rating
    Review by Stephyon 3/6/2010
    I got this as a starter kit and I just love it! Perfect to start. They gave me bonus cartomizers and very speedy delivery! AWESOME website!! Watermelon and rootbeer float are my fav flavors too.
  • Rating
    awesome kit
    Review by yvonneon 3/2/2010
    I am so excited with this kit!! It looks great all the while charging my battery.
    This vk produces allot of vapor. I would like to say this site/seller is the BEST on the net.
    Tried another site and service did not come close!!
  • Rating
    A+ Overall!
    Review by Chris Reimoldon 3/1/2010
    I ordered this kit as my first e-cig trial thing. It was ordered on Thursday, shipped on Friday, and arrived early on Monday morning. I have to admit, I was worried that it wouldn't actually work for me, but the V4L PCC and battery changed my mind, quickly! The one thing that was not as I ordered it was the LED light - I requested a blue LED light, but they were out of stock; they even included a handwritten note apologizing for this, which raised their customer service rating even higher for me! I can't even complain about that because the whole kit just looks and feels so sleek, and the hardware itself worked absolutely fantastically for me. Thank you V4L!
  • Rating
    Review by Timmyboomon 2/16/2010
    I'm very pleased with both the price and quality of this kit.
  • Rating
    BEST VALUE!!!!!!
    Review by Hank Scorpioon 2/11/2010
    I got my PCC 3 months ago, and I haven't been disappointed yet! I was waiting to write a review thinking it would crap out on me eventually (I've had bad luck with other e-cigs), but this is truly the King! Charge on the battery last the whole day, and the case is good for at least 3 full charges before needing to be plugged in. This is the kit I would highly recommend for a first time buyer. It's affordable, long lasting, and high quality in design. I'll never smoke an analog again, thanks to Vapor King =)
  • Rating
    Review by Joey Campbellon 1/27/2010
    This is my first E-cig, and is probably the best purchase I've made in a while.
    I haven't cared for one cigarette after receiving this kit.
    V4L was kind enough to send me free samples that they didn't even advertise, which really works out because I couldn't afford anymore, lol.
    I accidentally clicked green for battery color instead of black, so I was a little bummed, and I also wanted it plain without all of the logos.
    But I can't even complain, this thing is amazing.
  • Rating
    Great for the newbie
    Review by Tamicaon 1/21/2010
    I bought this thinking I wouldn't be too disappointed if it turned out to be horrible since this is the first time I had every used a PV and it was cheap. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this is very convenient and I have not had a problem keeping the one battery charged! I love this and will be getting other accessories soon!! Everything a newbie needs that doesn't want to make the big jump without trying it off a little first!
  • Rating
    Awsome Kit!
    Review by Jeff Fuenteson 12/26/2009
    I picked this up to stop smoking analogs and let me tell you that I havent had a need to smoke them since I got this. The battery lasts a long time and produces insane amount of vapor and hits just like an analog.

    You will NOT be disappointed with this kit I am very satisfied with my purchase.
  • Rating
    All day companion
    Review by Ed Mon 12/8/2009
    This little kit is great. The PCC keeps your battery at full charge all day and looks nice as well. The included battery is a newer style with longer cut off. Makes great vapor.
  • Rating
    Review by Paul Williamson 11/29/2009
    I currently own a blucig and was sick of the wait time for an order to ship and the horrible vapor production. My buddy just recieved his vapor4life in the mail, so i drove over to his place to give it a try. what a product, incredible vapor production and battery life. i spent 3 hours straight vaping trying to kill the cartomizer or draining the battery, couldnt do it. took the cartomizer apart anyways to look at the "guts" of it, way better design than the 3 piece blucig and others are using. nice job, great product, i plan on ordering one real soon to COMPLETELY replace tobacco cigarettes for me...thank you
  • Rating
    Review by rocks82on 11/11/2009
    This product is so convenient! I love it! Charges 6ish batteries between charging of case... holds 2 carts. Very nice to have.
  • Rating
    Start off right
    Review by Brianon 10/28/2009
    I've spent hundreds of dollars on many different makes and models. I tried mixing and matching, dripping, modding and more. I was almost ready to give up the hassle and go back to analogs until I tried the vaporking! It's extremely simple to use and is surprisingly tasty and fulfilling. I got two for everyday use and one as a backup. Highly recommended!
  • Rating
    Awesome product
    Review by cory brownon 10/20/2009
    Very handy to have keeps batteries fresh. Best product on the market hands down.
  • Rating
    This is awesome!
    Review by Dawnon 10/9/2009
    I've already saved massive quantities of money thanks to Vapor King. You take a couple of pulls and you're full cigarette satisfied. I NEVER thought it would work as well as it does, but it is awesome. I can even be around people smoking cigarettes and i dont get that deprived feeling. Thank youuuuuuu!!!!
  • Rating
    Perfect starter setup!
    Review by Ryan Bon 10/8/2009
    After fidgeting with the 510, blu and M401, this was the one that got me off analogs!