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Vapor King Ash Cap Ultimate Ultimatum Starter Kit

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Vapor King Ash Cap Ultimate Ultimatum Starter Kit

As low as: $99.95

Price as configured: $99.95

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  • 2 Vapor King Ash Cap Series Batteries
  • 1 Slim Charger
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Five Pack of Cartomizers
  • 1 USB Passthrough
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Portable Charging Case
  • 1 Car Adapter


Classic VK starter kits are a good start for anyone making the switch to vaping. We've included everything you need to get a taste for what the vaping experience is all about.

180 - 380mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 volts
250 - 450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 5 hours*
66mm - 103mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Classic VK electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh. 

*Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.3 volts when the battery is fully discharged. 

*Puffing Time: The longer the battery the longer the use time. 

*Length: Short: 66mm, Regular: 83mm, XL: 103mm. 

*Charge Time: The longer the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Short: 2 hours, Regular: 2 - 3 hours, XL: 3 - 4 hours. 


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Awesome Kit
    Review by Matthewon 6/15/2012
    This kit was the first electronic cigarette I ever bought over a year ago. After much research, this was the kit I decided to buy. This kit is well worth the money for all that you get. V4L has helped me quit a 25 year old bad habit (cigarettes) and has improved my health and my life.
  • Rating
    VAPOR KING-Ultimate Ultimatum Automatic Kit
    Review by Sara Sissy Bowenon 8/28/2011
    I've been a 1-3 pack a day, menthol smoker for 31 years. This product is amazing. In almost 3 weeks, I have had 2 "analogs" and didn't even enjoy the last one on August 13. With all the charging options, I keep my nicotine buzz without having to leave my desk for 110 degree heat. I can ride down the road with windows up and the A/C working, getting a toke when I need it. Me, and my house and clothing smell better. I can sit here in my easy chair, write this review, and toke on Green Tea with the PC passthru and remain calm. I don't even want a beer like I used to.
  • Rating
    Faulty Products, GREAT Replacements!
    Review by Remer Adharaon 7/28/2011
    This is the first product that I ordered from v4l. Everything was great for trying out the different items on this website, but right off the bat, my wall charger was faulty. It didn't work at all, so I contacted the support line and all I can say is, "Wow!" with the great service I received. I sent a support ticket into the well-aged night, and got one in responce early in the morning saying they would give me a gift card to pay me back for the broken charger. Excellent service! The automatic batteries didn't do it for me, but they let me try out the products until I decided to go for manual batteries, which haven't let me down yet. Because of this Starter Kit, I'll remain a customer of v4l for many years to come.
  • Rating
    like many others before me, happily surprised
    Review by Carto buffon 7/10/2011
    this review is for the ultimate ultimatum kit with auto batteries. ill be honest and say like many products in the world there will always be some downsides, but with this there are very few. this starter kit itself is perfect. the carrying case allows you to carry both your batteries and 4 cartomizers. you could keep them in your pocket but thats a quick way to scratch up your batteries and all that. the charging case is perfect for me when i will be away for a while (camping) to keep my batts charged up. the charging case will obviously have more weight to it so for everyday use i use the standard carrying case. also, having all the chargers is a great idea and i dont ever feel inconvenienced by having to charge batteries. finally, the usb passthrough is a fantastic idea! perfect at home when im working on my computer (ive been known to plug it in when im in my car on a long road trip).
  • Rating
    I was skeptical, but no more...
    Review by Amber Kelleheron 6/24/2011
    I tried using her ecigs, but craved the familiar clove flavor. Then I found Vapor4Life! I bought this set and I haven't had an analog cig in over a month. I've even managed to go from 36mg to 18mg in that short time. I love the USB passthrough for chain smoking at the computer and for car trips!
  • Rating
    Highly recommend this one
    Review by John Corvinon 6/22/2011
    I ordered this kit. I love it. I used promo code and got it cheap too. I did the research and Vapor4life is the best. I tell everyone I see. Customer service is top shelf. I love these guys.
  • Rating
    Product = Amazing, Service = meh....
    Review by William Dunnon 6/15/2011
    I've been using a cheap corner store brand of e-cigs for a while, and im so happy i finally made the switch to this product because its a million times better. I was original skeptical about the automatic batteries, but the trigger on these batteries are so much better, and they dont misfire like the previous brand I used. The purple, though its not what i wanted, is a very nice color anyway, and I'm probably just gonna hold onto it regardless. Not to mention, the PCC is probably the coolest idea since the ipod. The PCC is all i need, I let my fiance hold onto the rest.
  • Rating
    Review by Kaylin McClureon 5/17/2011
    After reviewing tons of reviews and suppliers, I decided to order my vaporking manual kit. I'm not gonna lie, having pink batteries and zebra pccs was a huge factor, but i think I would have chosen it regardless :) I recieved it in 3 days, which is amazing because my postoffice branch is the worst in indiana, they actually send half of our districts mail to other districts because they're that bad, so I'd even say it's fair to round that down to two. Everything in my kit was the right color and worked perfectly, everything was there. I originally thought I'd have no need for the passthrough, and so when i was ordering I said something to my boyfriend about just letting him have it, but it's def the best battery in the kit so now I'm just trying not to let it come up. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase.
  • Rating
    Best in Products and Service
    Review by Carol Ogdenon 3/30/2011
    Unfortunately, V4L was not my first attempt at ecigs. Once my son and daughter-in-law steered me to V4L, there is no going anywhere else. Love the battery choices and colors, the carts with awesome vapor but most of all the service and speed. I love my passthrough and my portable charging case and the crystal LED batteries; oh, I just love it all! This is the ONE to recommend to all your friends!
  • Rating
    Amazingly Amazing!
    Review by Carto fanaticon 3/28/2011
    I have tried e-cigs before, but haven't found one that I could last with. I got the VK because a friend of mine has one, and she raved about it. The package price was awesome, and my order arrived in 24 hours!
    I absolutely love this product!
  • Rating
    I threw away my remaining Analogs!
    Review by Sean Cavanaughon 3/23/2011
    I am new to e-cigs, the cost and hassle of analogs (30 years worth @ a pack a day or more) was just getting to be too much. I tried another product (rhymes with glue) and was terribly disappointed. After that mistake, I found the ECF, from there found V4L. I was expecting a lot from the Vapor King, based on the various information I had read. Let me tell you that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Ordered on a Friday afternoon with standard shipping and got my starter kit on the following Tuesday (Central Texas). The Vapor King produces copious amounts of vapor with an analog draw, other products i have tried where like drinking a really thick milk shake to get minimal amounts of vapor. I am rotating 3 batteries and have been using for 3 full days now with out needing to charge them (pack a day smoker!!!) I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT AN E-CIG! In fact I plan on getting my dad a kit for Fathers day.
  • Rating
    Everything you need in one kit
    Review by Tonyon 3/21/2011
    These kits have everything you need. use up one battery? grab the other. Manage to drain both? Grab the USB passthrough. On a trip? Charge on the go with the car charger. At work all day? Use the PCC to charge your battery. You can even use the USB port on any computer to charge the PCC or batteries. Comes with 5 cartridges prefilled with your favorite flavored juice. Great value for your dollar.
  • Rating
    My new favorite system.
    Review by Michael Rogerson 3/1/2011
    I really love this kit. Not only is it complete with everything a person needs, but the vapor produced is second to none that I have tried. I'll also mention that the service from V4L is superior to any other I've used.
  • Rating
    Ultimate Auto Kit Review
    Review by Mike C and Susieon 2/26/2011
    Ordered this kit after reading about V4L's customer service and fast shipping. I am very pleased with the way everything works and the bonus cartos I received with my order. After trying the Vanilla, I was back on the site ordering a 30ml bottle. Same with the Kamel, went through a carto of it and went back and ordered the bottle.
    The batteries last me a whole day and I was about a pack a day smoker. I think one of my favorite things is the USB PT. I used a PC a lot and really like the vapor and hit I get from 5V. Will be ordering another one of these kits in manual for my girlfriend since we previously split this kit. W haven't smoked a cigarette since Feb 16!! Thanks guys!
  • Rating
    Review by Christina Mazurikon 2/11/2011
    Ordered 2 U.U. Vapor King Kits (because my husband smokes as well) on Tuesday night before midnight. Got here in 2-3days. SHIPPING WAS FAST. I'm from PA and they are shipping from Floridia (I believe). Anyways, opened the package that arrived, EVERYTHING IS HERE LIKE IT SAID. I also got extra samples from V4L, which is an added bonus. Thanks guys. The cases are being charged along with the batteries. I called them to ask about the PCCs, how long do they initially need charging (A: 8hrs/ 3 hrs after). I used the number I got on the business cards I recieved with my package. Very nice people, answered my questions! I am using the USB e-cig that came with my package...very nice. Very recomendable.
  • Rating
    I love my Vapor King
    Review by Anthony Wickwireon 2/10/2011
    I received my starter kit on Wednesday 2/9/11 and started using it at 6pm. It is now Friday and I have not had an analog cig since I started using my Vapor King. My package was missing the passthrough but the customer service at V4L is awesome and had one shipped to me immediately. I cannot say enough good things about this product and the company that supports it! V4L, you all should be proud of the job you do!
  • Rating
    Ultimate Starter Kit!!!
    Review by Jamison Ashbyon 2/10/2011
    Placed my order on Monday, got my kit on Thursday. I have to say, I have been a smoker for 20 years, I haven't had an analog since the day I got my kit. 8 days now... The guy in the cubical next to me has been puffing on his ecig for a few months now while I had been braving the cold a few times a day. He finally talked me into trying one. I did research for the best one and found the "WOW" video on Youtube. I decided the $100 for the starter kit was like 2 weeks of smoking analog so if it didn't work out then Oh Well. But 8 days later I'm loving it! He just today switched from his brand (Intellicig) and bought his kit! I got another smoker from my work to order hers on Tiesday. She got it last night and is also loving it. I'm telling you, get a few gift certificates for your love ones who smoke those poison filled analogs. You just may save their lives..
  • Rating
    Best Electric Cig
    Review by Samuel Tankeon 2/6/2011
    I bought this brand and the vapor king 510. This kit is hands down the best. great throat hits. Love the charger pack an absolute must have. I will not be smoking anymore thanks v4l
  • Rating
    ultimate ultimatum kit and shipping
    Review by william barretton 2/6/2011
    I must say this thing is amazing. Everything in this kit is top notch and the shipping unbelivable, I ordered and three days later received it. I had been with another company and I waited 3weeks and still had nothing and after calling and complaining it was then they told me it was on back order, WHAT A MESS. I am so HAPPY with Vapor4life. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Rating
    Vapor 4 Life Simply The Best All Around
    Review by bill thompsonon 1/30/2011
    I smoked 3 packs a day for over 30 years. I started vaping with Smoke 51 and had my last analog on 5-3-2010. That part was great. The cost however was almost as much as regular cigs. I started researching e cig companies and liked what I saw about Vapor 4 Life. I ordered some Smilin Menthol Wow Vapor Juice and the Manual Starter Kit. Not only was it a great vaping experience, it cut my vaping costs to 1/3 or less of Smoke 51. I've had twice had to contact V4L customer service regarding either a misshipment or product issue and both times, the problems were handled immediately. Look no further.
  • Rating
    thumbs up.
    Review by learyon 1/17/2011
    Bought this set on a 'do it' from a friend. Must say that i am very impressed so far. awesome options, and great service.
  • Rating
    Great Starter Kit
    Review by E-cig maniacon 1/15/2011
    Love all the chargers. Great starter kit. Nice to have 2 batts. I
  • Rating
    Review by Rayon 1/6/2011
    I have been using different kind of ecigs for the past 3 years. These eciggs are much bigger, making them last longer and the e juice last longer too. Thank you xoxoxox
  • Rating
    Wonderful Product!!
    Review by Maryon 12/31/2010
    I recently started using electronic cigarettes and opted to use a different company to start with because they were supposed to have a superior product, however that company has back order issues that don't look like they will be clearing up anytime soon.

    My mother-in-law has COPD and expressed interest in using this type of product to stop smoking because since I received my starter kit I have been smoke free. I was worried about the back order issues with the other company and so I decided to try this one. On Christmas Day I sat down with my mother-in-law and created for her what I thought was all the essentials someone starting out would need. The 30% off really helped me to convince her to get what she needed. Most of which included this kit. I added in another pass through, one additional battery and 30 more cartomizers. She's currently vaping about 2 cartomizers per day.

    When I can afford it I will be switching brands.

    Thank you, Vapor4Life!!
  • Rating
    Beats cancer sticks!
    Review by faithon 12/12/2010
    My 1st go at the cigeratte alternative and i will never go back. The portable charging case works awesome as does the plug-in charger..The charging case is the most handy item in the kit. Manual batteries are more reliable. It is best to buy a couple of cartomizer 5 packs then buy the juice for refilling them. Cheaper in the long run. Get a extra long manual battery if you chain vape. Very happy with the choice i made here and a good value for what is included. The USB manual passthrough is a great option for frequent computer users and allows the batteries to be free to charge while you use it. Mix up your flavours from the 30ml bottles which are the best value and you will never go back to smelling like an ashtray again! No regrets here and good luck!
  • Rating
    Great Customer Service!! Love my Vapor King!!
    Review by Carto fanaticon 11/30/2010
    Shipping was awesome but and I will keep coming back! Love this device, love the look, love the vape, love the flavors, love this company, all together!!! Been analog free since Nov 2nd at 6:00pm ;)
  • Rating
    Ultimate Ultimatum Auto Kit
    Review by Evelyn Hallon 11/25/2010
    I purchased this kit about a week ago and I love it. You get everything you need, in this one kit. The vapor is awesome and I can't say enough about the flavors. I purchased an extra battery for my husband and we share this kit. I work 12 hour shifts and 1 battery lasts me all day. I have not had a cigarette since my kit arrived in the mail. I don't even want one. Imagine that; after 38 years of smoking 2 packs a day! Thank you so much.
  • Rating
    3-1/2 weeks without analog cigarettes
    Review by Joetta Nelmson 11/19/2010
    I bought this kit 3-1/2 weeks ago & have

    been TOTALLY please with everything! I

    am so proud of myself for finally being

    successful! But I couldn't have done it as

    painlessly without Vapor4Life...The WOW-

    COWBOY MENTHOL carts are awesome, &

    last the longest of any I've tried. I have

    passed out ALL of the cards they sent &

    I am promoting this vapor co.. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  • Rating
    Review by Carmen R.on 11/6/2010
    I stopped smoking since I got my vapor e cigs. The variety of flavors are great! Will recommend and let close friends try, you save alot of lives with this ... God Bless ... And this review comes from a smoker of 23 years ... now an ex smoker! Also you sent me a free manual Battery for the computer with this kit THANKS! goes great when I am working and the coffee samples you sent also as a gift were great THANKS!
  • Rating
    Well worth the money, AMAZING EVERYTHING!!!
    Review by Aprilon 11/3/2010
    Amazing customer service and product!!! I was one pack a day smoker till this starter it arrived in the mail. Then I threw my analog ciggs in the trash. They sent me a pack of cartomizers that were bunk I called them and they sent me double what I originally ordered for free the very next day!! I am extremely satisfied with this product so much so that this is the first online review I have ever done and I am a big time web shopper. I have been preaching about this product to every one I know. Give it a try I guarantee you will be satisfied and you will not want to smoke a regular cigarette again.
  • Rating
    Review by Joetta Nelmson 11/1/2010
    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE VAPOR KING! I have researched & researched the internet for months & have found the VAPOR KING to not only be the best e-cig, but defininately the best deal by far... Customer service has been great as well.
  • Rating
    Great Kit, Great Service
    Review by E-cig devoteeon 10/17/2010
    Overall I'm very happy with the kit. The batteries work for long periods of time and don't seem to need to charge very long.

    The case that comes with the kit is very nice and high quality.

    Both USB and Wall chargers are great and have indicators for "charging" and "charged." Charging is fast and a breeze.

    Other than CoolCarts, the passthrough works great. It runs at a higher voltage and gives noticeably more output of vapor.

    V4L threw in a couple of free menthol carts with my order, which I've thoroughly enjoyed.

    Service was excellent. Delivery was super fast, and packing was well done.

    Thanks to v4l, will order again.
  • Rating
    Life changing
    Review by Evanon 10/12/2010
    I purchased this kit August 12th, 2010. On day one I was no longer a smoker. It has been 2 months and not once have I craved tobacco. This kit comes with EVERYTHING you will ever need. Aside from the extras you will purchase out of desire, this kit is hands down the best offered for the price you pay. Enjoy great flavors at your choice of nicotine levels; this is the perfect incentive to drop those analog cigarettes.
  • Rating
    Best product on the market! At the best price!
    Review by Barryon 10/6/2010
    If you want to get totally satisfied a great throat hit an a fantastic price you can't find any better! I have tried. This is all you need to stop smoking analog ciggs. This has you covered you will always have a fresh battery and a fresh cartomizer. Fantastic throat hit, Great flavors and total satisfaction! I smoked Marlbors for the last 25 years and the WoWBacco taste even better! I fell 100% better sense I have findly found this Vapor4Life. With the others I was never satisfied had to run out and buy a pack but not with this. Thank you Vapor4Life for this product. I will never smoke another analog again as long as y'all are around. The best coustomer service! The best prices on cartomizers, E-liquid and every thing else! I really enjoy vaping now thanks to this kit. It is the very best out there. Keep up the Fantastic work! I am a coustomer for life. Just try It and you will be too. No matter what you smoke they have you covered. Thank You Vapor4Life!
  • Rating
    Review by Victoron 9/21/2010
    @@all i can say is wow@@ i bought another brand from 7-11 before i received my package and wasn't satisfied with the 7-11 brand so i thought they were all the same so i thought about canceling this product. All i can say is im glad i didnt
  • Rating
    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Review by Jayon 9/15/2010
    Great product. I love the manual batteries. I can control the vapor hit with these. I would recommend this kit to anyone who loves a great TH. Haven't smoked a cig in about 3 weeks. Thank you V4L.
  • Rating
    A Great Product
    Review by Jeff Brighton 9/8/2010
    Such a great product. I started out with trying other kits and was very disappointed in the quality of their product. Vapor4life has proven me wrong. I highly recommend vapor4life's kits and flavors. Thanks for a great product!!
  • Rating
    They weren't kidding!!!!!
    Review by Sean Blumbergon 8/31/2010
    I ordered my Vapor King Yesterday at 1150 am and received it today at 1103 am! Holy cow they weren't kidding on express shipping! Now I am new to this whole Vaping thing and when I tried it for the 1st few times I gagged and coughed for a few minutes. Am I doing something wrong? Looking forward to kicking these analogs and staying with the Vapor King.
  • Rating
    I finally got it!!
    Review by judyta sawkoon 8/10/2010
    I am so pleased with my new vapor kThe final test was when i was done eating lunch and i felt the craving for a cig, it took 1 drag of my vapor king and i was satisfied!!!
    Get this product it is a life saver!!!
  • Rating
    So Glad I've Done This!!!!!
    Review by E-cig fanaticon 7/31/2010

    This is an exceptional product and a great package. Charging options are covered; case options are covered; two batteries are more than sufficient to get you started. I do recommend manual batteries, as they allow you much better control over your draw.

    I've been using this kit happily for three days. I have not caved and dashed out to buy a pack, nor have I wanted to. This provides the essential physical and emotional dimensions I didn't want to give up. If there's anything that's going to keep me smoke-free, this is it!
  • Rating
    Amazing product
    Review by Danee Bertramon 7/27/2010
    I haven't had a cigarette since I received this product. I love the flavors, and I feel like I'm smoking. I'm not grouchy, not wondering what to do with myself, and not craving a fix. I cannot recommend this product enough!
  • Rating
    Review by Todd Mancusoon 7/25/2010
    When I first discovered vaping, I went with the Blu E-Cig. One of the two atomizers was DOA, and the vapor stopped after 2 vaps. Heard about V4L and I decided to give it a try. You will not be disapointed! Also, the USB Passthrough is PHENOMINAL at work! Way to go V4L!
  • Rating
    I'm in LOVE!!!
    Review by Heatheron 7/16/2010
    I received my package 2.5 business days later & immediately vaped up! I've been smoking 1 - 1.5 packs of menthols a day for 15.5 yrs, & I haven't touched or even craved one since I started vaping 7 days ago! Now I'm free from not only cutting my life shorter & shorter, but also from spending $5.25 - 7.88 a day on that nasty, smelly, extremely hazardous habit!! And to add to my bliss; my mother who has been smoking a pack a day for 39 years, has done the same!! That woman is my best friend in the world, and Vapor4Life has made it possible for me to spend a lot more years with her! So, as far as I'm concerned, this product is not only worth every cent; it's freaking priceless!!! If you're a smoker, and you're sitting there wondering if this will work for you...if it's the right product for you, stop hesitating! Order this right now and you'll lose the smell, the increased risk of cancer, the smoker's cough, etc., and you'll gain a load of funds to put to much better use!!
  • Rating
    new e-cig
    Review by Rick Bivens Bivenson 7/14/2010
    Wow, just plain wow, ordered on Sunday, received on Thursday. And the quality is simply awesome. I made the mistake of ordering a chinese-made brand (big mistake, huge shipping charges and inferior quality), and now this. great accessories and the unit works fantastically. You have a new, steady customer, thank you.
  • Rating
    Review by Stephanie Thompsonon 7/8/2010
    This is the kit I would definitely buy. It is the best compared to several other companies from which I have purchased. I am 100% pleased with this starter kit, and for the price, it is definitely chocked full of more items than any company I could find out there from many different searches on Google. This IS THE BEST! The customer service is great! The shipping time is fantastic! I am definitely going to stick with this company! They have the best variety of products and prices! They made me feel like I was their #1 and only customer!
  • Rating
    Ultimate Service
    Review by SANDY -NBK Bremertonon 6/5/2010
    Each piece arrived and performed exactly as described, and there were more "extras" than expected. The support and videos are "human" and a joy to experience. I am hoping this company stays this way and customer service does not get lost in the growth. You are a wonder!
  • Rating
    Awesome Value
    Review by Edwardon 5/25/2010
    I received on May 24 2010 and starting vaping that evening. I used to smoke about a pack a day and I have not had an analog cig since. You just don't see that anymore and for them to do things like that makes me a repeat customer. I really liked tha value and the vaping experience. I just had to order a kit for my wife because she tried it and liked it so much that she wants to vape as well. This is a healthier alternative than smoking analogs. Very happy with my experience with V4L they have the best prices and products on the market today.
  • Rating
    Great Prduct...and Steve Provides A++ Service
    Review by James N Tresleron 5/25/2010
    This double kits has it all. Three ecigs total (one of which is my favorite...the Passthrough which you connect directly to the USB Port on your laptop computer). The other two (2) are their standard ecigs in your choice of colors.

    The Manual ecig, I have found, becuase of the "manually-operated battery," provides much better individual "control" of your vaping than the the automatic ecig's I have tried (although I have not tried the V4L automatic).

    Also included is a battery charger built into a case in your choice of colors that also connects to a laptop computer vis a USB Port.

    Lastly, Steve provides excellent, personalized customer service.

    By the way, since using this kit over the last month, I have NOT purchased a pack of "real" cigarettes

    Thanks V4L. Your product may end up saving my life (as I've been a two-pack a day smoker for over twenty years).
  • Rating
    Review by Dianaon 5/15/2010
    If you are serious about switch to vaping this is what you need to do it! EVERYTHING you need to get started to stop smoking and start Vaping full time, I worked for me!
  • Rating
    Great Product
    Review by Eric Gliddenon 5/5/2010
    Have used it a for a week now. I WAS a heavy smoker between 2-3 packs a day, chain smoked 3 upon waking up. Now I vape a 36mg in the am 14-16 puffs and I'm good.

    Customer Service- I got a defective USB charger with kit. They have replaced. I ordered an extra long auto-bat and asked to be replaced with manual since that is what i prefer now after trying it out and they have done this too. They are very helpfull in correcting mistakes they make and the ones YOU make. Its nice to open and order and get a few little freebies too. I havent seen any other company do this.

    Have tryed other brands and they dont compare.

    Wish they had some type of referral program, I have had 3 people order one after I told them about this product. I get asked alot about this product and HIGHLY recommend.
  • Rating
    I am impressed!
    Review by Kimberly Burgesson 5/2/2010
    V4L, you knocked my socks off! This product is solid! I could not believe how compact everything was, and how powerful! Thank you especially for the 4 bonus carts in Green Tea, Pear, Raspberry and Caramel! The Vapor King is impressive with its vapor and flavor coming in strong. Thank you for the fantastic service and great price!
  • Rating
    Best thing ever
    Review by Robert Van Brunton 5/1/2010
    I smoked 2 packs a day and tried the patch as well as nic gum and had no luck then I heard of this from a friend and ordered this kit after some research. This kit is absolutely the best. I received the kit in 2 days and got 1 blue and 1 red LED manual batteries (kind of neat with 2 dif colors lol) and right out of the bag the batteries were charged up, very convenient.
    I have not wanted an analog in 3 days so far and do not think I will.
    The only thing I was not impressed with was the length of the charging unit cables makes it a little bit of a job to find a good place to charge em up if you do not have front USB's or extender cords.
  • Rating
    New User
    Review by John Byerson 4/27/2010
    Candice and I did a lot of research before buying our first vapor system, which was quite difficult as there is a lot of varying and confusing information on the web. We finally chose Vapor4Life and bought 2 Ultimate Ultimatum Automatic kits. We could not be happier! Great products with none of the problems we read about with other products on the Internet. The folks at V4L also sent us free cartomizer samples and a free car charger! The service has been terrific so far. Being novices, we were confused about what flavors and strengths we wanted, and made a few change orders. The folks at V4L accommodated us each time. Great product, great service, nice people! I recommend Vapor4Life to everyone.
  • Rating
    After a year of vaping & being tobacco free...
    Review by E-cig fanaticon 4/26/2010
    I purchased this set for my very persnickety wife who has tried 901's, 801's, mini pipes, and 510's with both regular & mega batteries from a variety of suppliers.

    After she showed me Leaford's latest videos of the work he's been doing for you and some other videos on how to refill & clean the cartomizers. I decided to give into her whim & after this amazing year of our both becoming tobacco free, she has finally found the vaporizer that satisfies her every wish in a vaporizer.

    This kit has such an amazing value for the amount of products that V4L has put into it. Today, all of the batteries and the PCC are fully charged and have been successfully tested. Of course she immediately put the USB passthru to work.

    Thank you Vapor4Life, for putting my wife's search for the perfect vaporizer to an end!
  • Rating
    amazing set up
    Review by casandra calderonon 4/20/2010
    This is an amazing start up kit for anyone who is new to e-cigs. My fiance and I got these to start off and I am very very impressed with the product. We use ours everyday.
  • Rating
    Love this kit!!
    Review by Eric Davis and Wifeon 4/16/2010
    As a newbie vaporer, I had no clue what I needed to get started Not only that, but what products were quality built and last me as I develop a vaping style. I shopped around for the best deal on the best products and this is it! The V4L guys/girls have included EVERYTHING you need in one great kit. The only thing you might want to add to your order is more of their FANTASTIC juices and cartos.

    Price, quality, and quantity of the kits components can't be beat and you'll know this the moment you take your kit out of the packaging.
  • Rating
    Review by Wendyon 4/16/2010
    I am not a review writer, having said that I am compelled to write a review on the reviews on this product. They are true and accurate which is a very rare thing. I purchased this kit based on what I read and I want to thank all of the reviewers. After investing over $1,000 on other e-cig kits I am thrilled to report that my search is over! It works, it works great and for those who find a throat hit to be important, it's here!! Valerie... Thank you for your help, you have a new customer!!!
  • Rating
    All around Ultimate
    Review by ronnie korsonon 4/14/2010
    I just want to start out by saying that I am a former 1 to 2 pack a day smoker for 20 plus years. I started seeing videos about the E cig, and figured what could it hurt to try it, right. So now what one to buy, there are so many, well after a couple days of research on them, I kept ending up here. I just gotta say that I am so glad i decided to make the plunge. The item was shipped quick, everything was of superior quality, and best of all it seemed to work, almost instantly. @ and a half weeks smoke free and feeling great. Thanks Vapor King
  • Rating
    Awesome product...
    Review by Jason C.on 4/8/2010
    I have had my kit for almost 2 months, and all i can say is order it. Everything is quality materials, along with insane customer service. I have placed 4-5 orders from V4L, everyone worth every penny. This kit you give you more than you will need to start!
  • Rating
    Vapor King
    Review by Susan Kingon 3/21/2010
    This is the kit I ordered and it's everything I hoped it would be. I've been vaping for about a week now and am thrilled!
  • Rating
    Best Electronic Cigarette on the market.
    Review by Bobbyon 3/20/2010
    I have tried many e-cigs and have owned just one other one. This is by far the best. It provides unmatched vapor production, throat hit and flavor along with ease of use, a new atomizer with every cartridge, and an option to refill if you want too. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that is a committed adult smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes(even you current e-cig users looking for something better.) This is in my opinion has the most cigarette like experience. I will be a customer 4 life.
  • Rating
    Review by Eric Urquizaon 3/18/2010
    First I have to say wow, speedy delivery!! Ordered my UUA kit on Monday and got it on Wednesday. I was very impreassed right off the bat, I could not believe that after my wife and I took our first drag from the vapor king we were totally blown away. we thought this was as close as you can get to actually smoking a real cigarette but without all the crap. We can't wqait to turn our friends on to the Vapor Kings! Thanks V4L!!! This totally Rocks!!
  • Rating
    Check out my blog for sceptics
    Review by Vapor enthusiaston 3/10/2010
    This is a blog I started since I bought V4L electornic cigarettes. They have changed my life...I have had many people that I work with in healthcare switch to an alternatively healthier life. Check out my blog for indepth. I am in no way part of the company, but I wish I were!!!
  • Rating
    Mind Blowing
    Review by Kevin Nowickion 3/5/2010
    I Got my vapor king three days ago and it has been an amazing product. I kicked analog cigs the moment it arrived and haven't had one since. I find that cigarette smoke makes me sick compared to the smooth, flavorful vapor of the vapor king. I've tried three other kinds of eCigarettes and this one is by far the cheapest and best on the market. Get one
  • Rating
    Simply Awesome!!!!!
    Review by J&Mon 3/4/2010
    Great kit everything you need to start, Just make sure you order different carts and or juices with this kit so you can enjoy many different vaping options
  • Rating
    Review by Joseph Permanon 2/12/2010
    To avoid high cost of smoking, i've been rolling my own cigarettes for the past few years, averages about $60-80 per month, well under that of a normal smoker buying cartons of cigarettes for $45 per week.

    After doing much research and price shopping, I found many kits. The initial price concerned me at first, however considering the health benefits it's well worth it. After reading more, and doing more homework on these devices i've calculated about the same price as making my own cigarettes vs buying traditional packs, if not lower!

    Fast shipping!
    Package included everything listed. I've only had 3 cigarettes in the past few days. Produces great vapor, battery lasts way longer than I had thought it would. Flavor is unbeatable. The Cowboy is amazing.

    I would suggest anyone who is looking into vaping to start with this or the automatic kit!

    Thank you so much V4L, for a healthier lifestyle and an amazing product.
  • Rating
    Great product and great service
    Review by Allenon 1/31/2010
    I received this kit last week after doing plenty of reading on other products. I have been smoking 1 1/2 packs a day for the last 30 years. My first 2 days I smoked a total of 5 cigaretts and since then I have not had any even though I have 4 packs still left over from before I got the kit. There is a small learning curve to switch from smoking to vaping but if you follow the links in the link section you will find a wealth of info to help you succeed. This is a great kit and has everything you need get started. I found that for me the lower nicotine levels were best and if I had only ordered the high nicotine I might not have givin vaping a chance. So when you order your kit try to get a few different nicotine levels as well as flavors. Thank you V4L for providing a great product that is so easy to use.
  • Rating
    Love this!
    Review by Rebecca Hewetton 1/29/2010
    I got my kit a smidgen over 4 days ago. Have had 3 (!!!) regular cigarettes since then - and after smoking about a pack a day for the last 24 years, that's saying something... (and just to note, I didn't really enjoy them. Don't plan on lighting another one - EVER)

    Incredible flavors, less expensive than regular cigarettes, and non-smoking hubby isn't complaining about my "ash tray" breath anymore. Really a no lose product.
  • Rating
    Ultimate Ultimatum Manual Kit
    Review by Mary Carrollon 1/28/2010
    I purchased this product from V4L and it is everything they claim and MORE! I have even ordered more products from this company because they gave me a few free samples and I fell in love with one of the flavors (555). I have always had OUTSTANDING customer service and fast shipping. THIS COMPANY WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! When you are new to E-cigs, it is confusing, and the more you research the more confusing it gets. I am so glad I chose this company after my research pointed me to them. The product is excellent and the team @ V4L are the BEST! I would (and do) highly recommend to all of my friends and family.
  • Rating
    Review by Ben Porteron 1/8/2010
    Amazing service i ordered mine on jan 1st and it came the 5th even with the holiday weekend it shipped super fast plus i got a extra 5 pk of carts and some nobacco juice. this is awesome the vapor production is top notch and it really feels like im smoking an analog. the flavors are great i already ordered more cartomizers with different flavors and i cant wait for them to come. vapor4life is awesome! keep up the good work. order yours today u wont be dissapointed!
  • Rating
    just buy it
    Review by Chtis Watsonon 1/5/2010
    did weeks of reasearch and found the vk is the best. smoked a pack a day. between me and the mrs. we were spending $80 a week on cigs now we spend $10 a week on juice. tried to smoke a cig 2 days after vapin and didnt finish it i was sceptical at first but it really work kills the craving for a cig. just order it already, plus im sure you will get some bonus items like me i got a car charger for free. i will be a long time customer of V4L
  • Rating
    I Love the Vapor King!
    Review by Nancy Farmeron 1/3/2010
    I ordered the Manual Kit and got in withinn 3 days. Its awesome! I love it! I vaped for 2 days and then tried to smoke and it was aweful, and I havn't smoked since. And you guys are great, Thank You so much!
  • Rating
    Vapor 4 life, 4 life!
    Review by Erick Brannon 12/20/2009
    Man, these guys are the #%@&!!!! In other words they are awesome!! First off, before I bought they answered a few questions I had (dumb or not)through e-mail, super fast. Then when I felt I was knowledgeable enough to pull the trigger I ordered thursday evening and recieved my package on monday morning. It is everything I wanted and then some,literally. They gave me everything I ordered along with some extra cool bonuses! So if your reading this for research, look no more. Believe me I did ALOT of research(days) and these guys are the best I've seen(not to mention alot of good reviews everywhere).They produce the most vapor (I have tried others, from the mall) and have the most selection of flavors (so far I know coffee is my fav). Anyway, you won't be disappointed!V4L!!!
  • Rating
    a real vapor "King"
    Review by Philip Evanson 12/3/2009
    I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 45 years. When I learned about e-cigs, I began to research, and two names popped up continually on every blog and forum, Vapor4Life and Vapor King. I purchased ths product as my first e-cig. It is a peerless product. Everything comes just as described, and then some...bonuses and other goodies. This kit is everything you could possibly want. Two days from order to delivery. The flavors are incredible. The batteries came fully charged. The volume of vapor is excellent. Do yourself a favor and order this product.
  • Rating
    vapor king
    Review by zed carpenteron 11/30/2009
    I looked at all kinds of vapor devices before i bought this one and all the reviews pointed to the vapor king. I am so glad i got this product i have had it for only 1 day and i love it.
  • Rating
    Vapor King-Ultimate Ultimatum Manual Kit
    Review by David Salimenoon 11/18/2009
    I purchased this kit exactly 30 days ago and have not had a analog since. This kit has everything you need to kick the habit. Very nice packaging and a great product. I did a ton of research on e-ciggs and different types of products and the Vapor King came out on top in every aspect. By far the best 2 piece e-cigg around. Order it. you wont be disapointed.
  • Rating
    Vapor King Ultimate Ultimatum Manual
    Review by Melissaon 11/10/2009
    Vapor 4 Life delivered the ultimatum and my cigarette cravings left town!
    The passthrough saves your batteries for computer time vaping, it's very handy!
    The PCC(personal charging case) keeps your batteries charging on the go, you're set for batteries for a few days depending on your usage with a charged up PCC!
    V4L Cartomizers are the BOMB you're going to love them, experiment freely as you will be surprised by what you like!
  • Rating
    Ultimate Intro to Vaping
    Review by thomas ouelletteon 10/29/2009
    I did a lot of research b4 I finally decided to try V4L and being a novice I bought the UUManual Kit I am very pleased with the package and they even threw in a few extras. The products are great and the service exceptional. I recommend V4L to anyone whether newbie or experienced vaper. I just reordered cartomizers&juice. Great flavors. I did not even consider looking elsewhere. I am satisfied doing business with Steve and the folks at V4L. I have found my supplier
  • Rating
    This kit has it all!
    Review by Robert Hallon 10/26/2009
    Everything you need to enjoy the VK all day, every day is in this kit. All you need to add is some more caromizers because you will love it and want to try more flavors.

    Everything about this kit and V4L is first class all the way.
  • Rating
    amazing company
    Review by Damon La Cavaon 10/21/2009
    i ordered my items on Monday night and received them on Thursday. thats fast! everything was accounted for and them some. i had ordered Cowboy flavor and i guess they were out so he sent me a similar flavor and threw in an extra box of menthol. how awesome is that! the flavors of the cartomizers were very good, i am definitely going to buy some more and try their other flavors. to anyone who is curious about this item, stop thinking and start ordering.

    by the way, i even got the long batteries that were already charged as an added bonus!
  • Rating
    Say goodbye to cigarettes
    Review by Andrew Thomason 10/9/2009
    Since I've gotten mine, 2 days ago, I went from a pack a day (for 6 years) to 0 analogs. It's so easy to use, and really satisfies your need for nicotine. It's so enjoyable! And cost effective, and healthier.

    I've already converted a couple of my friends, and they're getting ready to order their own.
    Can't beat it! It really is the KING.
  • Rating
    I'm a Vaper4Life thanks to Vapor4Life
    Review by Linda Williamson 10/8/2009
    This company knows the meaning of customer service and they deliver.

    The products are fantastic and delivery is fast. I couldn't be happier and will always order from V4L. No more ejuice in my mouth with their cartomizers, the xtra long battery is just what I needed, something that doesn't stop working while I'm on the go. And it packs a whallop of vapor.

    The usb passthrough is an absolute must for anyone who vapes while on the computer. What a relaxing, worry-free experience!

    I can't say enough good things about them or their products, so I'll stop here.

  • Rating
    awsome and then some
    Review by Arthur Matthewson 10/8/2009
    words just don't describe everything that goes with the products on here. the battery life is really good. the flavors and easiness of refilling the carts is a really big plus. and you can't beat the customer service. they go all out in making sure your happy and if for some reason your not happy you will be. awesome customer service.
  • Rating
    Everything you'll need!
    Review by Joni Williamsonon 10/8/2009
    All the items in this kit are top notch! I love my passthrough - wouldn't be without it! The PCC makes sure I never have a moment without a spare battery on hand. The cases are chic and fit easily into the space in your purse previously reserved for you smokes. Don't forget to add some extra cartomizers - you are going to love the vapor king!