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Clove Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Clove Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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An intense combination of sweetness and spice give this vaping flavor an exotic taste.




V4L Clove Nobacco Juice offers the aromatic and exotic experience familiar to kretek lovers. It's a perfectly formulated electronic cigarette liquid you’ll love at first taste. This flavorful e-juice seduces you with natural sweetness and spice of fresh clove. Slip away into a voluminous vapor oasis with V4L Clove e-juice. View more delicious electronic cigarette e-juice flavors...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Review by Glenon 5/29/2014
    I've reviewed this flavor previously about 6 months ago after initial use.
    I felt a follow up was appropriate since having more experience since that time.
    The Premium Clove is hands down the absolute best clove flavor I've had the pleasure of using.
    I've used V4L's other clove flavor as well as a competitors.
    This one blows them all away.
    The richest, smoothest and best full flavored clove with a very noticeable gingerbread like taste that is pure pleasure to vape while relaxing in the evening or in my case, vape aaaallll day long :)
    Also provides the best throat hit of any I've used.
    My favorite flavor second only to Wowboy.
    If you enjoy cloves and or gingerbread, then this one is a MUST buy!
  • Rating
    Clove Nobacco Premium Flavor
    Review by Glenon 11/26/2013
    Of the two clove flavor options currently available, this one is the best. It has a fuller, richer clove flavor with enough bite to enjoy it. If you like gingerbread then this is definitely the one to try. Unfortunately the 18mg strength seems to always be out of stock. Considering this is one of the most popular strengths in all flavors, V4L should stock more of this one than they do.
  • Rating
    The name says it ALL!!
    Review by Dale Sanbornon 8/12/2013
    This was my first purchase from V4L....but it sure won't be the LAST!!:)
    I'll probably do Wintergreen next...
    Thanks so much for an absolutely FABULOUS product!!
  • Rating
    Pretty accurate clove flavour
    Review by Sidon 9/13/2012
    Tastes (and even smells, as it's luckily one of the more fragrant juices) like cloves to me. It's not quite spot-on, but definitely much closer than any other ecig brands have gotten. Rather like this one.
  • Rating
    very good
    Review by Skyler Danielson 7/26/2010
    i am new to vaping, but this is the best juice i have found thus far. it is very much like smoking an actual clove. sometimes the vapor production is lax, but it hits just the same so no big deal. i recommend this juice.
  • Rating
    Its exactly like clove cigars.
    Review by Arthur Fudgeon 4/22/2010
    As mentioned above... it is... Its exactly like smoking a clove cigar. The flavors are all there but they are a little weaker. The throat hit is very nice and satisfying. The only thing that I miss when smoking this flavor is hearing the crackle of the clove as its burning and the lingering numbness it left in my mouth.
  • Rating
    Review by sarahon 1/20/2010
    Very tasty, smells great.