Coffee e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

Powerful earthy coffee beans gives this e Liquid flavor a robust morning punch.
Start your day off right with V4L Coffee e Juice. We've gone to great lengths to perfect the flavor of this electronic cigarette liquid. Designed with true coffee lovers in mind, this savory coffee-flavored vapor juice is as rich and robust as a cup of freshly brewed French roast.

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  • Rating
    Strong Coffee
    Review by Amber on 5/26/2014
    I like this coffee, its nice and strong, but for me it needs something. Maybe some sweetener or cinnamon. I think I am going to try mixing it. Just a little too strong for me.
  • Rating
    kinda like coffee
    Review by Tim on 8/29/2013
    Not a strong flavor but you can taste the coffee. I liked the Vanilla Mocha Frappe better but I am brand new at this so not experienced info here
  • Rating
    Daily vape
    Review by Kristin on 9/8/2012
    Coffee flavor is one of my daily vapes. I love the sweet coffee for morning or evening. I have notice a slight difference in blends over the past year, but still enjoy the taste.
  • Rating
    Review by Matthew Troxell on 10/13/2010
    What can I say, coffee and vaping at the same time....I am a menthol vapor user and mixed this about 70% Cowboy Menthol and 30% coffee when I refill my carts. The taste is excellent. If you like coffee, this juice is a must. Can't wait to try the WOW coffee juice when this gone.
  • Rating
    Very Yummy!!!
    Review by Ken on 10/7/2010
    While I don't think it tastes like a cup of coffee, it tastes more like popping one of the whole roasted beans from the dispenser in the grocery store into your mouth. Very good vape.
  • Rating
    Thumbs up for this coffee!
    Review by julianka on 9/14/2010
    Trying coffee juices always worries me because most of them either 1) taste nothing like coffee, or 2) taste like coffee but are dark and that usually means an atty killer. This coffee is one of the few that is clear and tastes like coffee. It's not absolutely 100% like a cup of coffee, but it's probably as close as we can get, and it tastes GOOD. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because there is SLIGHT room for improvement, but I'd give it 4-3/4 stars if I could.
  • Rating
    Definately a favorite!
    Review by Joshua Holmgren on 8/29/2010
    Now this one, I thought was amazing. The flavor was AWESOME!! Also, I refilled a cart that had some of the WOW vanilla before hand, without cleaning first. Tasted like a French Vanilla coffee. Good to the last drop. Amazing. I mix the two together all the time now.
  • Rating
    Yep, it's Coffee
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/26/2010
    This is probably the one juice that I wish were sweeter, because I drink my coffee sweet. But overall it's a good flavor, like a cup of coffee regular- no cream no sugar. Definitely not weak. Good vapor.
  • Rating
    if V4L made egg and ham flavor we'd lock breakfast
    Review by Kevin Parnell on 5/22/2010
    With the catalog of coffee(which tastes exatly like a nice cup of black),green tea(so nice id order it twice),orange juice and cappachino If they made eggs and ham we wouldnt even need to make breakfast anymore:) we could just vape BTW: I was just kidding about the eggs and ham although if these guys decided to make it im sure it would probably rock.
  • Rating
    da best
    Review by steve on 5/7/2010
    i tried the coffee sampler pack, and of all the flavors i liked the coffe da best. closest to what it is supposed to taste like. its now my permanent morning vape. to me the other flavors all tasted the same. you wont go wrong with this coffee flav.
  • Rating
    This is a staple
    Review by Nikki Reno on 3/2/2010
    I have to have this one on hand at all times. I personally think it has a strong throat hit. That plus good coffee flavor makes it a win for me.
  • Rating
    Great Flavor
    Review by Connor Pruitt on 11/27/2009
    I was a bit apprehensive of trying this flavor thinking it may be bitter and nasty, but to my surprise it tasted like I had taken a sip of slow roasted coffee. Great Job
  • Rating
    Better than Cappucino
    Review by CJ on 11/2/2009
    If you like Mboro/Cowboy you should like this. Great taste and great smell. I have the Cappucino juice also but I think the coffee is way better. This juice also works well with the Mint & Cowboy carts during refills. It seems as if they have changed from calling them Mboro carts to Cowboy.
  • Rating
    Like a fresh cup off the pot.
    Review by Brett V on 10/5/2009
    I keep this one hooked up to the USB pass through for when I wake up and check my emails first thing in the morning. It's got the taste of coffee without a doubt.
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