Doc Popular Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Experience your favorite sweet soda pop now in vaping e Liquid form! (formerly known as "Doc Popular")
The Doctor is in! V4L Doc Popular Nobacco Juice perfectly captures the flavor complexity and sweet satisfaction of your favorite soda in a superior electronic cigarette liquid. Only an e-juice from Vapor4Life can be this good! An e juice flavor so authentic, you'll think you're sipping it from a straw instead of your Vapor King e Cigarette. View more electronic cigarette liquids for Vapor King cartomizers and e Cig cartridges...

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  • Rating
    Good Stuff
    Review by CrueLworLD on 3/24/2013
    I'm a cola fan. I usually am vaping either a cola type of flavor or tobacco. Doc Pepper tastes similar to the V4L Cola to me. Just the Doc adds a bit more cola flavor. Highly reccomended if you enjoy cola vapes.
  • Rating
    Smooth vape
    Review by CrueLworLD on 3/19/2013
    If you like Cola you'll like Doc Pepper. I think this tastes like cola with a bit more flavor. It's a smooth vape with just the right amount of th.
  • Rating
    good for a time than not bad
    Review by matt on 8/1/2012
    i loved the flavor, it reminds me of Dr. Pepper, the only thing is, after useing 1 & 1/2 bottles of the flavor it was getting weaker, i think i was getting use to it. But still the best one i have found so far.... i have not tryed cola yet
  • Rating
    Review by Theresa on 7/7/2012
    This really tastes like cola! I was pleasantly surprised!
  • Rating
    Review by L. Henderson on 7/18/2011
    I have the cola flavor but decided to give this a try. In 18mg it has a nice throat hit and a lot of vapor. Taste is subjective but I can't tell much of a difference in this and the regular cola. It is very good though. A nice treat to get a taste of soda minus the calories :)
  • Rating
    Hubby loves this juice!
    Review by Janna on 6/27/2011
    5 stars for this tasty dr pepper juice! It's my hubby's fav all day vape, after 20+ yrs of pack a day smoking. Nice smooth & sweet flavor with just the right amount of throat hit!
  • Rating
    new to vaping my favorite so far
    Review by JunieB on 5/14/2011
    After smoking Camel Lights for 20 years, I was worried about getting a fruit or sweet flavor, and I didnt really want a tobacco flavor, either. Seems like once you smoke a Camel, nothing else tastes just right. Anyway.......I dont drink soda, but I do love the taste and smell and fizz of a Dr. Pepper. Ordered these with my starter kit, and I really love them. V4L was kind enough to send me samples of 5 other flavors. This one tops them all. I just ordered the 30ml bottle. I think this will be the everyday juice.
  • Rating
    Wonderful juice!!!
    Review by bgirlskwerl on 4/26/2011
    I loooooove Dr. Pepper, and this gets me past all my cravings for it. It tastes great! I dont want to be without this one! Bought this one based on the reviews, and they are correct. If you like the soda, this is worth picking up.
  • Rating
    Avid Dr. Pepper dinker
    Review by Hayden Reed on 11/4/2010
    As an avid Dr. Pepper dinker I read the reviews. I was cautious about ordering. However I am glad I did. It's not the exact same taste but close. It tastes like a flat Dr. Pepper. As long as you dont expect the same exact taste you will prolly like it.
  • Rating
    Its ok
    Review by Calvin Rutz on 8/23/2010
    It grows on you. Meaning the more u vape it the better it gets. Its close to the soda. Only its as if it were warm, also a bit decarbonated dr.pepper
  • Rating
    Very nice juice. Recommended
    Review by Steve M. on 8/15/2010
    I originally got these in carts and I enjoyed the flavor so much that I figured I would get some juice to reload them. It's the same flavor as the carts but just a little sweeter since the carts seems a little low on liquid in my opinion. I have tried many DP style juices and this one is in my top two. It's hard to describe it, since its not exactly like the drink but you can taste the similarities. It has a nice sweetness but not overwhelming and you can taste this slight peppery taste that's balanced very well plus it has this nice little tingle on exhale that reminds me of carbonation bubbles. I would buy again.
  • Rating
    Even The Vapor Smoke is Amazing
    Review by Doc4Life on 7/8/2010
    I'm going through and trying a selection of about (6) different flavors received yesterday.... including Cola VG and RedBull VG.

    This really is incredible. Similar in taste to the flavors above but just better. Deeper flavor with consistently way above average vapor production. Maybe because I am comparing to VG... but is still better vape than WOW Vanilla - PG.

    It is well worth it.... not just because of the deep, sweet flavor.... but because of the premium vapor also.
  • Rating
    Great Flavor
    Review by Eric Murphy on 6/29/2010
    Personally, I think it is very accurate to a Dr. Pepper, and I drink a LOT of Dr. Pepper. On the other hand, my girlfriend doesn't think it tastes quite like it, but she still loves this flavor so much that she uses it 99% of the time.
  • Rating
    Review by Patrick Williams on 6/26/2010
    The first time I tried this, I was kind of weirded out; I'm not a fan of cola flavored liquids. But I gave it a second try and I was very impressed. This tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper. I enjoyed this one.
  • Rating
    Review by Andrew Parker on 6/25/2010
    I got a bottle of this and put it in the premium (soft cap) cartomizers - wow. Very close to Dr. Pepper... highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Pretty good Dr. Pepper taste
    Review by R Bunds on 6/17/2010
    I enjoy this one, has a sweet Dr Pepper flavor to it, pretty close in my opinion. GF say's it tastes more like licorice to her.
  • Rating
    Simply the best...
    Review by Victoria Conroy on 4/20/2010
    This is the best flavor I've tried so far. The Nobacco juice is even better (tastes fresher) than the pre-filled Doc Pepper cartomizers. Smooth and tasty. Loads of satisfying vapor. Will buy this flavor again and again. VERY similar to Dr. Pepper.
  • Rating
    A Surprise Hit!
    Review by Mary Carroll on 4/18/2010
    I never would have even THOUGHT of trying this flavor ~ (not a big fan of the original Dr. Pep) ~ fortunately got a "freebie" with one of my orders and gave it a shot. 5 out of 5 on this one. I vape it a lot. Sounds crazy ~ but taste GREAT while chewing a piece of Big Red Gum.
  • Rating
    Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
    Review by Kori Fisk on 3/22/2010
    This was awesome. One hit and I felt like I'd taken a big chug of a cold Dr. Pepper. The only problem was I couldn't get my buddies to give my e-cig back, they were all going crazy over it too! Definitely a keeper.
  • Rating
    clove coca cola
    Review by Dylan Jones on 3/3/2010
    Doc Pepper is amazing. It tastes almost like Clove Coca Cola if you can imagine such a thing.
    It isn't exactly like Dr. Pepper, but mixes very well with the actual beverage.
    If you are a fan of Dr. Pepper, like sweet-spice flavors, or just want something different I highly recommend this liquid.
    5/5 - Awesome flavor and amazing vapor production. I will be ordering this again.

    EDIT - video review:
  • Rating
    What you'd expect.
    Review by Brett V on 10/5/2009
    I'd say it's probably as close as you get with putting doctor pepper in vapor form. It's got that sweet kick and yet you can tell it resembles the taste of soda. I think I'll be having this one after meals.
  • Rating
    fun flavor
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 4/29/2009
    A nice pick me up flavor. Will be a staple on my shelf.
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