Double Barrel Cherry Nobacco Juice USA (30 ml)

Double Barrel Cherry Nobacco Juice USA

Cherry lovers, set your sights on this side-by-side burst of bright red fruit with slight cigar undertones. Beautifully balanced with twice the taste of single-action flavors, this quick shooter delivers at perfectly-sweet-not-too-tart range and precisely hits the bull's-eye of a must-have vape. *PLEASE NOTE* This juice is mislabeled "Berry Cherry" but there is no berry flavor.

The “Best By” date for these e-liquids has been reached. These e-liquids can still be used. The best by date for e-liquids is not an expiration date. You will not experience a loss in flavor or nicotine content until one year after the best by date.


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    Cherry or Turkish delight?
    Review by Grimmi on 3/5/2013
    Wasn't quite what I expected...

    It does have a taste of cherry there, but tastes more like rosé water flavor.
    It actually reminded me of smoking a shisha pipe with cherry & rose flavored tobacco, which happens to be my favorite!

    So, I like it but its not quite cherry... So can't rate it that high...

    I did end up mixing it with some cola, which gave it an added tang...
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    Pretty Good
    Review by Nate on 9/19/2012
    I have been using it for a while and I don't have very many complaints about it.

    It tastes a tiny bit like cough syrup. For some reason I don't mind that. I don't really notice any of the flavor now and I just think it's o.k.
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    Review by Roger on 8/12/2012
    Not what I expected - much better! I was expecting something like a "cough drop cherry" flavor. Instead, it tastes much like a good cherry tobacco pipe scent (note I specify "scent", not "taste of that pipe".) When I was younger, I loved the scent of cherry tobacco my grandfather smoked in his pipe. In later years, I tried smoking it - NOTHING like the scent. This DOES taste like that scent....wonderful stuff!
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    Love it!
    Review by Michelle on 6/25/2012
    This is one of my favorite flavors. To me it tastes like wild cherry, with a hint of cigar.