Dunwoody e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

Like a luxurious, European tobacco cigarette, this vapor flavor is incredibly smooth and has a touch of sweetness.
The Dunwoody Tobacco eCig flavor is the preferred smoke juice for tobacco aficionados who love European tobacco. An unbelievably smooth, tobacco-inspired electronic cigarette liquid that boasts a hint of sweetness. Tobacco lovers can't go wrong with this luxury vapor juice blend. It's even become a favorite of customers who haven't been fond of traditional tobacco flavored e-juices in the past. To taste it is to love it!

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  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by TG on 9/12/2011
    Good vapor, very mild. I got this as a free sample. I'm not much for tobacco flavors, but this one is sort of pleasant. I might get it again...
  • Rating
    Good Stuffs
    Review by Darrel Sautner on 2/5/2011
    NOW, I really love this flavor, have to stock up on this one. It becoming of of my three all time everyday vaping juice. Next to Paliment and 555.
  • Rating
    This is a good tobacco vap!
    Review by Riz on 11/9/2010
    Light, mild, good vapor, can prob add a little mix to enhance....
  • Rating
    Dunhill Nobacco Juice
    Review by Jerry J on 9/19/2010
    It's OK. The flavor kind of reminded me of a non-filter Lucky Strike - at least how I remember them. I won't toss it - but I doubt I will buy it again
  • Rating
    Great Vapor
    Review by StaceyM on 3/18/2010
    Excellent flavor, lots of vapor. Lots of vapor.
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