Introducingthe onlyElectronic Cigar made for true cigar aficionados

The e Cigar King was built by a true cigar aficionado, for cigar-lovers. It is the only electronic cigar with a soft tip you can bite like a true cigar. Our cigar e Liquid tastes more like a true cigar than any other on the market and is meant to be smoked with a traditional cigar puff. The E-Cigar King offers cigar smokers the same enjoyment, ritual, feel in their throat, coating in their mouth, and overall aftertaste of a high-end cigar without the limitations that come with real cigars. Cigar smokers can now enjoy the pleasure of a fine cigar anywhere, anytime without the smell, smoke, or ash.

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e Cigar King Starter Kit

e Cigar King Starter Kit

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Introducing the ultimate electronic cigar - the e Cigar King! Now cigar aficionados can enjoy the smoking sensation of a fine cigar anywhere, anytime without any hassle - at bars, restaurants, cars, home, and at work too. The e Cigar King is the perfect complement to any line of conventional cigars. We have literally traveled the world from Nicaragua to Panama to Cuba to search for the finest cigars in the world. We have designed and perfected a powerful, yet simple e Cigar that mimics a real Cuban. For when you want the real taste, but can’t smoke the real thing. E-Cigar King Starter Kit comes with:
  • 1 Electronic Cigar Battery
  • 1 USB Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 USB Car Adapter
  • 3 Prefilled Electronic Cigar Flavors (Ligero, Maduro, Cubana Blend) Learn More