French Vanilla Ice Cream e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

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Picture luscious slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream, with a creamy finish.
One of our most popular e Cig flavors, our French Vanilla Ice Cream Vapor Flavor captures the delicious taste of slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream. With French Vanilla being a favorite among ice cream lovers across the world, we made certain that our V4L flavor experts did it justice in this unbelievably rich, flavorful e Cigarette liquid.

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  • Rating
    This ok
    Review by Mark on 10/4/2013
    The juice doesn't have as sweet of a vanilla as I was hoping for. Going to try another vanilla juice to see if it's sweeter.
  • Rating
    MY all day vape...
    Review by Kendra on 10/22/2012
    This is my trusty all day vape. I also use it with countless other juices to mix up for a zing or to to mix down something that is a little too strong. It accents almost any fruity or dessert juice!
    All that said, its still my favorite "stand alone" juice. :)
    Oh and btw, it goes lovely with coffee or espresso as a cream... mmmm!
  • Rating
    Very creamy taste
    Review by Sid on 9/10/2012
    Rich and creamy, not sure if I'd say it tastes quite like ice cream, but I enjoy the flavour regardless. Good on its own, though the almost whipped-creme sort of taste makes it better if you mix it into the strawberry in my opinion. Probably will get the WOW version next time however, since I think it needs the thicker vapour to be fully appreciated.
  • Rating
    My favorite
    Review by John W on 4/2/2011
    This is by far my favorite. I'm vaping it at 18mg as of this writing, as no stronger product is available. I'm hoping that the flavor holds up at 24 or even 36mg as I will order one of those when they become available. Great flavor at 18mg though. Very smooth. This is my go-to all day flavor, though I have to switch to other flavors through the day just because I need more nicotine. Please people, when you write reviews on juices or pre-filled cartomizers, say how many mg! :) It makes a big difference in flavor!
  • Rating
    The Best Flavor Yet.
    Review by rush_0 on 3/1/2011
    Just tried this flavor and it is my new favorite. It tastes just like "Pet" Brand Birthday Cake flavored Ice Cream. Love-Love-Love it!!!
  • Rating
    ok at first
    Review by ty on 5/27/2010
    I found I did not like this at first but now it is my favorite. I would not say vanilla ice cream but nice smooth flavor I always find myself going back to this one as I get tired of the other flavors. V4L please get it in 30ml soon.
  • Rating
    Review by Yvonne on 3/3/2010
    This is my favorite!!! Tastes so yummy. I ordered another one but with 0mg because I find myself vaping the 8mg more than i should because it tastes so good.
    Vapes well has a light creamy smooth sweetness.
  • Rating
    Review by CJ Gras on 9/4/2009
    Ice Cream is the best to lay in bed at night and vape. It has a taste that I can't compare to any of the other carts that I have tried. It's got a nice cool almost minty throat hit. For me it cures that late night sweet tooth.